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Chapter 3773: Shock

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

The twenty mercenaries stared at the fallen corpses in shock with their eyes wide open. A huge wave of panic surged through their hearts and their bodies shook slightly.

The scene in front of them was like Asura harvesting life, the opponents had no chance to take action and they fell down one by one before they even had time to react.

Their sword lights flashed out like light and shadow, and their movements and skills were like ghosts. In a blink of an eye, they killed the hundred black clothed that had surrounded them.

There was no hesitation in taking action, and all they felt as they took a lap around them was wind pa.s.sing by them. When they looked again, all they saw were corpses everywhere and Madam Xuanyuan’s subordinates were still standing next to her, as if they hadn’t moved.

Jin Yifeng looked at the scene in front of him and couldn’t help but narrowed his eyes. If seeing Du Fan’s strength the other day had shown him how strong they were, then what he saw in front of him shocked him to the core of his heart.

This kind of strength was not just very strong, it was extremely strong!

With such strength, he wasn’t sure if there were many people in Celestial City who would be able to compare to them. No, even the strong exponents from Soaring Clouds Immortal Sect would not be able to compete with them! For a moment, the mercenaries looked at Feng Jiu and the others in awe. Such strength was more than enough to make them feel in awe of them.

“Captain Jin, can I bother you and your men to clean up the mess?” Du Fan smiled. His gentle voice broke up the mercenaries’ stiff demeanor and they came out of their daze and relaxed.

“Yes, I’ll have my people take care of it.” Almost instinctively, Jin Yifeng’s response had turned into a compliance. He came to his senses and quickly ordered his men to clean up the scene.

No one had the slightest objection, and no one felt that asking them, top rated mercenaries, to do such jobs was asking too much of them either. They obeyed almost instinctively and quickly cleaned up the scene.

After they had collected all the corpses, Jin Yifeng brought over a large bag of items that they had gathered from the bodies of the and handed it to Feng Jiu, saying: “Madam Xuanyuan, these are the belongings of those people.”

Feng Jiu cut a slice of meat and ate it, then she took a look at the bag of

belongings and said gently: “You and your brothers can have it! Just keep


Upon hearing this, Jin Yifeng was startled and said: “This is against the rules. Moreover, the commission Madam Xuanyuan has is already very high, and since we didn’t kill them, their belongings should all belong to you.”

She smiled and said: “It’s fine, we’re not lacking these things anyway. Take it! Besides, there will surely be a lot of inconvenience on the road taking care of a pregnant woman like me.”

“But..” Jin Yifeng wanted to say something else, but someone put a hand on his shoulder.

“Captain Jin, since my Master asked you to keep it, then just take it!” Du Fan patted his shoulder and said with a smile: “However, Captain Jin must agree to not divulge anything he has seen today or on this trip. My Master likes her peace and doesn’t like to be disturbed by others.”


Jin Yifeng responded, then he glanced at Feng Jiu and didn’t refuse anymore. After thanking her, he brought the items to his mercenary team and told them to share them out. At the same time, he also told them Feng Jiu’s instructions.

After he had spoken to them, everyone sat down to rest and eat. Then, after a moment’s hesitation, Jin Yifeng walked over to Feng Jiu and the others and sat down by their fire..

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