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Chapter 125: That's That

Ming Huo's words left a deep mark in Qi Huan's heart, but fortunately, he didn't want her to give him any answer. Having said what he wanted to say, he left, leaving her alone in the garden in a daze.

Qi Huan found a clearing and sat down, staring at a budding purple candle flower for a long time, her heart was still a mess. But one thing she was certain was that she was a person with a clear purpose, even if she knew that Ming Huo was that person, she never thought of separating from Mo Ye.

At the beginning, she really liked “Ming Huo”, but, after more than a thousand years, many things had changed. “Ming Huo” left her when she was eighteen years old. The memory between them couldn't be replaced by anyone. However, for the next thousand years, her memory was filled with a man named Mo Ye, and her memory was unable to accommodate others anymore.

“Little Huan…” Who knew how long Qi Huan had been sitting on the spot. She slowly raised her head after hearing Thunder G.o.d's voice, and the blood-red sunset shot diagonally into her eyes from behind him. Qi Huan blinked, unable to see his expression clearly.

“What's the matter?” Qi Huan asked, smiling, and laughing a little erratic. She suddenly felt everything was unreal, as if she was dreaming. If what happened just now was a dream, she could just hate Ming Huo, she didn't have to worry because of him.

“I once made a deal with Ming Huo.” Thunder G.o.d's voice was hesitant.

Qi Huan watched him but she didn't interrupt, she just sat there quietly and listened to him.

“After I became Thunder G.o.d, I started looking for the next heir. However, I searched all over the Three Realms and Six Pathways, there was no cultivator with a natural thunder body. Ming Huo is the son of the divine beast Suzaku2, and he was born with the ability to travel through s.p.a.ce. So, I made a promise to let him replace me to find an heir in the future human world.”

“And he found it.” Qi Huan's voice was very calm. She thought she would be very excited when she knew the reason for her time-travelling into this world, but she was very calm.

“Yes, the purple jade pendant he gave you is the medium that allowed you to s.p.a.cetime travel.”

The purple jade pendant mentioned by Thunder G.o.d was a round jade pendant with no patterns on it. It only had the word “purple jade” on it, and it was not very exquisite, but because it was given by him, so she had been holding on to it all this time.

It was then that she suddenly remembered that when she time travelled, the jade pendant went missing.

In reality, it turned out that everything in the past was nothing but a deal.

“I see.” Qi Huan stood up from the ground, patted the dirt and gra.s.s clippings on her clothes, turned and walked towards the room where she used to live.

When Thunder G.o.d saw her leave, he could only sigh helplessly. After all that should be said, what Qi Huan would do was up to her.

The house was still as empty as it was when she left. Qi Huan returned the daily necessities that she had removed and kept in her storage ring. After putting everything back to its original place, she climbed into her bed and hugged her soft pillow. She curled into the shape of a shrimp ball and started sleeping.

“Brother, you shouldn't tell Little Huan about this, you know her character.” Lei Gong complained to Thunder G.o.d.

“Since Ming Huo can't bear it anymore, I'm afraid Ming Huo will tell Little Huan about these things soon, so rather than letting him talk about it, I might as well say it first.” Thunder G.o.d stood outside the Thunder G.o.d Tower with his hands on his back and looked up at the broken tower, a little fatigue in his voice.

Lei Gong also sighed. They knew their family affairs from their family. For so many years, although in the eyes of outsiders, the Thunder G.o.d is a G.o.d of immortality, but his control of the power of thunder and lightning is gradually weakening, not just Thor. , Lei Gong is the same.

The previous generation of Thunder G.o.d dissipated all the power of thunder in this tower before it was completely lost. He once told Thunder G.o.d that only by building his own tower could he keep his cultivation level. However, even he himself didn't know what that meant.

“Little Huan…will she agree?”

“I can't persuade her, I hope Ming Huo can persuade her. Now the immortal world is in trouble, if our Thunder G.o.d Temple is in chaos, I am afraid the immortal world will follow suit.”

No matter what Thunder G.o.d said, it had nothing to do with Qi Huan at this moment because at this time, she was sleeping soundly in her bed, not knowing whether she was dreaming or in reality.

“Mo Ye?” In a daze, Qi Huan found out in amazement that she was just wearing a layer of tulle. Her chubby body beneath the tulle reminded her that she was not wearing any clothes, and there was a man above her at this moment.

If she was not mistaken, this man should be Mo Ye. She could not see the man's face, but the only person who could enter her dream should be Mo Ye.

Qi Huan reluctantly supported her body and looked down at the man buried in her chest. She remembered that she was just sleeping? So, was this dreaming?

Mo Ye could enter her dream, and she knew this when she was in the mortal world. Was he in her dreams this time? Was he anxious because of her sudden disappearance? Qi Huan couldn't help thinking.

“Stop, don't make trouble.” Realizing that Mo Ye's hands were becoming more and more unscrupulous, Qi Huan struggled with her face flushed, she was not interested in ruining her “first time” in her dream.

“Mo Ye, you dare to touch me again…” Qi Huan raised her hands and pushed Mo Ye away from her chest, but when she saw the man's face clearly, she was stunned.

It wasn't Mo Ye! Although the figure was the same as Mo Ye's, even the clothes were the same, that face turned out to be Ming Huo, how could it be Ming Huo, how could he be in her dream?

“Ming Huo? Why are you here?” Qi Huan's voice was a bit high pitched. She hurriedly broke free from him, and wrapped her tulle tightly around her body. Unfortunately, the s.h.i.+elding effect of the tulle was not very good, she covered her legs but exposed her shoulders.

Qi Huan shrank to the side of the bed, embarra.s.sed. Perhaps after staying in ancient times for a long time, she didn't like to show her skin in front of outsiders.

Seeing her surprise mixed with a trace of anger in her eyes, Ming Huo slowly got up, his black hair gradually turned back to fiery red. He sat opposite her and fixedly looked at her, “The person you like is called Mo Ye.”

“What are you doing?” Qi Huan replied subconsciously, but soon remembered his ident.i.ty, and her att.i.tude became less fierce, “Why did you intrude into my dream?”

“I just want to know who the person in your heart is.” Although they had only been with each other for 13 years, Ming Huo knew a lot about Qi Huan. In fact, her character was more or less cultivated by him.

If it was before, if Qi Huan knew Ming Huo's ident.i.ty, even if she didn't burst into tears, she would have been ecstatic, but what he saw in her eyes now was hesitation.

When she found out that he was still alive, she actually hesitated. What was she hesitating? Ming Huo, who had always been accustomed to having control over things, felt that things had lost control, and he seemed to have lost Qi Huan.

Ming Huo's answer made Qi Huan angry, even though she didn't know why she was so angry. When Mo Ye invaded her dream, her reaction was not so intense at the time. Or had she always been treating her dreams as Mo Ye's private realm?

Having thought that, Qi Huan couldn't help shaking her head. She just wanted to be an ordinary deity. Why were things so troublesome!

“What can you do if you know it? Yes, I liked you before. I will never deny it.” Qi Huan's words made Ming Huo ecstatic, but the next few words made him s.h.i.+ver like an ice cellar. “But that's  just before I turned eighteen. I only remember that the man I liked died, on my eighteenth birthday.”

“That's just…” Ming Huo opened his mouth to explain, but he swallowed his words when he saw Qi Huan's somewhat mocking smile.

“That's just what? That's just a deal, right? You faked your death, right? Can you tell me, is there anything you didn't lie about?” Did he know how sad she felt after he died? Did he know how she spent those five years without him? She gave him all her heart, and as a result, she was just the chosen person, a trade object. Between the two of them, how many stories were true, and how many stories were he deliberately fabricated?

At the beginning of seeing him, Qi Huan did feel surprised, but after listening to Thunder G.o.d's words, she suddenly discovered that the so-called relations.h.i.+p between the two of them turned out to be fake.

“I didn't lie to you.” Looking at Qi Huan who was trembling all over, Ming Huo suddenly stepped forward and hugged her tightly in his arms. “Perhaps at first I approached you really for the purpose of trading with Thunder G.o.d, but then I never lied to you.” When he met her, she was only five years old. He hated children very much, so it was just a trade at first, even when the twelve-year-old Qi Huan said she wanted to marry him, he just treated it as a joke. However, that year when her parents divorced, she curled up in front of his house, sobbing in a low voice softened his heart, and made him feel empathy towards her.

Even more later, his coldness towards her diverted, and he concentrated all his attention on her. Even Ming Huo himself did not understand how he had such feelings for a girl who was still so young at the time.

“Then why did you die?”

Qi Huan didn't push Ming Huo, instead, she asked calmly.

“If you are concerned, you cannot travel through s.p.a.cetime, it will cause s.p.a.ce distortion, so…”

“So, that means you never had any longings or concerns when you're alive, you were just dead, that's it.”

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