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The Aloof Prince Pampers His Wild First Rate Consort Chapter 135: Please Father

Yunjin stayed in her room for the whole of the next day without going out, and fell asleep early in the evening, looking forward to the next day dawning.

The news of a secret affair emerged in b.u.t.terfly city overnight, and it spread quickly throughout the country.

Early in the morning, Yunjin slipped out of the back door of the Princes Palace and ran down the street.

When she stepped into the market, she saw a bunch of people in groups, talking excitedly about something...........

"Xiao Lian is blessed this time. His son actually caught the fifth princess. That's incredible. He climbed into the royal family.''

"I didn't see it coming. Xiao Tianqi, this kid, opened a gambling house on his own. He didn't look like he had much of a future. How did he catch the eye of the fifth princess?''

"Shh, keep quiet, you don't even know the story?"

"Old Li, what do you mean? What more do you have to say?"

"My brother, who works in the palace, told me that the fifth princess was going to be married to the East Country, but the fifth princess was unwilling and sought Xiao Tianqi secretly. Then the raw rice became cooked rice... "

"Really? She gave herself to him?"

"Of course!"

After listening to the crowd for a while, Yunjin walked forward, and seeing that all the public opinion had achieved the desired effect, her smile widened.

Chu Qing Qiang, this time I will definitely bury you!

For the next while, Yunjin walked two streets and heard various versions from the mouths of the people, but the only thing that remained the same was that everyone knew that Chu Qing Qiang had a private relations.h.i.+p with Xiao Tianqi.

When she unknowingly walked to the entrance of the gambling house, the entire place was surrounded by the palace's guards, and the crowd was full of people watching the drama.

After a while, Xiao Tianqi was taken out by several guards.

Xiao Tianqi was struggling against the guards. After leaving the door, he glanced at Yunjin, and pa.s.sed a look pleading for help.

Mu Yunjin smiled at him, nodded slightly, begging him to rest a.s.sured.

Seeing this, Xiao Tianqi really let go of his trepidation, pouted his mouth, and impatiently said, "You'd better be kind to me, or you wouldn't have any good fruit for you after this little master climbs the sky."

Hearing that, the guards who originally had detained him, let go and escorted him to a carriage and headed towards the palace.

When Yunjin saw Xiao Tianqi being taken into the palace, she also went in the same direction.

At this time, in the palace hall.

"Father emperor, mother empress, this daughter has been wronged, your daughter has always kept to her duties, how could I do such promiscuous things." Chu Qing Qiang knelt on the ground, watching the Emperor Ximing and Empress in the center of the hall, while the Empress Dowager sat to one side. She cast Empress Dowager Zheng a look for help.

The Emperor Ximing was angry and snorted heavily, "Then why is your name being bandied about like this? You really don't have a private relations.h.i.+p with the son of a merchant?"

"Father Emperor, daughter Qing Qiang will not dare to do such things."

"Huang'er, it's all a horrible mess, why not send someone to investigate it thoroughly? This child has been obedient and sensible since she was young. How could this happen?" said the Empress Dowager.

"Yes, Emperor, Qing Qiang will marry to the East in the future. Such rumors will likely damage her good name. You must check it thoroughly and vindicate Qing Qiang." the Empress added.

The Emperor Ximing heard the words of Empress Dowager Zheng and the Empress, and his complexion improved, so he waved to Chu Qing Qiang, "Daughter, you get up first."

Chu Qing Qiang nodded.

At this time, Xiao Tianqi was also taken into the hall.

After entering the main hall, Xiao Tianqi saw the atmosphere for the first time, and his legs inexplicably shook. After seeing Chu Qing Qiang, who he thought about day and night, he took a deep breath and remembered what Mu Yunjin had said he must do...

"Xiao Tianqi, do you know what crime you committed?" The Emperor saw Xiao Tianqi, and his complexion darkened again.

Xiao Tianqi knelt down, "I don't know what crime has been committed!"

"Hum, you scoundrel, who gave you courage to dare to damage this princess's name?" Chu Qingqiang couldn't help but kick Xiao Tianqi on the ground.

Xiao Tianqi was kicked while kneeling, and looked at Chu Qing Qiang with affectionate eyes. "Why does the princess say this? You and I have been in love for so long, how can you say such ruthless words?"

"You ..." Chu Qing Qiang was furious and wanted to beat Xiao Tianqi.

Fortunately, the guards on the side stopped it.

"What the h.e.l.l is going on?" Emperor Ximing seemed to have exhausted his patience. He woke up early this morning to hear a few eunuchs and maids talking about Chu Qing Qiang. He had even cancelled morning court to sort this mess out.

"Emperor, Xiao Tianqi and the fifth princess have admired each other for a long time, they have set a life for themselves, please ask the Emperor to look kindly upon our union." Xiao Tianqi straightened his body, and stunned the people in the hall.

At this moment, Yunjin, who was hiding in a big tree outside the hall, couldn't help smirking, while listening carefully to the commotion in the hall.

Emperor Ximing had a sinking heart and raised his finger again, angrily pointing at Xiao Tianqi and Chu Qing Qiang, "Today, you two, have made such a mess!"

"Father Emperor, this daughter does not know this person at all, and did not know who was arrogant enough to want to destroy this daughter's reputation." Chu Qing Qiang knelt again, with a sincere expression on her face.

"Princess, why do you deny our feelings like this? You are already my person, and I have promised to marry you." Xiao Tianqi frowned, and his eyes were deeply injured.

''What nonsense! Who sent you here? If you don't make it clear, I will chop you up today!" Chu Qing Qiang then stood up, pulled out the sword worn by one of the Guards, and pointed it at Xiao Tianqi's neck.

Xiao Tianqi froze and boldly said, "Princess, if you really want to kill me like this, then so be it..."

"But everything I said today, there is no falsehood." Xiao Tianqi closed his eyes slightly. "If the Emperor and the Empress don't believe me, you can check if the fifth princess's shou gongsha is still ..."

As soon as this word came out, Chu Qing Qiang held the sword's hand loosely, and it clattered to the ground, leaving only silence in its wake.

Chu Qing Qiang was shocked and fl.u.s.tered. After looking at Xiao Tianqi kneeling on the ground, she immediately understood who was directing him.

Mu Yunjin.....the b.i.t.c.h...

Emperor Ximing had already seen Chu Qing Qiang's reaction after Xiao Tianqi said the words Shou Gongsha, and the disappointment and anger in his heart suddenly flared, and he slammed the hand rest.

"Kneel down to this Emperor!"

Chu Qing Qiang knelt down, bit her lip, and looked at the Empress Zheng.

At this time, Queen Mother Zheng was also a little bit unclear. Therefore, she believed that Chu Qing Qiang was a human, and sighed, "Child, expose your sacred sand and prove your innocence to your father and emperor."

Chu Qing Qiang pursed her lips, and after thinking about it, she wanted to say something about herself and Rong Hong. She had just opened her mouth, when a noise came from outside.

"Sixth Princess and Ninth Princess have arrived—"

After that, Mu Yunjin and Little nine walked into the hall holding hands.

Yunjin jumped off the tree when she was found eavesdropping by little nine. When she saw that she was here to watch the fun, they went in the door together.

Ximing loved this daughter, little nine. Seeing her coming, his brows slightly eased. Mu Yunjin is also Chu Li's wife now. Naturally, Ximing didn't consider her an outsider, so he had them take seats. 

After Yunjin sat down, she cast a provocative look at Chu Qing Qiang who was kneeling on the ground.

Chu Qing Qiang's heart sank, knowing what she can and cannot say.

If she talks about her and Rong Hong's affair, Mu Yunjin might have already grasped the evidence that she exchanged secrets with Rong Hong, and things would not end well for her.

Mu Yunjin's trick is really cruel, killing silently without a body.

"Princess, can't you show us your sacred sand? Why don't you admit our relations.h.i.+p? Is it because I am not a king or aristocrat but a lowly merchant?" Xiao Tianqi saw Mu Yunjin coming, and his heart swelled with confidence.

Chu Qing Qiang was paralyzed all of a sudden, sitting kneeling on the ground, her eyes slightly red, and looked up at the Emperor Ximing in the hall.

"Where's your Gongsha? I'm going to look at your gongsha!" The emperor Ximing was furious and pointed at Chu Qing Qiang, knowing everything in his heart.

Chu Qing Qiang has never felt so wronged, Shou Gongsha, how can she take out such a thing now! She's ruined!

"Well? Fifth sister denied that she was linked to this man, and she can't show her sacred sand. Could someone else be involved?" Little nine said slowly, his voice clear, and it rang throughout the whole hall.

Ximing's face turned darker.

Chu Qing Qiang couldn't argue, looked down, a.n.a.lyzed the current situation, and found that she had been forced to a cliff with only one way back.

Wanting it to end, she cast a glance towards Mu Yunjin.

Mu Yunjin raised her eyebrows.

Chu Qing Qiang clenched her fists, clutched her sleeves, bit her lip, and took a deep breath. "Father, please give this son-in-law and daughter your blessing."

She can only call Xiao Tianqi this son-in-law, because she doesn't know who this person is!

Seeing Chu Qing Qiang's acknowledgment of the relations.h.i.+p with Xiao Tianqi at this time, the Emperor Ximing was furious. rushed down the steps and kicked her in the abdomen.

"It's a royal shame to do such indecent acts! I don't have such a disgraceful daughter as you!"

"Father Emperor ..." Chu Qing Qiang shouted in sorrow.

Seeing this, Xiao Tianqi immediately rushed over, hugged Chu Qing Qiang, and looked at Emperor Ximing. "The emperor, it is Xiao Tianqi's fault. If you want to punish, punish me, don't blame the princess."

"You get away!" Chu Qing Qiang pushed Xiao Tianqi away.

Little nine watched this scene, came over, held the arm of Emperor Ximing, and spoke softly, "Father Emperor, you should calm down first."

"The descendants of the Xiao family have been in business for many generations, and they have done business abroad. They have a wealth of property and are not small businessmen. Since the fifth sister really loves this son, then let this be the end of the matter? "Little nine said.

Mu Yunjin looked at this scene with a smile and sipped her tea, keeping her counsel and adding nothing to the conversation.

After witnessing these events, Empress Dowager Zheng didn't like Little nine, but the situation before her had to follow her words and said, "The ninth princess is right. Huang'er, the Xiao family can also be regarded as a family with wealth and dignity. It would be better to let them marry. Qiang Er would not suffer. "

"What's more, with regard to the East country, our royal family has no shortage of princesses, and the marriage between Qiang'er and the second prince has not yet been fully announced to the world, and it is ok to change people ..."

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