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On the way here, Shen Tianhu had told them that his son had come to find him, and had even told them what Chen Xiang had done outside. Previous Chapter

This was also to let Chen Xiang gain their acknowledgement.

At this time, Shen Tianhu introduced all of these Rankers to Chen Xiang one by one. Some of them were with Shen Tianhu, and some of them were from other worlds.

"Xiang'er, tell me your plan now. I know you have a way!" Shen Tianhu said, he was very clear about Chen Xiang's methods.

"I have a Dao Sovereign level expert with me. My plan is for her to take action and kill off the more threatening ones. After that, leave the smaller ones to us." Chen Xiang said.

"Is this for real?" An old man exclaimed. Dao Sovereigns were something they yearned for. In their world, they were like legends.

"Absolutely!" Chen Xiang nodded.

After all, it was somewhat difficult for them to accept this. Right now, the Earth Spirit World's Realm Emperor was only a Dao profound realm, but the pressure was so great that they were unable to breathe!

If there really was a Dao Sovereign expert, then their side would definitely be an invincible existence. It would be a piece of cake for them to take down the Earth Spirit World's Ten Kings and World Emperor.

Shen Tianhu obviously believed Chen Xiang's words, he also understood why the others did not believe him, and said: "Xiang'er, can you let this Dao Sovereign out … …"

"No problem!" Chen Xiang immediately let Xia Bailing come out of the You Yao Mountain Villa, and he had already greeted her beforehand.

When Xia Bailing came out, she pretended to be cold so that she looked more like an expert. This was what Chen Xiang had told her before.

Seeing this beautiful and n.o.ble woman in a purple dress, everyone was stunned. In their imaginations, a Dao Sovereign expert should be a very old man.

Chen Xiang thought so too, but he had seen even more outrageous Dao Sovereigns like Qingyang and Xu Kong. He felt that Dao Sovereigns were extremely eccentric.

Xia Bailing was still considered normal.

"Everyone, there's no need to suspect that she's a Dao Sovereign!" Chen Xiang laughed: "She was the one who helped me previously, and I only managed to kill Qi Xianlang's ten experts."

Chen Xiang had indeed killed many experts by his side, but Chen Xiang was only at the tenth level of the Dao Dan realm.

"Is this really the cultivation of a Dao Sovereign?" An old man who could not feel Xia Bailing's aura was suspicious. Although Xia Bailing was acting cold on purpose, she was not a woman who was born with the demeanor of a strong Ranker.

"Sister Bai Ling, how many moves did you miss?" Chen Xiang said to Xia Bailing in a low voice.

Xia Bailing waved her hand, and a beating heart appeared on top of her palm!

"This... This is my heart! " The old man cried out in alarm, his face turning pale.

"Senior, don't worry, your heart is fine!" Chen Xiang laughed, at the same time, Xia Bailing returned his heart back to him.

At this moment, everyone was trembling with fear, worried that their hearts would be randomly pulled out and crushed!

Of course, they still could not feel the cultivation strength of the Dao Lord yet, but they knew that Xia Bailing was much stronger than them!

"Is everyone ready now? If all of you are not worried, we can go and kill the World Emperor and the other ten kings first. After that, you can attack. Chen Xiang said.

"Alright then!" Shen Tianhu nodded his head: "Xiang'er, let me go with you!"

"No need, dad, you just stay here and prepare to attack. After we quickly take back Earth Spirit World, I still have important things to do. I'll tell Sister Bai Ling if she can get rid of the deadly poison on the ground and let everyone return to the ground." Chen Xiang said.

Everyone was excited, they felt that they could possibly do this, because Xia Bailing was a Dao Lord. In their eyes, there was nothing that Dao Sovereigns could not do.

"Then can you find the World Emperor?" Shen Tianhu replied: "I'm still a bit worried."

"What's so difficult about that?" I can even come to this place, not to mention finding such a famous person in Earth Spirit World. " Chen Xiang laughed: "We will leave it at that, we will leave first!"

Chen Xiang brought Xia Bailing out of the underground palace and came to the surface.

"Little Scoundrel, didn't you look very domineering just now?" Xia Bailing chuckled.

"No, it looks weird, but it's much better than your usual mischievous smile." Chen Xiang laughed and said, "Only people like Sister Hui Shan and Sister Qilian can be called domineering."

"Hmph, looking down on me." Xia Bailing ruthlessly pinched Chen Xiang's handsome face, and then, he entered the You Yao Mountain Villa. "Find that whatever World Emperor and let me make a move first."

Chen Xiang teleported to a city. The city was relatively large and he immediately entered the City Lord's Mansion to kill the Rankers beside it.

The City Lord of this city was also a member of the King Qi. Back then, he had also partic.i.p.ated in the war to take over the Earth Spirit World, so Chen Xiang was extremely ruthless.

Chen Xiang had teleported from the city to the Spirit Demon City, where the World Emperor lived.

"Looking for the World Emperor's subordinates like this is too troublesome. Think of a way to attract them here and kill them all together." Xia Bailing said.

"Mm, I also have the same thought. Right now, I'll go and capture that World King, then I'll impersonate that World King." Chen Xiang nodded.

In this Spirit Emperor City, there was a lack of resources, so there were very little defensive arrays. Even if there was one, it would not be very strong.

When Chen Xiang found him, he was having fun with a large group of people, playing with a large group of beauties in the pool.

Chen Xiang hid in the large bathtub in the room and waited for a while. Finally, he waited for the World Emperor to leave by himself.

The World Emperor was a middle-aged man. His appearance was ordinary, but he still looked quite mighty. He entered his own secret room, took out a jade bottle, and from within, he took out a pill.

"What pill is this?" Chen Xiang asked. He had turned into smoke just now and had quietly followed them in.

The World Emperor was very vigilant. When he heard someone ask behind him, he was suddenly shocked and a longsword also appeared in his hand. However, at that time, he discovered that his hands and feet had separated from his body.

Xia Bailing had already made his move. Using the profound power of s.p.a.ce, he separated the World Emperor's four limbs from her body, but only in s.p.a.ce. There was neither blood nor pain, only that she was unable to move.

"I am Chen Xiang!" Chen Xiang chuckled as his hand was already pressing onto the head of the Realm Emperor, engulfing his memories. He had seen quite a few dirty things from the World Emperor's memories …

The World King cried out in pain. Although he had powerful power, that power seemed to have separated from him. Although he could feel it, he could not use it.

Xia Bailing didn't need to come out from Chen Xiang's You Yao Mountain Villa to easily suppress the World Emperor.

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