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Chapter 10727

10727 Chapter 10716-

However, when they looked at the sword’s son, they immediately felt better.

Other than the dead rat that he had picked up earlier, he was still empty-handed.

As the candidate that Lin Yi had pushed out in front of everyone, this was the result. What was there to be upset about?


“It’s almost time, right?”

Someone couldn’t help but ask, and the rest of the people went to look at the time.

Jiang yebai’s movements paused for a moment and then stopped. He looked at Jian Zizi with a hint of contempt in his eyes, but he couldn’t be bothered to look at him anymore. He turned to Lin Yi and said, “”How is it? There’s nothing more to say now, right?”

In fact, she didn’t even need to say anything. Just by looking at the 2000 ancient swords around her, the outcome of the battle was already clear.

Lin Yi raised his eyes and looked at the incense,”It’s not over yet. There’s no need to be in such a hurry, right?”

At this time, there was only a little bit of incense left, and at most, it could delay him for a few more breaths.

The spectators couldn’t help but laugh secretly. he’s a Big Shot who’s about to take the throne. He’s just too embarra.s.sed to admit defeat, right? ”

If they were in Lin Yi’s position, they’d be embarra.s.sed to lose so badly too.

After all, he had just declared war on the a.s.sociation of Now, he was forced to admit defeat by a little girl from the a.s.sociation of Once this joke was confirmed, he would probably be laughed at by the whole kingdom of G.o.d on land for a whole year.

However, if he stubbornly refused to admit defeat, he would be even more uncultured and would only become a laughingstock.

“Our Big Boss Lin Yi is really in trouble this time. I wonder if there’s anyone who can help him pick up his face from the ground. His face is too big, he won’t be able to pick it up on his own for a while!”

As soon as they finished speaking, the sword Prince, who had been circling Xiao Wan ‘er, suddenly stopped. He looked at the ancient swords flying in the air above him, smiled, and said two words.

“Come down.”

The moment he finished speaking, all the ancient swords in the area received the command and immediately turned into a sword rain and swooped down.

In the blink of an eye, all of the ancient swords that had been scattered out of the sword tomb had landed in front of the sword son. Moreover, they did not land straight down. The hilt of each ancient sword faced the sword son’s position at a 45 degree angle.

From a distance, it looked as if the ministers were meeting the Emperor and were collectively in a kneeling position!

Even the 2000 ancient swords that had been subdued by Jiang yebai earlier, as well as the dozen or so ancient swords that were subdued by the other sword Dao experts, had all left and joined the ranks of the sword sons who were bowing down to pay their respects.

He trembled with fear like a guilty official, walking on thin ice!

Jiang yebai’s expression changed drastically. However, no matter how hard she tried to control them, the ancient swords ignored her orders.

The entire place was silent.

The hundreds of millions of viewers on the internet were watching this extremely shocking scene through the camera. They subconsciously fell silent as their scalps went numb.

After an unknown period of time, someone at the scene faintly said, “”Ten thousand swords kneel to the master!”

The faces of the streamers who had just been sneering and ridiculing him all turned red. Every word and sentence they said just now had become a slap to their own faces. They could still remember it clearly!

By the time the audience in the live broadcast room reacted, this group of people was instantly drowned in all kinds of sarcastic remarks.

They would help whoever won. This had always been the nature of online public opinion.

The more smug these streamers were just now, the more violent the backlash was at this moment. Soon, their defenses were collectively broken, and they went offline in shame.

At that moment, the sword’s son glanced at the pale-faced Jiang yebai. you’re not talented enough. You’re not suitable for the path of the sword. Change to something else.

Her tone was very sincere, but to Jiang yebai, every word was like a sharp sword that stabbed into her heart, making her bleed!

Before this, she had always had absolute confidence in her talent in the way of the sword. When ye sinian took a fancy to her, it was because of her one-in-a-million talent in the way of the sword, and this was also the reason why she changed her fate.

Because of this, she didn’t reject the t.i.tle of future female Sword G.o.d given to her by the outside world. Instead, she enjoyed it very much.

But now, the thing that she was most proud of was destroyed by a little kid who didn’t even enter her eyes in such a playful way!

Most importantly, Jiang yebai couldn’t even say a word of reb.u.t.tal when he saw the ten thousand swords kneeling before their master!


Jiang yebai spat out a mouthful of blood on the spot. Everyone seemed to hear the sound of porcelain shattering.

The sword son looked at Jiang yebai strangely. “Is your sword heart so easily broken? Like I said, you’re not suited for the path of the sword. Hurry up and change your profession.”

As he spoke, he waved his hand, and all the ancient swords in front of him suddenly felt as if they had been pardoned. After kneeling for a few times, they collectively rose from the ground and flew back into the sword tomb.

Immediately after, the huge crack that Jiang yebai had created closed up rapidly and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Looking at this almost miraculous scene, the whole place fell into a long dead silence, no one dared to make a sound.

Son Jian didn’t have the slightest intention of paying attention to them, including Jiang yebai. If Lin Yi didn’t send him out, he wouldn’t even spare them a glance.

The most important thing to him was to be Xiao Wan ‘er’s Lackey.

Seeing that the son of the sword had once again returned to being the silly son of a landlord, no one dared to laugh at him anymore. Even the anti-fans on the internet did not dare to ridicule him anymore.

The deterrent force of the scene just now was unparalleled. Even across the network cable, these keyboard warriors were not confident. What if someone directly cut through the network cable?

This sounded ridiculous, but compared to the scene just now, it seemed much more reliable.

Lin Yi looked at the pale-faced Jiang yebai, “”Can I keep the t.i.tle of Sword Saint?”

As soon as these words came out, the onlookers all reacted and suddenly came to a realization.

That’s right, Lin Yi was the current Sword Saint, how could the sword boy by his side be an ordinary person?

Now, when they looked at Jiang yebai again, their gazes were filled with pity.

There was no doubt that Jiang yebai was indeed a rare genius in the art of sword. It was a pity that he had kicked an iron plate this time and shattered his sword heart. This future G.o.ddess of swords was probably going to become ordinary in the future.

To a sword expert, the heart of the sword was extremely important. Even if one used their toes to think, they would know.

Once the heart of the sword was shattered, Jiang yebai’s sword Dao cultivation was basically completely destroyed.

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