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Chapter 549 - Where Did You Get the Recipe?

Fatty Lai had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. He was finally able to promote his company with this opportunity. He stood up and walked onto the stage.

It was the second time Fatty Lai was onstage. This treatment wasn't even given to the heads of the n.o.ble houses, but House Yu had granted them this, giving them honor! Of course, this honor was given to Xuemin, and only Xuemin had this special treatment!

“Greetings to all the VIPs. I believe that everyone is surprised by our new product, the Injury Medicine and Special Edition Injury Medicine. What could they actually be?” Fatty Lai said enthusiastically, “Allow me to solve the mystery for you all!”

Naturally, all of the guests but Miracle Doctor Kang were very excited and interested in the product! Even though it might be the same as Golden Creation, they were still paying full attention to it! After all, Miracle Doctor Guan was a second choice. They no longer had to bow down to House Kang.

“Luckily, we made the Skin Beautifying Golden Creation! Or else, our promotion would definitely be nixed!” Miracle Doctor Kang was irritated and said in hatred, “How did they get the recipe?”

“They're probably faking it?” Guifeng said. “These scams won't survive in the market for long.”

“I don't think they'd bring out an ineffective product!” Zhaolong was looking at the bigger picture and said, “Grandpa, you're right. Luckily, we created the Skin Beautifying Golden Creation first. We're one step ahead of them!”

Fatty Lai naturally didn't know what House Kang was talking about, but he would probably burst into laughter if he found out. “This Injury Medicine can help stop bleeding and instantly heal a wound without leaving any scars…”

The crowd started to roar! Wasn't this the same as Miracle Doctor Kang's Golden Creation? Meanwhile, Miracle Doctor Kang's face changed, turning green with anger. Now that their a.s.sumption was correct, he obviously wouldn't be happy!

“Everyone knows how to bulls.h.i.+t, the effectiveness of the medicine is the main point!” Guifeng snorted.

“Grandpa, does another side of House Kang have the same recipe?” Zhaolong suddenly recalled that event. He thought their recipe had been divulged!

“I don't think so…. Do you suspect that they have the same recipe?” Miracle Doctor Kang immediately understood what Zhaolong was getting at.

“Mhm, Xiaobo is on very good terms with them, I'm afraid that it was him who told them the recipe!” Zhaolong furrowed his brows and said, “Otherwise, why didn't they start a company earlier? Why did they have to stand by until they met Xiaobo and made the same medicine?”

“I don't think my brother has seen the recipe.” Miracle Doctor Kang shook his head. The cause of their fighting stemmed from the recipe. His brother insisted that neither of them look at the recipe nor use it  to start a business, but Miracle Doctor Kang stole it and started a business. If his brother had seen the recipe, they'd be the business together instead of fighting over it.

“Never seen it before, but there's no such coincidence in this world, is there?” Zhaolong doubted.

“Hm… I'll ask him as soon as I get back.” Miracle Doctor Kang frowned. If this recipe was given out by his own brother, then he had nothing to say! However, if this recipe wasn't given by his brother, then they had to investigate this matter thoroughly.

Zhaolong stopped talking and looked up at Fatty Lai, unsure as to what was he bringing out.

“Our normal Injury Medicine will be in the market next month, and we will never run out of stock for it! Besides, we are selling it at 199, retail price.” Fatty Lai promoted his company steadily. He believed the auction goers would spread the news by word of mouth. Word would spread from person to person, one to dozens to hundreds, and in no time at all, the Miracle Doctor Guan Medicine Company would rise to fame!

Besides, their Injury Medicine was superior to Golden Creation because of the price and the unlimited supply! The moment Golden Creation was out of stock, people would think of the Injury Medicine from the Miracle Doctor Guan Medicine Company. After applying the Injury Medicine, they'd realize the effects were the same as Golden Creation. Needless to say, they'd start buying the Injury Medicine instead of the Golden Creation.

“Never go out of stock? What is this joke?” Guifeng laughed: “We bought all the raw ingredients throughout China, where are they purchasing theirs? Even if he is Xuemin, I doubt he can get any!”

“I know, right? In normal circ.u.mstances when there are enough ingredients, we never go out of stock, who'd wish to earn less anyway? Only when the materials are too expensive and the profit is low… but if they're buying the ingredients at a high price and selling the medicine at 199, aren't they making a loss?” Miracle Doctor Kang shook his head. He couldn't understand them at all! Even though they were House Kang, they couldn't always guarantee that there was stock. How Xuemin do that?

“Probably not.” Zhaolong shook his head and said, “First, they've spread the news. If they can't keep their promise, their reputation will be affected. It can be very deadly for a new company like theirs! If they can lie, then they will surely continue to lie, and their reputation will be damaged when the media exposes their lie to the public! Second, if they really can't have product in stock all the time, they wouldn't be promoting this product right now. No stock means no profit, and with the price so low, covering the cost might be impossible. Besides, they were given the opportunity to promote themselves, so why are they choosing this product instead of the others?”

Guifeng nodded. He found his son's explanation reasonable, but things were even weirder in this case.

Miracle Doctor Kang looking at Zhaolong, relieved. “Luckily, we've got Zhaolong with us! So does that mean that they have the stock?”

“I guess so!” Zhaolong said, “Either they have already bought the ingredients at a very high price, with enough time to promote their company, or they found another channel for the ingredients that we didn't know existed.”

“Mmm, not bad!” Miracle Doctor Kang nodded. “I guess our opponent is strong, we underestimated them.”

“Hehe, don't worry.” Zhaolong shook his head in disagreement.

“Oh? Why?” Guifeng looked at his son curiously.

Chapter Notes:

How can the Kangs be this stupid?  haha

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