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Chapter 124: b.l.o.o.d.y Scepter


Early in the morning, Sean went into his office of the vice president of the labor union. He sat in his exclusive big leather chair, and soon the a.s.sistant brought him a cup of coffee. In the old era, drinking a cup of coffee in the morning wasn't all that extravagant. But in the turbulent years, a cup of coffee in the morning demonstrates Sean's finance status.

In fact, although Sean was vice president of the labor union, at least seventy percent of all Lemmott's power was in his pocket.

He was still young in the golden stage of a man's life, less than forty. In terms of the average shortened life expectancy in the new era, Sean was already old. However, his financial resources were enough for him to pay for an expensive genetic medicine worth more than a million yuan for each. These potions may notallow Sean to become an adept, but they had the potential to prolong his life.

There were three potions in Sean's private safe. In the following period of time, Sean would inject one every ten years. These three injections can make Sean live to the age of eighty, or even longer.

Now that he had a longer lifespan than most people, Sean naturally wanted power. As Master had said before, the ambitious Sean would not be willing to allow Lemott to be at the edge of the coastline. In the blueprint of Xi Empire's kingdom, this new city should be like Yongye City which located at the peak of this continent.

Of course, it's not easy attain that purpose. It requires a step-by-step plan, and an eye for investment.

The biggest problem of Lemott was funding, even though the city had grown from a small human settlement to a medium-sized underground base under Sean's support. However, it was still a long way from Sean's goal. To become a city like Yongye City, Lemottstill had a long way to go.

First, it needs a huge amount of money to expand and develop the city. Where does the money come from? It will take twenty years for Lemott to acc.u.mulate the fund for the first phase based on its purified water production and the ammunition of the emerging a.r.s.enals. Moreover, a single mistake could be made in the phase. It istoo long for Sean, so he had only one other option.

It was to attract other companies or n.o.bles to invest in the city, but Lemott was still an anonymous base right now. Not to mention the stronghold city like Phoenix city , even t.i.tan City was much more famous than it. To attract investors' attention, Lemott must do something.

Whether it was a leading position in gene research or matchless absolute force across the continent, whatever it was, Sean had to show something extraordinary of Lemott. However, knowing that was one thing, due to various conditions, Sean was unable to attract investment.

Of course, the recently vacated university area was the cornerstone of Lemott's future expansion. However, Sean's actions stopped there. The financial budget did not allow him to immediately invest in the development of the campus city.

However, the opportunity had come recently.

The opportunity came from the mercenary who helped clear the campus city not long ago. Sean was sure that the soldier Ling was a talent when he first saw him. Now it was obvious that the soldier had fought against the n.o.ble young master Sauron after leaving Lemott, and had even s.n.a.t.c.hed back his lover from Sauron's hands.

Although it was only a corpse he s.n.a.t.c.hed back, this was enough to lift him in Sean's eyes.

And then Ling stayed in the Rage Reef City for two months, during which Sean ordered Pela's cobra to observe him in secret, and the "practice" of Ling in the ruins of the wilderness was fed back to Lemott through encrypted signals. The files of Ling were still stored in Sean's personal computer. What Sean saw in these files was an adept with enormous potential.

After leaving Rage Reef city, Sean continued to keep an eye on Ling. The bandit incident in t.i.tan City, the King Slaying Movement in Phoenix City … All this information had fallen into Sean's hands through unknown channels. What surprised Sean most was the Parkland's killerincident, which proved that Ling was alive after being ambushed by the killer and entered Death Ridge yesterday.

All the information about Ling was interrupted after Ling entered the Death Ridge. To obtain any more information about Ling, Sean had to wait until Ling left the forbidden land. But in any case, the information that Ling had not died and continued heading north was like a slap in the face of the Parkland plutocrats, and it made Sean make an important decision.

He helped Ling reach the Blue Ridge Mountains of the Parkland plutocracy through covert aid. If he succeeded in taking revenge on Parkland, Sean would appear as his agent and sell Lemottbehind him.

All of this was just as Master had guessed. What Master did not know, however, was that Sean had the power to compete with him for the position as Ling's agent.

To do all this, of course, would require a budget from Lemott. So after knowing that Ling was still alive and after Sean made up his mind, he had submitted an application in accordance with the procedures.

But when he turned on his computer and clicked on an unread email, the scarlet letter "Rejected" was so glaring. Beneath it, the name of a person appeared before Sean's eyes.


It was the president of the labor union, Sean's boss, an old man in his sixties. Bruce had always been strict, and many of his ideas were at odds with Sean's radical policies, so that he was divided from Sean on important matters. But Sean, backed by a majority of union representatives, was often able to win in these disputes.

However, a major event such as the expenditure of the budget should be approved by the chairman of the labor union, otherwise a representative meeting must be convened. After a series of c.u.mbersome agendas and votes, Sean was then able to get the budget.

Usually, Sean didn't care. But now, he didn't have the time to race with Bruce, the old man. This budget must be put to use immediately before Ling pa.s.sed through Death Ridge. It involves the operation of intelligence, materials, personnel, and so on. These takes a lot of time. However, Bruce didn't care, but he didn't have the time.

If he missed this perfect opportunity, who knew how many years it would be before Lemottwould truly rise to prominence.

He called over Pela.

The beautiful snake girl was still wearing her tights. When she came behind Sean, she bent over and asked softly, "Boss, what can I do for you?"

Sean replied, "Old Bruce has lived long enough. He became blurry and his judgment is not as good as before." What would they think if such a man died in his own house? "

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