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The Ghost Fox had to admit that under the leaders.h.i.+p of the footman, the development trend of the wolf thieves was even better than that of the Red Wolves. He trained the team of forty or fifty in his own way, training the scattered, sand-like wolves to be loyal, obedient, and efficient soldiers with his ruthlessness and severity. However, the caution of the people at the border allowed the thieves to leave behind the evidence of a crime. This caused the hatred between the thieves and the large cities south of the coastline to increase day by day, yet they were still alive and well.

But the fox knew that the heart of a man on the border was not in this wilderness. From just a few conversations, Spook could see his desire to head north. It was just that at the moment, the wolf bandits didn't have that kind of strength.

Furthermore, Ghost Fox was able to see his ambition through certain of his plans. The j.a.panese players' plan was not that complicated. They would loot the resources and exchange them for money. After that, they would recruit new members and upgrade their equipment. When the wolf thief reached the standard of the crossing man, the fox believed that the day would come when he would go north.

Under the leaders.h.i.+p of this new leader, Ghost Fox still held the position of second in command. However, his work was much more intense than before. He would take care of the core parts of the itinerary, from the preparation of the plan of action to its implementation. On the other hand, the Ghost Fox's job was to do a good job in the logistics of the wolf thieves. Although the Ghost Fox had the ability to perceive domains, her mind implied that this ability wasn't suitable for a group battle. As a result, the ghost fox is defined as a non-combatant.

It was just that sometimes, while crossing the border, a husband needed to use a ghost fox to make a breakthrough, which would send him to the battlefield. For example, the last time he stole the goods vehicle, it was by using the Ghost Fox's ability that he paralyzed two soldiers of the opposing guards.

However, this was just the role of the Ghost Fox.

After being a.s.signed to the logistics of the border crossing, Ghost Fox found that she was living a life of meticulous planning every day. No one was more clear than him about the resources within the thief and the degree of consumption. He racked his brains to let the bandits continue to operate normally, but Ghost Fox discovered that the lads that used to be respectful to him now had a look of disdain in their eyes.

In their eyes, the Ghost Fox had already become a babysitter, and was no longer the same person as the Scarlet Wolf.

This made the Spirit Fox extremely unhappy, but it could not change the situation.

Today, as well as being glad that it was still alive, the fox woke up and was thinking hard about how to solve the food shortage. The food of a wolf thief was usually sold off by members after entering the city, but most of them were edible mutated beasts. These people who had been exposed to the surface air for years already had a large number of mutated tissues on their bodies. While shortening their lives, they expanded their recipes.

As long as it wasn't a mutated beast that contained poison, the wolf bandits would be able to eat it. However, meat food is easy to solve, and drinkable clean water is a troublesome problem. No matter how much of a mutation the wolf bandits had, it was impossible for them not to drip a drop of water into their body. Not to mention that the Ghost Fox and the Ferry also had to drink their own water, so most of the water they bought from the city base was clean and potable.

After all, the techniques of water production and purification are only in the hands of some cities. The bandits didn't have the technology or equipment, but they couldn't produce clean water.

Right now, the most pressing issue in front of the Spirit Fox was that the mine only had one or two days worth of potable water left.

Worst of all, Ghost Fox, who had sent someone to the base to buy clean water the day before yesterday, received a piece of bad news about the wolf thief. Some organisation was pursuing the thieves with all their might, and they had large cities like Remter pay close attention to people who wanted to buy large amounts of food. It was obvious that the other party was trying to find out their whereabouts by purchasing food through a wolf thief.

After hearing this news, the Ghost Fox could only have the people who bought food come back. However, when he reported this to the border crossing husband, the latter only gave the fox a "you decide" look. The Spirit Fox was very clear that while crossing the border, what it meant was that if he couldn't complete the mission, then there was no value in keeping it.

Ghost Fox was even more clear that in the past few years, when he had managed to get the second position among the thieves, his wanted list had also appeared on the bounty list of the coastal city. If he were to leave the wolf bandits, then the Spirit Fox would have nowhere to go. Therefore, the Ghost Fox could only bite the bullet and think of a way.

At this moment, the door to the room was knocked. The fox called out in annoyance, "Come in."

The door opened and a bandit walked in. This person was skinny, wearing a loose leather suit. His hair was dyed in a mess of colors, just like a wolf thief. The man grinned and said to the fox, "We have received news that a goods vehicle from Phoenix will arrive at Remt tonight. According to the information sent by the wolfhound, there seemed to be some problems with Remter's recent water purification equipment, so he asked for a cart of drinking water from Phoenix City. Master Ghost Fox, this is a good opportunity. "

The wolfhound was referring to the eyes and ears of the bandits. They could be ordinary people in a city, or they could be business people or middle or high level managers. These people provided information to the bandits in order to get the appropriate reward. Through these people, almost all the related business operations and goods and materials between Remulte and Phoenix City were exposed to the eyes of the thieves.

This was one of the new measures that was taken after the leader was taken. The appearance of the wolfhound had greatly improved the efficiency and accuracy of the news.

Unlike the era of the Scarlet Wolves, where there was only one ticket to the East and one ticket to the West, it was purely about what he wanted to do.

Upon hearing this news, the Ghost Fox's old face finally revealed a smile, "Go, get someone to prepare a car. We'll go out at night to fish for a ticket."

Upon hearing the fox say this, the skinny man hesitated and said, "Don't you need to notify the leader?"

The Spirit Fox remembered the disdainful gaze of the man on the side of the road and decisively said, "No need, isn't it just robbing a supply car? Haven't we done this before? Don't talk nonsense, do as I say! "

"Alright, you're the boss." The skinny man nodded.

The fox opened the bedside cabinet and took out an automatic pistol. He opened the lower drawer and took out a box of bullets. Silently, he put the bullet into the magazine of his pistol, then pulled the safety catch and made a shooting motion.

Since the crossing, Spook had forgotten how long it had been since he'd touched a gun. Tonight, it was finally going to be useful again. He had decided that this time he would do it himself. The fox wanted to tell him that he was not limited to logistics.

Looking in the mirror, Spook made a shooting gesture. Then he smiled, shoved the pistol into the back of his waist, and Ghost Fox walked out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

Outside the door, the voice of the Ghost Fox sounded, "b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, don't sleep. Get up, I have work to do tonight! "

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