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Chapter 1041 – Packing up the Arcane Arms Star

The Arcane Arms Palace, in an area shrouded by volcanoes.

12 Dazzling Light Units are besieging an Infinity Warlock of the Gumana Universe.

The Infinity Warlock is a seven-meter-tall ancient tree that radiates bright light. Tendrils radiating bright light pierced into the void and engaged the 12 Dazzling Light Units.

Besieged by the 12 Dazzling Light Units, the tendrils of the ancient tree were severed one by one.

The 12 Dazzling Light Units quickly pounced on the ancient tree and hacked it into countless pieces with the blades in their hands.

“Curses, what’s going on?”

Before the ancient tree died, it released a shrill cry.

In the Arcane Arms Palace, there are swarms of battle robots hunting the powerhouses who snuck into the Arcane Arms Palace everywhere.

The complexion of Yang Feng’s avatar suddenly changed, and he uttered in a deep voice: “Let’s go, Chris. It’s become dangerous here.”

Chris frowned slightly and said: “Can’t we hold on for a few more days? Even if it is the sacred races, it will take them at least three days to come here after they receive the intel. We should still have three days left!”

Under the guidance of his true body, Yang Feng’s avatar has gained tremendous benefits from the Arcane Arms Star. Even Warlock Monarch would be tempted by his spoils.

After coming across such an adventure, Chris’s ambition surged. She wants to get more benefits from the Arcane Arms Star. Only in this way can she compete with the other princesses and princes of the blasteel race.

Yang Feng pointed to the blue crystal in his right hand and said: “No! If we continue to stay here, we’ll die. This is its warning.”

Thereupon, Chris nodded slightly.

Yang Feng relied on the blue crystal to find countless treasures and kill many strong enemies. Chris witnessed everything firsthand.

Two lights flickered, and Yang Feng and Chris flew towards the outside.

As soon as he left the celestial body, Yang Feng waved his hand, and a wars.h.i.+p he picked up suddenly flew out and flew away from the Arcane Arms Star with him and Chris on board.

After Yang Feng’s avatar flew away, an almost endless sea of battle robots flew out of the location of the Arcane Arms Palace, poured out like a tide, and killed the Gumana Universe’s powerhouses on the Arcane Arms Star in their wake.

“What is that?”

“d.a.m.n it!”



Whenever the powerhouses treasure-hunting on the Arcane Arms Star met Yang Feng’s mechanical legion, they were slayed.

The sound of the engines rumbling filled the Arcane Arms Star as countless battle robots swept the celestial body like a tide, killing the Gumana Universe’s powerhouses in their wake.

Outside the Arcane Arms Star, ripples rose, and a fleet composed of five wars.h.i.+ps appeared in the void through s.p.a.ce leap.

“Die, ants!”

An overbearing voice came from the Arcane Arms Star, and then a black hole appeared and enveloped the fleet.


The five 3,000-meter-long wars.h.i.+ps trembled and shone brightly, yet they couldn’t resist the black hole and were engulfed.

Breaths above the Starry Sky Warlock rank burst out from the five wars.h.i.+ps. One after another, powerhouses flew out from the wars.h.i.+ps, and then turned into ashes.

A Warlock Monarch flew out from a wars.h.i.+p, struggle for a little, and then turned into dust.

“I reached this point at last! I can wipe out a race by myself!”

Standing on the Arcane Arms Star, Yang Feng watched the fleet in the sky being annihilated by a spell of his, and his eyes flickered with dazzling light.

Yang Feng’s current fighting strength incredible. He can kill a weak Holy Spirit Warlock. If he proceeds to some weaker race, he can become the race’s protector and be wors.h.i.+pped for generations.

On a grade 2 plane overrun by G.o.ds like the Feisuo Plane, if there are no mighty divine force rank G.o.d or supreme G.o.d, Yang Feng can break into the divine countries of the strong divine force rank G.o.ds and slay them.

In the starry sky, ripples surged, and a wars.h.i.+p 1,000 kilometers in diameter, looking like a star, suddenly flew out.

A tyrannical black hole appeared, and dark light rolled out towards the wars.h.i.+p.

The magnificent wars.h.i.+p shone brightly, erupted with runes, and tried to contend against the black hole

But no matter how hard the wars.h.i.+p tried, it was engulfed by the black hole.

Two days pa.s.sed in a flash. All those who got close to the Arcane Arms Star during this period were devoured by Yang Feng, causing a huge sensation in this starfield.

“The fleet of the chok race is gone!”

“This region of the Anda Starfield has become a death zone! There must be a peerless powerhouse over there who silences everyone that approaches.”

“The Arcane Arms Palace! Reportedly, is said the Arcane Arms Lord’s palace is there!”

“The Arcane Arms Lord’s palace, how is that possible? Didn’t the Arcane Arms Lord die in the Giant Arcane Starfield? How could it appear in this starfield?”


Rumors spread in this starfield. The powerhouses of this starfield are all curious about the region where the Arcane Arms Star is located, and many of them have left for the Arcane Arms Star.

The Holy Spirit Warlocks of this starfield have already fallen on the Arcane Arms Star. As for those low-level powerhouses, they were killed mercilessly by Yang Feng once they appeared near the Arcane Arms Star.

After 100 plus fleets were destroyed, the powerhouses of this starfield were finally filled with apprehension for the location of the Arcane Arms Star, No one came to throw away their life any longer.

“It’s finally done! Fortunately, it’s within the calculated time.”

On the Arcane Arms Star, Yang Feng gazed at the mechanical towers on the celestial body, and his eyes flashed with satisfaction.

In the past two days, Yang Feng spent countless resources to construct mechanical towers all over the Arcane Arms Star.

“Let’s begin!”

The mechanical towers flashed, and rays suddenly emerged, linked together, and formed a net of light.

The net of light radiated spatial fluctuation that enveloped the Arcane Arms Star.

Enveloped by the fluctuations, the giant Arcane Arms Star shrank and ultimately became the size of a fist.

The mechanical towers are Star Hunting Towers, one of the highest technologies of the xizu. Star Hunting Towers can shrink a star to a size that it can be packed up and taken away.

Of course, it is extremely costly to construct Star Hunting Towers. Yang Feng only had enough resources to make one set.

Every time the Star Hunting Towers are used, an astronomical amount of energy and resources has to be consumed. Even if it is Yang Feng, he still feels the pinch. If it wasn’t for the fact that the Arcane Arms Star is extremely precious, Yang Feng would never have used the Star Hunting Tower on it.

Yang Feng grabbed the Arcane Arms Star, and then blurred, flew into the distance, and disappeared.

A day later, the void distorted, and a black Tier V Hive appeared in this starfield.

“Bona divine race, it’s a Tier V Hive of the bona divine race!”

“A bona divine race bigwig has appeared!”

When the powerhouses from formidable races gathered here saw the black Hive, they revealed looks of shock.

Tier V Hives are weapons that can contend against Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses.

Shortly after the appearance of the bona divine race’s Tier V Hive, a red Tier V Hive suddenly emerged and suppressed the heaven and earth.

“Winged divine race, it’s a Tier V Hive of the winged divine race!”

“The winged divine race has sent a bigwig, as well! Could the rumor be true?”

The powerhouses who pay close attention to this place gazed at the Tier V Hive of the winged divine race and commented spiritedly.

The void slightly distorted, and a white Tier V Hive surrounded by countless frost, looking like time and s.p.a.ce around it is frozen completely, suddenly emerged.

“Frost divine race! A bigwig from the frost divine race has also appeared!”

“For the three divine races to gather, it seems that the rumor is true! The Arcane Arms Lord’s palace appeared!”


The powerhouses present looked at the three Tier V Hives with excitement in their eyes, as if seeing true G.o.ds descend into the secular world.

Tier V Hives are Empyrean grade secret treasures that can contend against Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses, and they represent invincible and unequaled existences in the Gumana Universe.

The powerhouses who rushed here from all over upon obtaining the news sighed lightly when they saw the three Tier V Hives, and their thoughts to fight over the opportunities in the Arcane Arms Palace extinguished.

The appearance of the three Tier V Hives represents the will of the three divine races as well as the three Eternal Sovereigns. Even the eighteen sacred races don’t dare to disobey the will of the three Eternal Sovereigns.

As for the weak races, if they compete with the three divine races, their race will end up being exterminated.

Even rogue cultivators with tyrannical strength who don’t fear the three divine races fundamentally cannot compete with Tier V Hives. If a rogue cultivator advances to a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse, they are ent.i.tled to establish a sacred race in the Gumana Universe. The three Eternal Sovereigns will treat them favorably.

When the three Tier V Hives appeared, the s.p.a.ce distorted, and they performed another s.p.a.ce leap.

A quarter of an hour later, the three Tier V Hives appeared at the original location of the Arcane Arms Star.

“It’s not here?”

“How can that be? What happened?”

“Where’s the Arcane Arms Star? There’s no mistake. According to the intelligence, the Arcane Arms Star has appeared, and it was in this location.”


When the three Tier V Hives appeared in this region, intents full of shock and rage filled the void, prompting the void to distort and collapse.

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