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Esramia uttered with a graceful smile: “Ian, don't you want to take a break?”

“Alright! I'll just take a break before the next fight!” Yang Feng unceremoniously went back to his seat, then took out 2 vials of elixir and downed them.

When the 2 elixirs entered his stomach, 2 streams of hot air spread into every nook and cranny of his body, slowly dispelling the cold air.

Yang Feng looked profoundly at Cicéron, and his eyes flashed solemnly: “Amazing. A freak who awakened the Sea G.o.d's bloodline indeed. Without the help of treasures, solely relying on my personal strength, I do lag a bit behind.”

G.o.ds were the strongest existences of their respective planes. Whether Wizards, warriors,, Druids, Magi, or other, once they promoted to G.o.ds, an earth-shaking evolution would take place. Even Wizards, once they promoted to G.o.ds, their physiques would similarly become exceedingly formidable.

G.o.d bloodline was one of the most formidable bloodlines, not the least bit inferior to dragon, high elven, fiend, devil, and bloodlines of other formidable existences

The grade of Yang Feng's ancient black dragon bloodline couldn't compare to that of the Sea G.o.d's bloodline of Cicéron. His only advantage over Cicéron lied in the Warlock knowledge of the Cangzhi Plane as well as the countless formidable extraordinary plant seeds he collected from the Turandot Subcontinent.

Esramia's beautiful eyes flickered with surprise, thinking that Yang Feng would continue to overbearingly challenge the others. She didn't expect that Yang Feng would so unceremoniously return to his seat and take a break.

Sid got up, stepped into the center of the reception hall, and domineeringly issued a challenge to Reylo, saying: “Reylo, get your a.s.s here. I want to see how strong a human who awakened the G.o.d of War's bloodline is! Don't let me down!”

Reylo smiled elegantly and stood up gracefully. When he stopped across from Sid, his eyes burned with tumultuous battle intent: “3-headed golden dragons are said to have demiG.o.d rank strength when they mature. However, how can demiG.o.d bloodline compare to the n.o.ble G.o.d bloodline!”

Before his words fell, a frightening divine might spread from Reylo, and a mysterious and profound bloodline rune appeared in the s.p.a.ce between his eyebrows. A frenzied battle intent revolved around him.

The sound of enthusiastic war drums, countless warriors fighting, and angry roars converged on Reylo.

The phantoms of blades, spears, swords,polearms, and other weapons suddenly appeared around Reylo.

Esramia's pretty countenance change at once, and she exclaimed: “Domain embryo!”

Upon comprehending a source of law, and with the source of law as the core, a cultivator could construct a region filled with that law. That was a domain.

Inside a domain, the strength of the person who owned the domain would be greatly enhanced, while the strength of the opponent would be greatly weakened.

Only freakish geniuses could comprehend a source of law and construct a domain. Even Legend and demiG.o.d rank powerhouses rarely comprehended domains.

For Reylo to comprehend the domain of war embryo was simply heaven-defying.

The complexions of many powerhouses changed dramatically, and they looked at Reylo with dignity in their eyes.

Seyssins' countenance was very unsightly. When paired against Reylo, who possessed the domain of war, he, who had also awakened G.o.d bloodline, might be defeated in less than 10 moves.

Sid was confident all along. A look of dignity in his eyes, he took a step forward, then his body expanded by a size, and he burst out with frightening dragon might, not the least bit inferior to that of a genuine dragon. The vague phantom of a ferocious, dragon-like 3-headed monster loomed behind Sid.

To their dismay, Ca.s.sius and the other 2 human Sacred Swordsmen discovered that they, who were peak human fighters, were unconsciously trembling under the suppression of dragon might.

Yang Feng's eyebrows wrinkled slightly. He felt that the ancient black dragon bloodline inside him had been suppressed and a trace of fear leaked out from deep inside the bloodline.

Among dragons, golden dragons were existences that stood above many dragons. 3-headed golden dragons, even more so, were royalty among golden dragons. They were rare and powerful. Each adult 3-headed golden dragon had demiG.o.d rank strength. If they cultivated hard enough, they could even evolve into existences with fighting prowess comparable to feeble divine power and weak divine power rank G.o.ds.

Among dragon bloodlines, the 3-headed golden dragon bloodline was the top bloodline, surpa.s.sing the ancient black dragon bloodline flowing inside Yang Feng by far.

On one hand, there was an unending rumble of war, on the other hand, there was a continuous dragon roar. Before the 2 geniuses of the younger generation even started fighting, frightening pressure spread everywhere. The suppression in the hall left many experts somewhat out of breath.

Among the experts who accompanied Seyssins and the other 3 geniuses, the weakest had Firmament Knight rank cultivation bases. In some small cities, one such powerhouse could become the nr.1 expert. Yet under the pressure released from the 2 geniuses, these experts were still out of breath and trembling, a look of fear in their eyes. This was the terrifying power of might from a G.o.d of the Feisuo Plane and the strongest dragon.

If a real G.o.d were to descend into the secular world and release their divine might. Apart from the lifeless and soulless golems and robots, intelligent life forms below the Legend rank would not be able to resist it, and could only tremble and kneel on the ground.

Esramia revealed a look of interest, then smiled sweetly and uttered: “Begin!”

Sid's body flashed. Carrying an aura of tyranny and looking a humanoid dragon, he charged into Reylo's domain of war embryo.

The blades, spears, swords, polearms, and numerous other phantoms turned corporeal and frenziedly stabbed at Sid.

The 3-headed monster phantom behind Sid roared and overbearingly swung its savage dragon tail. Instantly erupting with terrifying force, it shattered Reylo's domain of war.

As swift as a clap of thunder, Sid's fist covered in resplendent golden light mercilessly barreled towards Reylo.

After the domain of war embryo was shattered, Reylo turned pale, then hurriedly drew a long sword and sent resplendent sword rays to block in front of him.

The complexions of Ca.s.sius and the other 2 Sacred Swordsmen changed slightly. Reylo's swordsmans.h.i.+p was formidable to the extreme, only slightly inferior to theirs.

Sid's eyes flashed with madness. Adopting a tyrannical stance, he issued dragon roars and slammed his fists onto the resplendent sword rays.

Every time a punch struck Reylo's sword rays, the sword rays would shutter.

5 punches later, all of Reylo's sword rays were shattered.

Sid seized this opportunity to punch Reylo in the belly. When the horrifying force entered Reylo through the belly, it nearly shattered his viscera, and he spat out as big mouthful of blood mixed with fragments of viscera. He was sent tumbling in the air far away.

Moonlight fell from the sky, scattered above Reylo, and formed a moonlight barrier, blocking Sid from continuing with his offensive.

Sid frowned slightly and stopped pursuing. Standing there loftily, he arrogantly looked at everyone else.

Seyssins, Cicéron, and Yang Feng looked at Sid with fear in their eyes.

Reylo, who had comprehended the domain of war embryo, was an absolutely outrageous genius. However, that genius was defeated by Sid in such a violent and tyrannical way. Obviously, Sid was far stronger than Reylo.

His complexion ashen, Reylo coughed up blood a few times, then struggled to get up and said slowly: “Thank you, Your Majesty! I admit defeat! Cough! Cough!”

After he finished speaking, a bitter expression on his face, Reylo returned to his seat, took out several vials of potions, and downed them.

Standing loftily in the middle of the hall, Sid smiled haughtily and said: “Ian, you're the only one left! Did you have enough rest? Come over when you're ready! Anyway, you are bound to lose.”

Yang Feng pondered for a while, then slowly went to the center of the hall. He took out a black ball and frantically poured his spirit force inside.

In a split second, the black ball expanded, split into pieces, and wrapped around Yang Feng, forming a pitch-black armor with a pair of dragon horns, and a black dragon head on the chest.

The pitch-black armor was the demiG.o.d rank armament black dragon armor that Yang Feng acquired after conquering the Black Dragon Tower.

As the great elven monarch, Esramia had exceedingly extensive knowledge and experience. At a glance, she could see through the essence of the pitch-black armor, and raging waves rose in her heart: “This is a demiG.o.d rank treasure! To have a demiG.o.d rank treasure, who is he really?!”

When he saw the black dragon armor, Sid's eyes flickered with endless greed, and he barked: “What a nice armor! It's demiG.o.d rank. Besides, it was manufactured from a G.o.d rank dragon. Ian, you mongrel, you dare to use dragons as forging materials, that's a crime worthy of death. Hand over the armor, or there will be an irreconcilable enmity between you and the country of dragons!”

DemiG.o.d rank armor was extremely precious. Sid, an absolute genius who awakened the 3-headed golden dragon bloodline, had no such armor. Thus, he was very covetous of Yang Feng's black dragon armor.

Yang Feng smiled mockingly in response: “Fool, it's obvious that you want my armor for yourself. Truly shameless. How could the country of dragons follow a fool like you into an irreconcilable enmity with me?”

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