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Chapter 225 – Chapter 47: Sanctuary #2

The fight in the north wasn't easy. 

The northern barbarians didn't fear death. They didn't think about what would happen to the body when they died. So, the barbarians just charged over the corpses. 

There were too many of them, and they weren't focused on just one point. Thanks to the absolute power of the captains, it was easy to protect the gates, but that was it. The barbarians weren't obsessed with the gate. It seemed as though they wanted to knock down the walls of Aegis Gate itself. 

However, it was inefficient. Even if they won, there would be huge sacrifices. Indeed, many barbarians lost their lives before they could even fight properly. Yet, they didn't stop. Baikal, who guarded the gates, realized that the northern barbarians weren't afraid of death. They had forgotten death itself. War's madness dominated them all. 

Baikal, who had been using his magic without rest, looked up at the sky. He saw the red moon made of magic power. Down below, the barbarians were moving forward endlessly. It was just like the fight against Arch Lich Shutenberg beyond the limit line. The barbarians before him were no different from Shutenberg's undead. 

The tsunami pushed against the wall. The two captains acted as a breakwater, but that wasn't enough. The tsunami was still healthy even if the waves were breaking. 

However, Baikal couldn't allow them to be swallowed up. It was then that he used a large attack spell. The weapons installed on the wall spewed out flames, while Captain Richard swept along the wall with an aura blade dozens of meters long. Additionally, Captain Yecaderina's magic invigorated their allies. 

Amidst screams and cries, some parts of the walls were finally destroyed. The dam which stopped the flood was starting to crack. The crack would soon widen, and once the water started to leak, it couldn't be stopped. 

How long would they be able to endure? What would be faster? The deaths of the northern barbarians or the collapse of the Aegis Gate? Baikal couldn't think about it anymore. Part of the eastern wall had collapsed with a big bang. 


The new chief of the Paran clan, Belovaki, was used to fighting against the monsters from beyond the Western Limit Line. However, this was the first time he had seen so many monsters.  The monsters, which were huge even when compared to the Paran clan, threw their heavy bodies against the walls. The giants felt a big shock as the walls of the fortress crumbled. 

The members of the Paran clan weren't the only ones in this position. There were tens of thousands of lizardmen, the Gullam tribe, and Victor. 

When Belovaki had first seen them, he had thought of victory. He thought they would be able to defeat any enemies. However, he was wrong. 

Belovaki swung his axe and struck the neck of the nearest monster. The moment the neck was struck, the ma.s.sive monster's tail flew up and struck Belovaki's back. As Belovaki fell to his knees in pain, Galang, the Gullam clan's best hunter, rushed to save him, but there wasn't enough time. Galang's two legs couldn't move fast enough. 

With a roar, Galang threw the spear he was holding. It was just as a monster aimed its mouth for Belovaki's neck. 

Belovaki thanked Galang, but simultaneously, he was sure that this was his last moment. 

The monster's teeth were a little faster than Galang's spear. 


Evian was burning while the eastern barbarians marched quickly. It was a land they had already stepped on, so there was no delay. 

Since the chances of an invasion were low, there weren't many soldiers guarding the limit line. Diotima, the new defense captain of the bases, started cursing. 

Reports flew from all over the area. The barbarians were burning every soldier of the demon king's army they encountered. The meaning of the barbarians burning the soldiers alive was clear. It was time to fight again. In order to create that time, they needed people to stand up and fight. 

Diotima cursed once again and prepared to fight. Not far from here, the cries of the eastern barbarians could be heard. 


The demon king's army was running. They greatly reduced the distance they had to travel by using the transportation formations, but the speed of the red dragon and his beasts was too fast. There was no time. 

The boys and girls guarding the transportation formation watched the army with wide eyes. The demon king's army gathered from various places and spread all over the gra.s.sland. 

They had barely made it in time. It wasn't easy to move tens of thousands of soldiers in hours, no matter how much they used the transportation formations. Moreover, there was no transportation formation at the Sanctuary which could transfer large-scale troops. They had to run from the nearest transportation formation to the Sanctuary, so the physical strength of the troops was quite exhausted. 

Flying up above them on Quanta, Zephyr moved his gaze far away. The red dragon and black beasts were heading straight towards the Sanctuary. 

Zephyr knew about the existence of the Sanctuary. The Sanctuary was the center of an enormous magic which sustained the abundance of the entire Demon World. Without the Sanctuary, the magic of abundance couldn't exist, and that magic was the lifeline of the Demon World. 

So, he had to stop them here. He couldn't allow for the destruction of the Sanctuary. Zephyr explained the secret of the Sanctuary to the queens, children of the demon king and the captains. 

The reason why the guardians had hidden the role of the Sanctuary was simple. The secrecy was a s.h.i.+eld to protect the Sanctuary. It wouldn't be good if the existence of something which could destroy the Demon World was known. Making sure that no one knew about it was the best barrier as it eliminated people attacking it. 

However, the circ.u.mstances were different this time. At the very least, the ones leading the army needed to know the importance of this land. 

Zephyr closed his eyes. Fortunately, none of the queens wanted to give up. They were the leaders of each species and knew it would be meaningless to escape from this land. If the lands became devastated, then neither the lycanthropes, the succubi, nor the dark elves could maintain their current prosperity. 

That wasn't all. The queens all wanted to get revenge for the demon king. 3rd Queen Sylvia was famous for her deep love for the demon king, while 2nd Queen t.i.tania and 4th Queen Elaine had the same thoughts. 

He heard the cry of the black beasts from afar. There was no more time. Soon, the trumpets would blow to signal the start of the battle. 

Zephyr opened his eyes. He naturally looked over at Locke, who was also looking at Zephyr. 

This was a strange coincidence. It had only been one day since they met, but it felt like they had known each other for a long time. 

Locke smiled at Zephyr and grasped the Warrior's Sword. Zephyr didn't smile, but he responded by tapping Cruel Talia's armour. The two of them could feel it through the equipment of the elder dragons. In-gong was coming. They didn't know the exact timing, but it was clear he was coming. 

Zephyr closed his eyes again. He erased all thoughts in his head. The temptation of War which he sometimes heard couldn't be heard anymore. It was really time to fight now. All of the captains nearby stared at Zephyr. The queens were also waiting for Zephyr's command. 

"It's okay! Even if we don't win, aren't we just going to Erebos' side?" 

Dark Saintess Altesia suddenly said in a youthful tone. Her words were so absurd that Zephyr couldn't help smiling. Altesia just grinned and shrugged, while Zephyr responded with a nod. Then he looked up at the red dragon. 

This wasn't an ordinary fight. It was meaningless to surround the enemy. They had to break in and shatter the enemy. 

Zephyr raised his sword and gave a command. 

“Charge! Charge!” 

The army led by Captain Gallehed began to charge. In conjunction with pre-defined roles, the armies of the queens started to move as well. Finally, the fight had begun. The thousands of black beasts and soldiers clashed. 

Captain Gallehed swung his sword. As one of the five captains, his actions were truly great. It was like the how sword duke had smashed against the tsunami of the undead. 

However, Zephyr couldn't smile at these actions. He was concentrating power into the hand holding the Dragon Slayer while keeping his gaze far away. 

The sky was black. The red moon made of magic power was s.h.i.+ning brightly. Under it, the red dragon spread his wings wider. 

The red dragon was truly huge with a body length of hundreds of meters long. His seven heads with ten horns watched the battle between the beasts and the army. An enormous magic power emerged from the red dragon. 

It was difficult to call it magic. This was closer to a G.o.d's miracle. A meteor shower poured down from the sky. There was an earthquake big enough to break the ground, and a gigantic vortex of flames swept through the middle of the battlefield. 

It didn't distinguish between the black beasts and the soldiers, and death swept through the entire battlefield. 

The queens did their best to prevent any damage. Sylvia's and t.i.tania's magic defended the soldiers, while Elaine commanded the troops desperately. The captains broke the disaster with their mighty magic power. 

Altesia and Beatrice began to pray, while Locke and Zephyr both rushed toward the red dragon. Someone had to draw the red dragon's attention. 

The red dragon felt the two of them approaching. The Death Knight also knew it, but he just laughed at them. He remembered the battlefield 10,000 years ago. It was all useless. This was the red dragon. The end was here… The red dragon was a real monster! 

All seven heads of the red dragon looked at the same place, and it wasn't at Zephyr and Locke. All 14 eyes looked at the Sanctuary. He was focused on the s.h.i.+eld which was wrapped around it. 

Zephyr knew what the red dragon was going to do. Quanta gathered her magic power urgently, but it was too late. Even if she could cast it in time, it was impossible to prevent this. 

The seven heads all used a breath attack, and seven pillars of light rushed toward the s.h.i.+eld. 

The beasts and soldiers raised their heads simultaneously as the power of destruction rushed above them. It was such a huge force that they forgot to fight. 

The breaths. .h.i.t the Sanctuary's s.h.i.+eld, and the whole area shook from the shock. The breath attacks which hit the s.h.i.+eld broke into fragments and became disasters which hit the demon king's army. 

Elaine barely managed to swallow back her scream as she gazed at the Sanctuary. Fortunately, the s.h.i.+eld was still standing. However, she wondered how long it could endure. 


Elaine said curtly. Then she transformed angrily into a wolf with blue fur. In addition to Ludwig, the strongest lycanthrope warrior, Bruce, moved with her as well. It was foolish for a queen to go to the front lines. However, this time, she had to imitate the demon king. She had to stop the red dragon somehow. 

Elaine rushed toward the red dragon. The captains also moved through the black beasts toward the red dragon. Quanta unleashed a breath attack, while Zephyr and Locke both moved. 

A ray of light poured down from the red moon, and disasters once again struck the ground. It was impossible to fight properly. Despite the disasters, the major powers of the army started aiming at the red dragon. The red dragon roared and all the magic attacks disappeared. 

This was just the beginning. For the first time, Zephyr felt a sense of helplessness. Locke also felt fear toward an enemy for the first time in his life. The red dragon spread his wings, and the seven heads once again started to collect magic power. 

It was at this moment that… 

The s.h.i.+eld around the Sanctuary disappeared. The silver barrier fell like a lie. Had the aftermath of the first attack just appeared? Could it no longer hold out? The s.h.i.+eld protecting the Sanctuary was gone, and the light column in the center was revealed. 

That was the true Sanctuary. It was the mighty power of life created 10,000 years ago by the indigenous species, at the cost of all their lives. 

A scream rang out, and Zephyr shook off his helplessness. If he let the red dragon attack right now, then everything was over. He couldn't think about why the s.h.i.+eld of the Sanctuary had fallen. 

Zephyr just had to stop it. He had to do something, anything—buy time! It was at this moment that… 

Locke looked at the Warrior's Sword. He could hear the voice of Guardian Queian, who showed Locke one fact. 

Amidst the screams, a horn blasted out. As a Drakon Kechatulla, Locke was able to know that the sound of this horn, which transcended s.p.a.ce and resonated through the world, was from a Drakon Kechatulla. 

The lizardmen fighting in the west heard the horn, while the giants, who were fighting in various places, recognized the Giant King's Sword which gave them strength. 

Baikal, who was rus.h.i.+ng through the collapsed wall, looked up at the sky again. There was a white crack on the red moon. Galang's spear pierced the head of a monster. Then instead of Belovaki dying, Belovaki's weapon pierced the monster. There was a new vitality pulsing through his body. Diotima looked up at the sky with a stupid expression. She was reminded of the back of one person—the one who had recaptured the 5th base. 

The horn blew again. There was a white shape running toward them from far away. It was then that Zephyr understood. He finally realized it. The Sanctuary's s.h.i.+eld hadn't been destroyed. The sanctuary itself had turned off the s.h.i.+eld. 

It was in order to greet someone. To greet him… and to convey the power of the Sanctuary! 

A flag of light shone brightly. The growing power of Conquest pushed away the fear caused by the red dragon. 

The Warrior's Sword which Locke was holding flew into the air. Simultaneously, Cruel Talia's armour removed itself from Zephyr and headed towards the place where the light was. Finally, the person they'd been waiting for had arrived. 

He stood in front of the Sanctuary and naturally accepted the Warrior's Sword and Cruel Talia's armour. It was the true Drakon Kechatulla… 

The only opponent for the red dragon. 

In-gong glared at the red dragon, and the power of Conquest was revealed.

Chapter 226 – Chapter 48 – Myth

There were some things In-gong knew because he had conquered the white woman. 

The Four Riders of the Apocalypse were truly G.o.dlike beings. 

However, they were different from Erebos or Mother Earth. Erebos and Mother Earth were just beings who kept the balance of the world. They didn't have clear personalities. Although it was possible to interact with them, it was impossible to establish a dialogue or emotional exchange with them. 

Therefore, they didn't intervene despite the imminent destruction of the Demon World. They only gave strength to those who longed for power and desire. 

The elder dragons resembled the Four Riders of the Apocalypse. Like them, the elder dragons were G.o.ds with personality and flesh. 

1,000 years ago, all Four Riders of the Apocalypse had lost their bodies. So, they couldn't influence the world except through their knights. 

The elder dragons' situation wasn't much better. No, it was worse. Half of the elder dragons had lost their flesh and the remaining three couldn't function properly. Cruel Talia still hadn't woken up from her healing sleep, while Enkidu and Queian had regained consciousness but not their strength. 

In-gong understood Conquest, and the white woman shared her feelings with him. She had her own unique personality and feelings. Conquest refused the fate of destruction. Despite being born as one of the Four Riders of the Apocalypse, she longed for the world to be protected. 

Her wish was small and trivial, a flower which bloomed in the ruins of her mind. It was small and beautiful, slender and pathetic. However, despite the harsh winds, it didn't give up on living. The fluctuation was small, but her mind shook surely. Every time she took one step toward the end of the world, the shaking got bigger. 

The other riders also had feelings. Due to that, they still felt affection towards Conquest who had betrayed them. They both loved and hated her, and those sentiments were confusing. 

The elder dragons were similar. Recorder Torres gave his heart for Conquest. Watcher Ainkel sympathized with Conquest, and Guardian Queian didn't believe Conquest. There was doubt and hate. 

If so, what about the red dragon? Did he have a personality or was he just a monster? Despite being banished from the world, he had maintained his existence for thousands of years. That tenacity was indeed amazing. His will to destroy the world was very solid. 

However, In-gong had made up his mind. He just didn't think about it. 

'I don't care.' 

So what if he had personalities and feelings? The red dragon wanted to destroy the world, and the riders were just helping him. If so, In-gong would stop it. It was the same as what the sword duke always said. He had to protect his precious things and smash the incoming enemies!

The will of Enkidu, pa.s.sed on through Earth Quaker, laughed. Feelings of embarra.s.sment were pa.s.sed on from Guardian Queian through the Warrior's Sword. 

'My master.' 

Conquest whispered. Green Wind whined, but it was only briefly. 

In-gong looked away. The red dragon stopped, and they stared at each other. 

The red dragon gave off a strong presence. In-gong was reborn as the true incarnation of Dhrtarastra, but he still couldn't reach that strength. The power of a G.o.d alone wasn't enough. 

He had dominated Conquest and become the true Conquest Knight, but it was still insufficient. The power of one who desired the end of the world wouldn't bring down the monster. 

The equipment of the elder dragons had unified. Although their bodies had been lost, their souls were pa.s.sed on through the equipment. Ainkel's dragon heart had become one with the Moonlight Core, and he was now the true Drakon Kechatulla. 

However, it was still lacking. Despite all of this, In-gong couldn't narrow the small distance between him and the red dragon. 

The red dragon stared at In-gong. Thousands of black beasts and soldiers were fighting in combat, but at this moment, there seemed to only be the red dragon and In-gong. 


At this moment, Green Wind spoke in a voice like she wanted to help him. In-gong gave a small laugh. He was able to see it now. In-gong understood what the white woman and Green Wind were saying. So, he accepted it without any resistance. 

The light column of the Sanctuary started to emit a stronger light, and the red dragon widened his wings and roared like Earth Quaker. 

The last piece… 

It was being transmitted from the Sanctuary. This was something that only he could inherit from the Sanctuary. 

The demon king didn't simply refer to the king of the Demon World. The demon king was the protector of the Sanctuary. Just like Erebos and Mother Earth, it was the person who maintained the strength of the Sanctuary itself. 

The Sanctuary, which had lost Mitra, wanted a new demon king. They had opened the s.h.i.+eld in order to accept In-gong. 

The red dragon unleashed his magic power. Once again, disaster struck the battlefield. However, it was too late. The succession had already begun. 

Time seemed to slow down, like it had frozen over. In-gong was reminded of the past. 

At first, he had just wanted to live. He'd just thought about not wanting to be killed by Zephyr. Then his thoughts changed. He wanted to protect Felicia and Caitlin, and prevent that disastrous future. 

In-gong continued to meet more people, then he wanted to protect Chris and Silvan as well. It was the same with Anastasia. He wished to protect all the children of the demon king. 

Then In-gong remembered Green Wind begging him to pat her head… Amita smiling happily with a big belly and Elaine's mischievous grin. There was also the sword duke's greetings with Felicia and Anastasia and Sylvia's gentle hug… Vandal chuckling next to the blus.h.i.+ng Nayatra. Delia, Seira, Karma, and Daphne were also essential. 

"I'm sorry, are you leaving me out?" 

Carack laughed in In-gong's imagination, and In-gong laughed as well. 

The light continued. The white light from the Sanctuary wrapped around In-gong. It became one with the power of Conquest and grew even more. The red dragon used his magic power. Simultaneously, In-gong also exuded an enormous magic power with an angry cry. 

Everyone looked at In-gong, and it was accepted by all. The strongest person in the Demon World… 

Protector of the Demon World… The demon king… In-gong was the one who took over the throne from the sura king, Mitra! 

The magics of the red dragon collided with In-gong in midair. The tremendous collision created a vicious magic vortex in the air. However, this was just a skirmish. Each of the red dragon's seven heads had different powers. 

In-gong wasn't watching quietly, and the protagonist brought all his strength together. 

Felicia and Caitlin, who stood right beside In-gong, roared simultaneously. The two people awakened as apostles of Conquest. Felicia, who was on the verge of exhaustion from faster than the wind, laughed. Meanwhile, Caitlin raised up the full strength of her wilderness and revealed a beautiful beast-like person. 

In fact, it wasn't just the two of them. Call had been used despite the fact that In-gong hadn't cried out a name. The King's Knights gathered through In-gong's power. Nayatra looked around her with a surprised expression as a mighty magic power moved around her body. Her purple hair blew in the wind. Vandal was also reborn as an apostle. He grew to a huge size reminiscent of a giant. Karma, who had already experienced the apostle upgrade, dealt with her power skillfully, and many spirits gathered around her. 

Silvan stood beside Felicia. The power of Conquest allowed him complete control over the fairy. 

“My master.” 


The white woman said in a sweet voice, while Green Wind, who had become the G.o.ddess of the wind, cried out compet.i.tively. 

“What a mess, a mess." 

Carack laughed before blowing the horn again. It was to spread news to the whole Demon World that a new demon king had ascended. The black sky shook, and the white crack broke the red moon. 

Chris burst out laughing. It was right before the decisive battle, but he couldn't help wanting to laugh. He envied Caitlin, Felicia, and Silvan who were gathered in one place. He should've closed his eyes and entered the King's Knights. 

Anastasia admitted it. It was curiously comforting. Maybe she had known that this was going to happen. No, she had definitely known. She had guessed it since the moment she'd been saved by In-gong in Curtis. 

A smile appeared on her face. Anastasia had thought she would be upset, but she wasn't. Baikal orabeoni's words were right. They weren’t enemies, they were compet.i.tors. However, In-gong was just more suitable to becoming the demon king. 

Then she remembered the words that Felicia and Caitlin always said.


'Truly, Shutra.' 

Zephyr closed his eyes, simply accepting it. He was a prince of the Demon World and out of reach of War's madness, Famine's greed, and Death's darkness. Zephyr was only responsible for his duties. 

'It's okay, Zephyr is still the coolest to me! And keep this a secret, but you are better than Erebos! Kyah! It will be okay! I'm telling you!' 

Altesia's voice was heard in his head. She used message magic on such useless words, but Zephyr couldn't help smiling. 

Warrior Locke grabbed another sword while listening to the sound of the horn in the sky. Guardian Queian had given him another powerful sword which contained the magic of a dragon. The true Drakon Kechatulla had returned, but Locke was still a warrior of the Human World. Beatrice prayed while Carlov tied his hair up. 

Seven pillars of light emerged from the red dragon's seven heads. At the same time, In-gong and everyone else started to move. Rather than fleeing from the fearsome power of destruction, they faced it head on. 

The sword duke wielded his sword. He cut through one pillar of light like he'd done with the tsunami of undead. Silvan and Felicia held hands and used the magic power of the fairy to block one light column. 

Zephyr and Quanta blocked another pillar. Altesia and Beatrice used their miracles of light and darkness to crush one light pillar, while Locke roared and attacked another. 

Five pillars of light were thwarted. One of the remaining two were handled by the queens. Sylvia's and t.i.tania's powers twisted the trajectory of the light pillar, while Elaine concentrated the auras of the Blood Companions and destroyed the light pillar. 

One pillar of light remained. In-gong rushed toward it as it extended straight to the Sanctuary. Caitlin followed In-gong. He moved through the air and aimed White Eagle at the giant pillar of light. Then Green Wind cried out with him! 

"Absolute Area!" 

It was White Eagle's super special move! A brilliant green light collided with the column of light and split it into hundreds of branches. The trajectory was reflected, and the branches aimed for the red dragon instead. 

However, In-gong didn't stop. He reached for Caitlin's waist while casting another skill. 

'Black Specter.' 

He triggered the super special move of Night Watch, Violent Kaltein's equipment. 

In-gong turned into blue smoke. There was the sound of hundreds of wings flapping as he rushed toward the red dragon.

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