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The seven-colored carriage soared through the clouds and mountains heading northward.

Feiyun wrote three letters and placed them on messaging talismans before sending them out. The three talismans turned into three rays flying towards various directions.

People received them on the same day.

Capital of Jin.

Yao Ji sat inside the study room of the Grand Chancellor’s mansion. A censer was lit up with little smoke.

This used to be the place where Beiming Moshou gave out orders. With the fall of the Beiming, Yao Ji took over as this place’s new master.

Many in the court have been gossipping that this beautiful lady might become the next chancellor.

Spring at the capital still had some remnant coldness from winter. She wore a court uniform with a white fox fur coat. She was drawing on a map with a bronze pen. Nearby was a beautiful corpse helping her grind the ink. The atmosphere in the room was scholarly.

“Whoos.h.!.+” A white talisman entered the window and landed on her palm.

She sat down on a jade chair that was yet to be polished in silence for some time. Her eyes became serious as she rolled up the map and ordered: “Ready the palanquin, we’re heading to the palace.”


A while after, Little Demoness in Beastmaster also received a talisman. She read it before flying towards Thousand Islands. She landed on one filled with purple spirit trees and continued running towards an ancient paG.o.da: “Sister-in-law, sister-in-law, my bro wrote you a letter.”

The talented girls here have grown used to Little Demoness and continued to cultivate, ignoring the girl. How could she have a sister-in-law here when they’re all pure wors.h.i.+ppers of Buddhism?


Ancient Jiang, inside the Witch G.o.d Temple. The G.o.ddess had also received a talisman and showed zero emotion. She sat there like a deity before finally letting out a sigh.


Those who have received the message should be able to prepare accordingly. He didn’t report back to two powers that were close to him - Wanxiang PaG.o.da and the Yin Gou.

They weren’t exactly close with the court but Long Luofu should be able to discreetly mobilize the forces of these two powers as well.

Secondly, the news of a second Yama’s corpse was quite shocking. He didn’t know if it was the truth or not and didn’t want to alarm too many people. Others could actually take advantage of the chaos and it wouldn’t be good for him.

Jin Emperor, Monk Jiu Rou, and the G.o.ddess in Jiang were capable enough and could shoulder anything. The only thing he cared about was Supreme’s soul, nothing else mattered.

The carriage had traveled 100,000 miles so far to reach the border between Earthchild and Northern Frontier.

A salty sea breeze met them; one could hear the waves as well.

Southern Ocean wasn’t actually an ocean but rather a green lake spanning for more than twenty thousand miles, separating Earthchild and Northern Frontier.

Huo Yanyan had finally woken up and moved to the corner, on guard. She looked quite tense and cold: “Yi Zhenfeng, you sealed my cultivation.”

“Madam, you’re a smart person and should know what I want.” Feiyun entered the carriage with a smirk, looking at her body up and down without any hesitation in spite of her prestigious status.

She only had a short under blouse on so her mature body was extremely hot just like a serpent demon. She calmed down and said: “You’re from the court? Purposely causing trouble in order to send Earthchild to disrupt the heretical conference.”

Outside of Mu Xirou who was controlling the carriage, everyone else was inside. It was rolling on the ground right now, heading to an old town next to the sh.o.r.e.

“Haha, I knew you were smart.” Feiyun didn’t hold back and sat down next to her, able to smell her sweet fragrance and feel her warmth. However, he didn’t touch her or did anything out of line.

“Hmph, you think the heretics are fools? They won’t let you in.” She didn’t seem to find him repulsive and remained natural and neutral.

This was the temperament of an authoritative figure. Bai Ruxue and even Ye Siwan felt more naive compared to her, unable to stay as calm.

“The heretics have no lack of intelligent people, some of them can naturally guess my ident.i.ty but so what? My move is straightforward, they have no choice but to face it head-on.” Feiyun accepted a teacup from Liu Ruixin and handed it to Huo Yanyan.

Unfortunately, she didn’t accept it so he smiled and drank it himself before speaking: “As for entering Mount Potala? Very easy, I have at least ten methods to go there. Moreover, I can just hand you to the dark heretical lords, maybe some of them will definitely want to become my friends, haha.”

“You…” Yanyan finally lost her cool after understanding the plan more.

The heretical lords weren’t afraid of people. Plus, some of them had feuds against the sects of Earthchild. A few also wanted the pretty girls from there too.

The top dogs would become murderous the moment they see the cultivators from Earthchild coming. It didn’t matter the reason why. They could know that it was a trap and would still move onward.

Once the momentum of this plan started, there was no reversing it.

“You should enjoy your last peaceful moment because once we get to Mount Potala, I can’t promise that I won’t do something dirty to you in front of the heretics, I gotta put up the act of a love thief, right? Or no one will trust me, haha!”

“Since when does the court have someone like you? Maybe only two of the eighteen marquises are as effective.” Her expression kept on changing. Anger was the most obvious one.

“Don’t waste energy guessing, you’ll find out when it’s time.”

The carriage started slowing down. Excited chatters came from the outside along with beast roars. Powerful auras descended from the sky.

The heretics have gathered so there was a chaotic aura here.

“Telling the story doesn’t do justice to how fast everything happened. Yi Zhenfeng held a silver spear and declared, ‘who dares to fight against me?’ And then, one of the six beauties of Earthchild, Mu Xirou floated down like a fairy. She stood there, as gorgeous as can be, and said, ‘Yi Zhenfeng, surrender and I will spare you.’”

“Next, Yi Zhenfeng snorted with a fierce expression before thrusting forward with his spear, then whoos.h.!.+”

Feiyun’s group has gotten off the carriage now and entered a pavilion in this old town. They heard this story while walking up a ladder - a retelling of the battle between him and Mu Xirou.

Xirou had an indignant expression on her face but she did her best to hide it, gritting her teeth while walking behind Ye Siwan.

All five of them wore a hat with a white veil in order to hide their face. This, of course, wasn’t enough to hide their alluring figures.

Many heretics took note of this and stared at them. Some even laughed pervertedly and started following right behind.

“What comes next?” Feiyun was the first to get on the floor and smiled while waving his paper fan.

“Blood gushed everywhere from Fairy Mu. She groaned and fell on top of her blood. Yi Zhenfeng then captured and threw her in a carriage, walking off without giving a d.a.m.n. As for what happened inside? I don’t know but just use your imagination, everyone. Sigh, what a poor girl, so beautiful. We can’t really call her a fairy anymore. She probably got wrecked by him now. Beauties in history usually have such bad luck, but how come not a single one has fallen into my lap yet? Sigh.” A short-haired youth wearing common clothes complained.

His skin was as black as coal; his face looked like the bottom of a pan. He clapped his table and started lamenting his misfortune.

Many heretics were sighing as well. Of course, they weren’t sad or felt pity for the beauty but rather, they wished that they were the ones lucky enough to capture her.

After all, these heretics have done plenty of bad deeds before including kidnapping girls from various sects.

Mu Xirou was furious and wanted to beat that youth up. However, Feiyun stopped her.

He looked around and saw a bronze table, eventually settling down there. Next, he stared at the tanned youth with a smile on his face.

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