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Feiyun still chose to go see Nalan Xuejian. Alas, he only saw the monk eating meat and drinking wine beneath the shade of a tree.

The monk naturally didn’t like Feiyun. He raised his staff, threatening to smack his head.

He activated his Swift Samsara to dodge then sat next to the bonfire. He ripped off a thigh from the roasted beast and took a bite: “How’s Xuejian doing?”

The monk was surprised. He didn’t put any force behind the attack earlier but an ordinary person shouldn’t have been able to dodge it, meaning that this shameless brat had reached a high cultivation level.

“Haven’t you done enough? Do you want her to die before stopping?” The monk stopped attacking and took a drink out of his big jar then wiped his mouth before speaking: “She lost several centuries of lifespan already and aged considerably. She doesn’t want to see anyone.”

“I’ll go take a look.” Feiyun stood up, feeling quite sad.

The monk initially wanted to stop him but noticed his earnest and guilty expression, deciding to stay quiet.


Inside a small convent with whirling Buddhist light.

“Click, click…” Someone was. .h.i.tting a wooden fish while chanting.

The sounds suddenly stopped and an old voice answered: “I said I don’t want to see anyone.”

“It’s me, Xuejian.” Feiyun stood outside the convent; his back as straight as can be.

The stick dropped and rolled on the ground. Next came rapid footsteps that eventually stopped by the door.

Nalan Xuejian placed her hands on the door but eventually pulled back. She turned around and sat with her back on the door and buried her head in her arms to cry.

“Xuejian, open the door first.” Feiyun became worried.

“Hooo… I’m not coming out…”


“Leave! I don’t want to see you… and you definitely don’t want to see me either…” She whimpered.

“Who told you that? I really want to see you right now?” Feiyun could see her weak figure leaning on the door. She looked very thin.

“You want to laugh at me? I’m, I’m not pretty at all right now..” She trembled.

“I just want to see you. You know I don’t care what you look like.” He said.

“But I do, so I… don’t want to see you! Please, just leave.”

Feiyun thought about breaking the door but decided against it. He gritted his teeth and said: “I’ll promise you that I will annihilate Senluo Temple soon enough, all of them, and also find a powerful medicine that can restore your youth.”

His eyes turned cold, gleaming with murderous intent. He waited until she calmed down before leaving.

Meanwhile, she heard his departure and wiped away her tears. She secretly opened the door just a little bit in order to see his back from the gap.

Once he disappeared completely, she sat back down - seemingly paralyzed - and started sobbing again. Only her pitiful sobs could be heard in the convent afterward.

Five days later, all the members of Beastmaster Camp have moved to Heavenly Kingdom. They moved their medicinal farms and libraries, even a few palaces and shrines.

The entire place was empty in this short period of time. Nalan Xuejian herself moved there. Feiyun asked Wu Qinghua to take care of her.

The monk heard about the kingdom and followed Feiyun’s b.u.t.t for several days, singing praises towards Feiyun.

Alas, Feiyun still didn’t let him in until he decided to do three things in return.

“So empty.” Feiyun stayed inside a hall and kicked a pebble for fun. He looked up at the sky and could imagine the incoming destruction. All lives would end, leaving nothing but desolation.

“Bro, when are we returning to the Feng? I do miss my mom a little?” Little Demoness leaned on his shoulder like a little lover. Her eyes flashed brightly.

“Soon.” Feiyun stroked her hair and said with a firm gaze.

He then put away the portal to the kingdom. There was no one left in Beastmaster now. Even the tamed beasts have entered.

He then told her to come in as well before leaving the place.

‘I have 300,000 spirit stones right now, Beastmaster has 50,000, then the 3,000,000 excavated by the spirit beasts, still missing 1,650,000 spirit stones. Do I have to rob the national treasuries of the five dynasties then?’ He contemplated.

This was a monstrous sum even for Enlightened Beings.

“Boom!” A peak ahead suddenly collapsed.

A surging power rushed out with the appearance of a devil claw. It crushed the peak just now. Its aura didn’t belong to a human nor a beast.

Feiyun focused his gaze and frowned: “An Abnormality? Does the Yang World want to kill me? No, looks like it’s chasing someone else.”

“Boom!” Another loud explosion ensued as the claw tore apart the ground, leaving behind long marks from its fingernails.

Two girls were running for their lives ahead. A white ray was next to them, looking like a duck.

“Sha Hangyun, you’ve killed Grandpa already, when will you let us go?” The older girl was relatively composed and took out an ancient spirit bow. She shot out an arrow engulfed in a radiance.

“Boom!” The claw easily crushed the arrow.

The resulting shockwaves blew the girl away, causing her to vomit blood.

“Sis!” The younger girl stopped and helped the first up.

“Hand over the Eight Arts and the Yang Soul Holy Embryo and I might spare you.” A chilling voice came from the sky.

“In your dream, a.s.shole!” The white duck looked up and shouted. No, it was actually a turtle. It just looked like a duck from far away because it had long limbs and neck on top of standing upright.

“Hmph!” Evil energy blotted out the sun. This chilling force instilled great pressure as the claw came down again.

“We’ll both go down together then!” The turtle unleashed a blinding light.

The sh.e.l.l separated and turned into a ma.s.sive rusting bell, protecting the two girls beneath.

“Boom!” The claw slammed onto the bell, issuing a metallic ringing.

The sh.e.l.l sank down, cracks emanated with it at the center all over the ground.

However, it still looked fine. The sh.e.l.l returned to the turtle as it taunted: “Idiot, your father’s sh.e.l.l is the greatest defensive force in the universe, you alone… oh s.h.i.+t, it’s coming again!” The sh.e.l.l separated once more to become the bell.

“Boom!” Another direct hit.

“Ugh…” The sh.e.l.l was tough indeed but it couldn’t nullify the attack entirely. The two girls beneath vomited blood due to their weak cultivation.

The turtle had lived for several thousand years so its sh.e.l.l was impressive defensively. Alas, it had no offensive potential at all. It stared at the two wounded girls and became nervous.

Suddenly, the attacks stopped.

The turtle raised its sh.e.l.l just a little bit and stretched its head out for a look. It saw the land being crushed; vegetation reduced to dust. The mountains crumbled as if a great battle had just occurred.

“Boom!” A large body fell down next to the turtle, causing dust to scatter everywhere.

The turtle recalled the sh.e.l.l and jumped up, seeing that this body was more than one thousand meters long. The claw alone was a hundred meters long already. It emitted a terrible aura with a frightening pair of eyes.

“This is the real body of Sha Hangyun? But who’s strong enough to defeat it?” Ji Xinnu covered her mouth in disbelief.

This monster was the size of a mountain yet it was beaten.

“Yes, it’s Sha Hangyun.” The turtle said.

“Raa!” Suddenly, the claw lunged forward like a group of black clouds towards the two girls.

“It’s still alive!” The turtle shouted and fled.

“Still not giving up?!” Feiyun grabbed the claw and raised its gigantic body before smas.h.i.+ng down again, creating a huge pit.

“Who are you?! I am a Venerable of the Yang World!” Sha Hangyun bellowed.

Feiyun wiped the dust off his robe before stomping down on Hangyun’s head: “Do I look like I give a d.a.m.n? I even toyed with your princess… taught, I meant taught.” Feiyun changed his wording because people might have misunderstood. The princess was too young and that would reflect badly on him.

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