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The entire city seemed to be burning up, and countless shouts gradually joined together, as if wanting to shake up mountains and rivers, as well as tear through the clouds and sky.

A surge of fervent will seethed, scattering out in the sky above the entire city.

The members of the Empire's intelligence team were standing in the marketplace, and when they sensed the fervent aura around them, their expressions changed drastically.

Around them, the many merchants of the Sand Country seemed to have turned into wolves.

Even the members of the intelligence team could feel countless sharp gazes piercing them.

They were also from the Empire, so the gazes that surrounded them made it seem as if they would be killed at the very next moment.

"This is bad! Fang Xingjian has stirred up a hornet's nest."

"Even if he can escape, we'll still be doomed."

The countenances of the Empire's intelligence team members turned ghastly, and they each picked up their own weapons, as if preparing for battle at any moment.

The team leader raised his head and looked up into the sky at Fang Xingjian, thinking, 'Even if you can kill the Erupting Sand King with a single attack, can you run away from the entire Sand Country's pursuit?'

Thinking of the Sand Country's information, the many Sand Country's renowned experts appeared in his mind, and his expression turned increasingly grim.

The Sand Country spanned across the entire eastern desert and had a legacy of several thousand years of civilization. This civilization's background would not lose out much in comparison to the Empire.

Moreover, the strongest expert in this civilization—the Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch—was said to be a top notch expert who had already stepped into tier five of the Divine level.

However, Fang Xingjian merely threw a casual glance toward the enraged people and then turned his gaze to the Fifth Prince.

The Fifth Prince, who was surrounded by the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation and pressed down to the bottom, instantly turned pale.

Fang Xingjian looked at the Fifth Prince coldly and said, "I said five seconds, but it's going to be ten seconds soon. Have you thought of your last words?"

The Fifth Prince's face twitched fiercely. His eyes were filled with panic, regret, and terror.

"Old Sacred Fire! You dare watch as I die? Then you can forget about ever finding out the Ancient Path of h.e.l.l's secrets!"

Fang Xingjian let out a cold snort. Then with a single thought, endless sword light descended toward the Fifth Prince.

At this most dangerous moment in his lifetime, the Fifth Prince sent all of his potential bursting out.

Flickering black flames covered his entire body. Amidst extreme spatial distortions, the Fifth Prince struck out a punch and turned into a spinning s.p.a.ce that smashed out.

It was another Three Worlds' Eradication, but there was a new breakthrough in his control of spatial distortions. The entire s.p.a.ce kept spinning and distorting, knocking away all the attacks before him. It broke through the endless sword light and went piercing out toward Fang Xingjian.

'I... attained a breakthrough...'

Amidst extreme fury, terror, and regret, the Fifth Prince—who had the greatest fist arts in the world—finally attained another breakthrough. The prowess of the Three Worlds' Eradication rose again, achieving the most extreme method of spatial distortion for those below tier five of the Divine level. It could almost twist and tear apart any kind of pure shock waves and heat energy attacks.

'Hmm? He attained a breakthrough?' Fang Xingjian's gaze flickered. Naturally, he noticed the Fifth Prince's changes instantly.

With a flick of his finger, the sword light in the surroundings twisted and turned into a light state while shooting out.

At the next moment, a stream of Light Pursuit sword intent pierced through the Fifth Prince's fist, instantly tearing apart his entire right arm. A ma.s.sive amount of blood instantly burst out of the Fifth Prince, who had yet to complete a conjured physique. With fresh blood spurting out like a fountain and turning into a rain of blood, the Fifth Prince landed on the light screen.

Immediately after, 10,000 beams of sword light flashed in the sky, wanting to tear the Fifth Prince up completely.

'No! I don't want to die!

'I have just comprehended a higher realm to fist arts!

'I still have the world's best talent in fist arts!

'Given one more month, I'll be able to strive for tier three or even four of the Divine level!

'How can I possibly die?! How can I possibly die?!'

Propelled by an intense will to survive, the Fifth Prince unleashed the last bit of his potential explosively, and his black martial will seemed to turn into a huge demonic face, bellowing wildly in midair.

Following this, the Fifth Prince, who had one of his arms broken, stood up. His intact left arm punched out, and his entire body burst out in fierce flames at that very instant.

Right then, all the physical particles in his body started to burn up and release energy continuously.

Put under great pressure time and time again, the Fifth Prince had almost exploited his potential to an extremity. He was even welcoming a second breakthrough as he burned up all the physical particles in his body, stimulating the powers of the microscopic world in his body.

At this moment, his means of spatial distortion started to head toward the level of the microscopic world.

"Fang! Xing! Jian!"

Three Worlds' Eradication—Self-destruct Realm!

As this punch was unleashed, it was as if the atmosphere was boiling and inflamed. The Fifth Prince's spirit, will, and body were now all burning up. All the physical particles in his body unleashed an overwhelming and surging power that even hints of interaction from the microscopic world started to be unleashed. This punch reached a level that the Fifth Prince had never reached before.

'At this moment... I'm at the strongest I can be...'

However, when he stepped forcefully into the microscopic realm, the Fifth Prince was suddenly in despair.

It was because through his martial will's senses, he could feel that the physical particles within a range of 100,000 meters around him were seething. Fang Xingjian's countless sword forces were moving around in the microscopic world.

If it could be said that the version of Fang Xingjian that the Fifth Prince saw earlier felt like Dugu Qiubai 1 , then seeing Fang Xingjian after stepping into the microscopic world made the Fifth Prince feel like he was seeing Frieza 2 .

'This might be a realm which I can never come into contact with in my entire life.'

As he brought along endless feelings of despair and struck out his last attack, the Fifth Prince's body was instantly engulfed by sword light.

A short moment later, over 80% of the Fifth Prince's body was crushed, but he still managed to survive amidst an area of white sparks.

High up in the sky, a human silhouette formed purely from white flames appeared to put up a block before the Fifth Prince.

The Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch—the Sand Country's strongest expert who had reached tier five of the Divine level—had finally appeared.

"Fang Xingjian, how dare you make a move in my territory? Do you really want to die this much?"

Almost at the same instant the Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch appeared, the entire city burst out in cheers.

The many experts of the Sand Country held fanatical admiration and strong belief toward this spiritual leader of the entire desert. As the greatest religion in the desert, almost three quarters of the population wors.h.i.+ped the Sacred Fire Order. Moreover, right when the country was being humiliated and one of their heroes had just been killed, their strongest expert appeared.

As the leader of the Sacred Fire Order, the Patriarch was known to be a G.o.d that walked amongst humans. He was viewed as an unrivalled existence, and most people thought of him as half human and half G.o.d.

This was also why he still dared to face Fang Xingjian after all the people in the city had witnessed the scene of the Erupting Sand King being killed by a single attack.

Therefore, when the Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch arrived, the entire city started to seethe.

"Lord Patriarch, kill him!"

"Burn this heretic!"

"Burn this heretic!"

Fervent shouts resonated into the clouds, and the entire city was like a barrel of boiling water, seething intensely.

Dugu Qiubai is a fictional character who is mentioned by name in three wuxia novels by Jin Yong (Louis Cha). His given name "Qiubai" literally means "seek defeat". His full name thus roughly translates to "Loner Who Seeks Defeat". It represents his status as an invincible swordsman who is haunted by solitude as no one can defeat or equal him in swordplay. He attained the philosophical level of "swordsmans.h.i.+p without a sword", which means that he uses swordplay techniques in combat without the physical existence of a sword. A character from Dragon Ball. Frieza is the emperor of Universe 7, who controlled his own imperial army and feared for his ruthlessness and power.

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