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Chapter 1087: Let Me Help You

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“All the bast*rds in this fuc*ing sect are as stupid as pigs!” The black bear cursed. “They never play ball games with me, never give me honey, never find monkeys to play with me, and never allow me to leave. Worst of all, they only think of me when they are facing something serious which they cannot handle…”

“In life, there are always things that we have to do involuntarily, but they hurt when we look back…” Yun Yang sighed.

The bear’s eyes lit up. “That’s right! That’s the saying! I couldn’t recall it just now.”

“Pardon me for saying this, Senior, but it seems you have not had a very good life in recent years…” When Yun Yang said that, he released wisps of life essence energy.

After all, the implication of sowing discord in his words was rather obvious. With the human nature and rationality displayed by the black bear, it was reasonable for him to suddenly turn hostile. The life essence energy could come in handy should that happen.

The truth was that Yun Yang had worried too much, because those words actually made the bear feel like he had found a bosom friend. He sighed forlornly and said, “I’m not just living a bad life, it is almost like I’m in jail! Do you know when was the last time I came out? Over three hundred years ago! Thanks to this bunch of black-hearted turtle eggs!”

“Come, drink with me!”

“Come, share this dish with me!”


The spectators on all four sides of the field were confused as they watched the man and the bear drinking and eating to their heart’s content.

“What… what are they doing now?”

“I thought they were supposed to fight each other? But why are they…drinking and eating like good friends?”

“Could it be that they are competing to see who can drink more wine or eat more food?”

Then, everyone turned to look at Qin Ruogu, who was standing at a corner like an idiot, not daring to urge the black bear to fight or even get closer. The look on his face was a mixture of hesitation, shame, anger, and confusion.

It confused the crowd. Who was the sect leader of Beast Trainer Sect here? Qin Ruogu or Yun Yang?

Why did it seem that their positions had changed?

Yun Yang continued to rotate the Endless Divine Art, and the area affected by it was gradually expanding. The black bear’s face grew more and more relaxed, and then he simply lay on his stomach, only moving his head to drink and eat. From time to time, he also rolled back and forth comfortably.

He did not mind exposing his belly to Yun Yang, which was the weakest spot of any mystical beast, and just kept drinking, eating, and recalling the old days. Before very long, he got so comfortable that he almost fell asleep.

Qin Ruogu was so anxious that he broke out in a cold sweat.

‘The strength displayed by Luo Dajiang is already at the level of a Saint King, and Yun Yang had proven that he is stronger than Luo Dajiang in the previous match. Even if his true strength is not as strong, it should be very close to the level of a Saint King as well. How could you show your belly in front of someone so strong? What if he has a divine weapon and uses it to sneakily stab you? That will be the end of everything.’

But, he did not dare to warn him. Just now, when he warned the black bear for the first time, the mystical beast turned a deaf ear to him. Then, as he warned the second time, he was knocked to the ground by the bear with a slap.

Qin Ruogu felt emotionally exhausted by now. Meanwhile, the people of Beast Trainer Sect on the stands were also baffled by the situation in the field.

“Is this the way our divine beast fights? Please forgive my ignorance, but I really can’t figure out how that’s going to win the match…”

In the meantime, Yun Yang continued to pour forth his streams of eloquence, and he was even saying, “… if you’re not happy, you may as well move to another place to live…”

‘What the f…’ Qin Ruogu was going crazy! ‘Is he starting to poach now? How could he be so blatant? Doesn’t he know shame?’

“No, no…” The black bear was a very principled mystical beast.

“Senior Bear King, if you are interested…” Yun Yang said through a voice transmission, “…come to Residence of Nine Supremes after today’s match and I’ll help you shape your human form.”

“Seriously? Do you really mean it?” The black bear sat up immediately, staring at Yun Yang with his big round eyes. ‘When the cultivation base of common mystical beasts reaches the level of Beast Kings, turning into human forms is the first thing they do. But poor me, although I’m already a Saint King, I still can’t do that…’

Everyone heard the question he blurted out in surprise.

‘s.h.i.+t! This is going to be bad…’ Qin Ruogu screamed in his mind. ‘What are they talking about? Oh, heavens! I’m suffocating…’

Yun Yang smiled faintly and opened a tiny gap to his deific consciousness s.p.a.ce, causing a unique aura to waft out of it. Although the gap was closed almost instantly, the black bear had already jumped to his feet, staring at Yun Yang with eyes full of surprise.

Yun Yang raised a wine jar and said, “We are friends!” His voice was earnest and full of suggestions.

“Yes, yes, yes!” The black bear agreed happily. “We are good friends… hahaha…”

His att.i.tude toward Yun Yang had changed subtly again. Before, although he was friendly, there was still a hint of superiority in his bearing. However, it was all gone now.

Yun Yang put down the wine jar and said seriously, “Now that Brother Bear has recognized our friends.h.i.+p, things will be so much easier. When this battle is over, you can come to me anytime to solve your problem, and I’ll definitely fulfill your dream. I believe you understand that my words are not empty, and I have the ability to do that!”

A rumble rang out immediately, ringing through the heaven and earth!

A Heaven’s Vow was made!

The black bear was so touched that his eyes turned red.

‘My life is running out, with only a few thousand years left at most. If I still can’t turn into human form, I’ll no longer have the opportunity…

‘But, I didn’t expect I would meet a nice guy here! He has just made a Heaven’s Vow! He’s a true brother…Otherwise, how could he have such a pleasant smell…’

“Brother Bear, despite what I’ve promised you, we should still fight each other as it is supposed to be, and I’ll not pull my punches just because we are brothers. I hope you will understand this,” said Yun Yang in a serious voice. “My Residence of Nine Supremes will lose everything if I lose the match, so I can’t be lenient. Please don’t blame me if I wound you later in the fight.”

The black bear waved a paw and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t blame you. We are friends.”

If Yun Yang had said what he just said before he made the Heaven’s Vow, the result would have been totally reversed; it would surely further trigger the black bear’s negative emotion.

“Also, no matter what’s the outcome of this match, I’ll still help Brother Bear break free of the shackles. Therefore, Brother Bear, please fight with all your might.”

For a moment, Yun Yang beamed with awe-inspiring righteousness.

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