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Chapter 506: Chu Yang Promises!

Chu Yang had already thrown out eight-hundred million in just half an hour… by a rough estimation!

Golden notes continued to pile up in Xie Dan Qiong’s bosom. And, his bosom continued to bulge-up.

Xie Dan Qiong, Xie Qing Mo, and Xie Qing Yan became increasingly excited. [He’s a very wealthy person! He’s not saying no to anything, ah…]

The three of them were least interested in what Chu Yang would do with these items. [These things can only be used to forge weapons! But, forging weapons from these things isn’t easy.]

[The shape of some of these materials won’t change even if you throw them into a volcanic crater. But, you – King of h.e.l.l Chu – are buying these things. It means that you’re only collecting show-pieces. Only those old monsters of Ninth Grade Monarch level or above of the Upper Three Heavens know how to forge weapons from these things. They might be capable of forging weapons from these items… But, such kind of person must be very experienced and highly skilled. And, such people are truly elusive. So, who would you find to forge these things for you?]

[Also, can you even find such people, Chu Yang?]

Chu Yang continued to walk forward in high spirits. He hadn’t explored the entire secret treasure-house of the Xie Clan yet. In fact, there were still at least one-hundred shelves that he hadn’t seen yet.

Chu Yang continued to walk forward, and continued to throw golden notes along the way. After that, the men of the Xie Clan who were waiting outside would come inside to carry out the stuff. Gu Du Xing had arranged for people to receive the stuff in the Gu Clan’s camp. And, he was getting these items stuffed into Chu Yang’s tent.

The servants of the Xie Clan were bringing these items to the Gu Clan’s camp in the beginning. But, eight Revered Martial Artists had started to carry the things soon-after! There was no other way since an average man couldn’t move some of those heavy items.

The secret treasure-house of the Xie Clan was half-emptied. And, Chu Yang didn’t have any more money.

Chu Yang had already thrown away five billion in this secret treasure-house at the end of it! After all, the Xie Clan was a tyrannical force of the Middle Three Heavens. And, it had a millennium old heritage. How could they not have an abundant collection of items? Chu Yang wanted to empty the entire treasure-house at once, but it was obviously unrealistic.

However, not having money wasn’t a matter of concern for Chu Yang because he had plenty of other ways.

"Young Master Xie," Chu Yang suddenly stopped his steps. He noticed that Xie Dan Qiong’s bosom were almost full and that he couldn’t hold the golden notes anymore.

"Is it that Brother Chu doesn’t have any more money in hand?" Xie Dan Qiong smiled. He had clearly sensed Chu Yang’s problem.

"That’s right. I have one thing. But, I don’t know if the Xie Clan would be interested in it…" Chu Yang profoundly smiled.

"What treasured object does Brother Chu have?" Xie Dan Qiong chuckled and said, "Brother Chu doesn’t even need to put forward this item he possesses. Just tell us if you take fancy to anything. And, you can pay later. I know that Brother Chu is trustworthy."

[Nonsense! I am trustworthy?!] Chu Yang thought in his heart, [It has only been one month that I have arrived in the Middle Three Heavens. And, you already think that I am trustworthy? I don’t know how…]

"I have a chunk of Mysterious Jade Ice Crystal…" Chu Yang profoundly looked at the uncles and the nephew, "I want to sell it."

"Mysterious Jade Ice Crystal?" Xie Dan Qiong’s mind went blank. And, the golden notes in his bosom got scattered on the floor with ‘shua’‘shua’ sound.

The eyes of Xie Qing Mo and Xie Qing Yan also popped out of their eye-sockets!

The cultivation method of the Xie Clan had always been very reserved and gentle. In fact, it had been on the cold and feminine side. Therefore, this supreme

and treasured object known as the ‘Mysterious Jade Ice Crystal’ could substantially boost the cultivation method of the Xie Clan! Moreover, there won’t be any possibility of an accidental rebound if they were to practice their skills while wearing the Mysterious Jade Ice Crystal!

This was the thing that the Xie Clan hadn’t been able to find for over a thousand years. And, they had been longing for this thing for a long… long time!

"It’s the core of the crystal to be precise." Chu Yang faintly smiled, and added further.

"Core of Mysterious Jade Ice Crystal…? Do you really have it? Please, take it out; I want to look at it!" these words were spoken. But, they weren’t spoken by any of the uncles… or the nephew Xie Dan Qiong himself. They were instead spoken by an old man who had suddenly appeared there.

His mustache and beard were completely white. He looked skinny and withered. In fact, the meat on his whole body would’ve weighed only a quarter grams put-together if it were to be cut out and put on a weighing-machine.

This old guy had appeared in front of Chu Yang very suddenly. Moreover, his eyes were emitting a mysterious light of longing.

"Ancestor?" Xie Dan Qiong was startled. The old man who had just arrived was the Ancestor of the Xie Clan in reality. Xie Zhi Qiu was already four or five hundred years old. His cultivation level was so high that even Xie Dan Qiong didn’t know how high it was…

"He is a Ninth Grade Emperor Level Expert. He has been observing you people with his Divine Sense this entire time. Moreover, his appearance leaves me to guess that he must have been stuck in the bottleneck for more than a hundred year… So, I’m afraid that it would be the end of his lifespan if he isn’t able to break through to Monarch level in the coming few decades." Sword Spirit softly spoke-up inside Chu Yang’s mind, "And, he can actually make the breakthrough with the help of the Mysterious Jade Ice Crystal!"

"No wonder you agreed to put forward the Mysterious Jade Ice Crystal. So, you had intended to aim at this old guy," Chu Yang replied in his thoughts. He now understood why the Sword Spirit had been calmly telling him not to worry. The Sword Spirit had wanted to catch this big fish this entire time…

"Of course…" Sword Spirit mischievously laughed.

Xie Zhi Qiu paid no attention to Xie Dan Qiong and his uncles. His eyes were firmly fixed at Chu Yang.

The sound of this activity caught the attention of the high-level experts of the Xie Clan. And, all the high level experts who were paying attention to it appeared in quick succession.

"I genuinely have the core of the Mysterious Jade Ice Crystal. However, I obviously want an appropriate price for it." Chu Yang insipidly smiled and said, "Otherwise, the Clan of Young Master Ou Du Xiao has also invited me to their secret treasury to take a look at the treasures they have…"

"First you take it out. This old man guarantees you that you will be paid beyond your expectations if you really have it." Xie Zhi Qiu didn’t pay attention to the saluting people of the Xie Clan. He only focused at Chu Yang while he spoke.


Chu Yang knew that it would be counter-productive if he were to keep these people in suspense for a long time. So, he turned over his palm, and a fist-sized core of the Mysterious Jade Ice Crystal appeared in his hand.

Suddenly, a cold aura spread out in the secret treasure-house.

It was so cold and refres.h.i.+ng that it could make a soul feel tranquil! In fact, it could even pacify a persona, and make him regain tranquility regardless of how jittery he would’ve been feeling.

Dozens of visions got fixed at Chu Yang’s hand in unison…

This chunk of jade was as clear as water. And, it was emitting a gentle radiance.

Xie Zhi Qiu’s body somewhat s.h.i.+vered as he stared at it! [This thing is it! This thing is actually ‘it’! This thing is the real Mysterious Jade Ice Crystal if I’m not wrong! I would be able to break through to the Monarch level if I have this. Moreover… the intrinsic quality, martial power, and the cultivation method of the entire Xie Clan will advance forward very quickly!]

"I… this… can I take a look at this?" Xie Zhi Qiu rubbed his hands.

Chu Yang slightly smiled. He handed over the core of Mysterious Jade Ice Crystal. He also sighed since his heart was deeply moved by this.

The Xie Clan was a famous clan in the Middle Three Heavens! No matter what financial resources or what military forces it had… it was considered to be one of the supreme clans of the Middle Three Heavens. But, what made it praise-worthy was – the upbringing of the Xie Clan!

The upbringing of the Xie Clan was stern. It was top-notch in the Middle Three Heavens!

This kind of treasure could affect the fate and the future of the Xie Clan. So, the reaction of all the people of Xie Clan at the sight of this item was beyond Chu Yang’s expectations.

He had planned everything well in advance. He was prepared to compress his consciousness if something happened. Then, he would transfer his consciousness to the Nine Tribulation s.p.a.ce. His consciousness would swap places with the Sword Spirit as a result. And, the Sword Spirit would take control over Chu Yang’s body. Then, the formidable power of the Nine Tribulation Sword would be unleashed in its entirety. And, that would slaughter everyone of any importance in the Xie Clan!

Chu Yang wasn’t a charitable person. And, he wasn’t a fool either. How would he take out such a treasured object without having precautionary measures in place?

These people of Xie Clan who present at this scene weren’t less than sixteen or seventeen in number. Expressions of greed and craving were flickering in the eyes of these people. And, killing intention was also glittering in the eyes of a few. However, this was only the case with five or six people… The majority of the people gathered had shocked and pleasantly surprised looks only. They were obviously greedy, but their expressions weren’t disgusting.

In fact, they would’ve been abnormal if their hearts wouldn’t have become greedy while looking at such a treasured thing!

This left Chu Yang to praise them in his heart.

The Sword Spirit had clearly antic.i.p.ated the reaction of the people of the Xie Clan. It was exactly how he had a.n.a.lyzed.

Xie Zhi Qiu held the core of Mysterious Jade Ice Crystal. And, he felt that it was making his withered meridians regain the flow of energy. He took a deep breath, and cherished his regained tranquility, "Little brother, you rashly put out such a valuable treasure. Did you not fear that this old man would take it… or maybe kill you for it?"

"We must take risks in life." Chu Yang warmly smiled, "I want to make friends. So, I must first show my sincerity. And, I would say that I took a risk in gambling and lost if I were to get harmed because of this. But, I will have made trustworthy and reliable friends for a lifetime if I don’t get harmed. I equally fear earning and losing. But, I have no other choice but to bet."

"Right! Right! Right!" Xie Zhi Qiu looked at him with rapt attention for a long while. Then, he suddenly laughed heartily. He turned his head and said, "Everyone must be aware that this thing is very important for our Xie Clan."

The other people of the Xie Clan nodded as they listened to the Ancestor’s instructions.

"Little Brother, our Xie Clan wouldn’t disappoint you since you have put this thing forward!" Xie Zhi Qiu said, "This old man might as well tell you that this thing is the most valuable treasure for us! And, this is an opportunity to achieve extremely rapid progress for our Xie Clan!"

He looked around the secret treasure-house and said, "This secret treasure-house is yours! All the things inside it… are a price for your core of the Mysterious Jade Ice Crystal! It is the price for your sincerity. You can also take any other item my Xie Clan may acquire at a later date if you like! We won’t take any money from you in return!"

He awe-inspiringly turned around and said, "Dan Qiong, did you hear this?"

"Yes, Ancestor!" Xie Dan Qiong respectfully nodded.

"Wait… don’t you think that you’re being too hasty? Senior, you might wish to think over it carefully." Chu Yang was taken aback. He hadn’t expected that he would get such a major commitment in exchange for that crystal. This commitment had left Chu Yang to feel restless in his heart!

"You don’t know what you have put forward. Let this old man tell you… you have put forward the future of the Xie Clan!" Xie Zhi Qiu replied with a respectful look on his face, "Any man who shows respect to our Xie Clan receives ten-fold respect in return! And, I cut the head off the body of anyone who tries to harm a single finger on our hand! I have a clear stance about grat.i.tude and grudges!

"Besides, what you have given us is so precious that we have nothing to trade it with." Xie Zhi Qiu heavily continued, "To be honest, this old man still can’t estimate the value of this core of Mysterious Jade Ice Crystal. It is simply priceless!"

"I see." Chu Yang solemnly replied, "This junior also needs the things in your treasure-house. So, I will gladly accept them. But, I will certainly give you a generous reward in the future!"

This was the first-time-ever that Chu Yang had said, ‘I will certainly give you a generous reward in future’!

This phrase would’ve been mere words without commitment if they had been spoken by someone else. But, Chu Yang had said these words in this case. So, they were no less than a commitment! Moreover, this commitment contained so much value that the Xie Clan couldn’t even imagine!

The Xie Clan felt that they had struck a cheap bargain. However, Chu Yang knew that it was the other way around. Chu Yang would’ve done a ‘t.i.t for tat’ if the Xie Clan had tried to deceive him. And, he wouldn’t have been bothered about it if that had been the case. In fact, he wouldn’t have had the least bit of mental pressure.

However, the other person had shown such a n.o.ble character. So, their gesture had moved Chu Yang’s heart. Consequently, he had decided to make this promise. But, he hadn’t made this promise in the heat of the moment…

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