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Chapter 107

a.s.sortment of Waffles

During Satur’s Day, after alternatively eating lunch, Aletta was given a break time.

Located next to the kitchen and lined beside the shower room and locker room was a room with simple table and chairs and a “clock” that had 2 needles which revolved around its round surface, Aletta was sitting on the chair and was befuddled with something.

(I, have to work hard… I, can’t do it like Saki-san.)

While Aletta was taking a break, right now, Saki who was working suddenly came into her mind.

Saki was the niece of the owner that was just recently hired, she did serving work like Aletta and worked as the owner’s cooking a.s.sistant too.

Since she said that she just became an adult when she was introduced, Saki who was probably younger than Aletta seemed to be very smart and was able to do anything from Aletta’s point of view.

Saki was a waitress but her goal was to become a chef. In the morning during preparation time, she would help the owner by peeling the vegetables and other tasks, though they were simple tasks compared to the owner’s food preparation, she still helped him nonetheless.

Furthermore, since Saki was an otherworlder like the owner, she had studied in a place called “school” and was smart compared to Aletta. She could write characters of other world and never made a mistake on calculation unlike Aletta whose calculation couldn’t be trusted.

Needless to say, Aletta also had a pride of her own, she was better at working now that she had worked for a reasonable amount of time, she was polite and was good at carrying the trays of food when she delivered the orders.

Ever since she was hired here, she had done almost all of the customer service for various

people of her own world.

Still, when she saw that Saki was able to write, did calculations that Aletta couldn’t understand at all and answered the customers’ question about the menu in detail, Aletta sometimes felt that she was inferior and unneeded.

Because of such circ.u.mstances, Aletta was not very friendly with Saki.

[Good work. I’m so tired. Is it fine to sit next to you?]

[…A, etto, sure.]

So, when Saki came bringing a Flying Puppy box and 2 cups with handles, and asked if it’s okay to sit next to her, Aletta had no choice but to nod.

[Un, then I’ll sit. And here, ojii-san told me that you like cocoa, is this okay?]

Saki did not hesitate to sit next to Aletta and handed her one of the cups.

Smelling the sweet scent of cocoa, Aletta relaxed for a while and recalled that Saki was sitting next to her.

[…Etto, that, thank you very much.]

[N~, it’s fine, it’s fine. Don’t worry so much. I just want to be friends with Aletta.]

To Aletta’s stiff expression, Saki responded cheerfully. For Saki, Aletta was a workmate that she wanted to get along with. Anyway, she was Saki’s first otherworld acquaintance and was a colleague during Sat.u.r.days when there’s only 2 other workmates other than her.

[E? That, friends, is it?]

However, Aletta heard such unexpected words from Saki. Certainly there were people who care about Aletta like Sarah and s.h.i.+a, and the owner too, but that’s because Aletta was an employee of otherworld dining hall, she never had a casual friends.h.i.+p relations.h.i.+p like what Saki asked for.

That’s why Aletta was confused and didn’t know what to do.

[That’s right. Maa, if Aletta doesn’t want to be friends with me then that’s fine, but I want us to eat from the same pot1. Also, during

during Sat.u.r.days only you and my uncle are my work colleagues, so I want us to get along.]

Aletta was puzzled by Saki’s pa.s.sionate words.

From the start, Aletta was not a frightening existence for Saki. She regarded her as a colleague that was born and raised outside of j.a.pan.

Although she was a demon, she was not a b.l.o.o.d.y and scary existence that liked sacrifices and fighting like those portrayed in cartoons and animations, and she did not look different from an ordinary foreigner girl with the exception of her horns.

That’s why it was Saki’s impression that it was easier for her to a.s.sociate her as a foreigner attending the same university and was able to speak j.a.panese perfectly.

[If, it that’s the case… then, please take care of me once again.]

It seemed that Saki’s feelings was transmitted, Aletta acknowledged of being friends with Saki and laughed awkwardly.

[Un, best regards.]

Hearing her response, Saki laughed. Though Aletta’s expression was still stiff, that’s a future matter.

[Well, as a symbol of our acquaintances.h.i.+p… here, let’s eat together.]

Keeping her smile, Saki opened the box she bought with employee discount.

[E? …This, is this a cake perhaps?]

Looking at the inside, Aletta’s eyes became round.

Inside the box were a yellow confection tinged light brown, a cocoa confection, and the same confection coloured slightly pink, all of them had cream sandwiched in between.

They were similar to the cakes that the priestesses, n.o.bles and the female demon mercenaries liked to eat.

[N~, it’s close but it’s different.]

She picked up one of the three confections, sandwiched in between was yellow custard.

These set of three kinds were specially sold only for that day at the Flying Puppy.

She bought it because it looked very tasty, but as one would expect, eating all of it by herself would

herself would be too much calories, so she decided to share half of it.

[This is waffles. I like it when it’s still freshly made and warm, but it’s also delicious when it’s cold and moist.]

While telling the name, Saki presented the waffle she had torn to half to Aletta.

[No need to hold back. I want to share half of these with Alettchan.]

Timidly, Aletta peered at Saki, Saki smiled to urge her to eat.

[Then, O G.o.d of Demons… wrong, thank you Saki-san.]

Feeling confused, Aletta prayed a little strangely and took the half of waffle Saki gave to her, she then bit it.

Such a waffle entered her mouth softly.

The fluffy soft material was slightly sweet. The taste of eggs and milk was packed into the material and the sweet cream had soft egg flavour. The sweetness of cream dotted with black raisins that contained the aroma and bittersweet taste of alcohol made Aletta reflexively lowered her vigilance and her face loosened.

(…Really, this is very delicious.)

It was after she came to the otherworld dining hall that she learned that eating delicious food was such an enjoyable thing. And when she ate delicious food, her face would naturally loosen.

(Un, un, this girl really eats food deliciously.)

Saki thought that Aletta was the cutest when she ate delicious food, she then tore the second waffle to half.

Aletta received the half naturally.

This time, it was dark brown with black cream inside.

(A, this, is it a chocolate confection?)

Seeing the colour, Aletta bit down while imagining the flavor of her favourite hot chocolate.

[…U. A bit bitter…?]

That’s why she was surprised when it had a different taste than what she expected.

That waffle was sweet. Of course it’s sweet, but she could taste bitterness in it.

The bitterness complimented the sweetness of chocolate that’s stronger than other confectionaries than other confectionaries she had eaten.

[A, is bitter no good?]

As it seemed, Saki asked Aletta whether she had failed or not.

But then Aletta took another bite and said her impression with a smile.

[No! It’s bittersweet… I think this is really delicious!]

She could taste the sweetness better due to the bitter taste. Aletta certainly liked this flavor.

[Un, un. Then this is the last. This one is raspberry flavor.]

As she said so, Saki divided the last one to two and gave half to Aletta.

The waffle was pink in colour and its cream was mixed with raspberry giving it a beautiful pink colour as well.

Aletta received and ate it without being confused, she then was surprised by the taste.

This time it was sweet.

There’s a little sourness, but it’s sweet enough to win over it.

…Immediately after that, she tasted sourness.

The small berries mixed in the cream were more sour than sweet.

And the sourness refreshed her mouth and immediately afterwards she could taste the sweetness of cream.

(This, it’s sweet, but it’s also sour…)

Sweet and sour. The two flavors alternated. It was exquisite when she ate it with the slightly sweet and sour waffle that wrapped the filling’s flavors gently.

By eating these three different kind of not just sweet waffles, Aletta smiled naturally.

While watching her face and drinking hot milk, Saki also smiled.

Saki liked to eat delicious food, but Saki thought that it’s fun to see someone eating food deliciously.

(Next time, I’ll share something else with her.)

To that smile, Saki thought such thing.

TN: This author must really like rum raisin flavour. I can’t find any pictures of rum raisin waffles.

同じ釜の飯を食った仲 – to eat from the same pot, a j.a.panese idiom meaning to live together and/or to become close friends, Saki means that she wants them to be close friends.

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