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Chapter 60

Almond Chocolate


The second week of February.

A little earlier than Aletta, Nekoya had a visitor earlier than usual.

[Ou. I’m depending on you again this year… I made a little bit of it.]

While saying so, the owner of Flying Puppy gave his childhood friend beautifully wrapped products.

[Aa, thanks.]

He replied so.


One of the biggest revenue earning days for j.a.panese confectionary shops, Valentine’s Day.

One of them had an important meaning for the Flying Puppy.

Every year, he made a variety of chocolate products specifically for this day, and three days before, he opened a baking cla.s.s for girls (including some men) who wanted to attend such

And he advertised and sold a lot of chocolate at that time.

During this period, which occurred twice a year, Flying Puppy carried out a large-scale bargain sales every weekend.

Also, at that time, to prevent being “sold out”, Flying Puppy made a certain amount that almost certainly would not be sold, as such, a considerable amount of unsold products would be left every year as a matter of course.


…After all, there was “Valentine Fair” that was held at Nekoya on the next

[This will be good. Of course we wouldn’t sell this left over products at half price. I would appreciate it if you would sell it at its usual price.]

The manager said so with an innocent smile. {TN: True businessman. I salute him.}

His childhood friend would leave after dropping off the unsold products every year.

It was a fact that he thought that it was a pleasant case for Flying Puppy as he wouldn’t suffer from unsold products.

[Well, when there are people who look forward to this every year, I have to do it.]

The owner said with a wry smile.

Initially, he was surprised when he was asked by his friend to sell the little confections, but now when he thought of it, it was a festival that sold valuable products that couldn’t be obtained over there (he didn’t explain what kind of festival this was), so there was a number of regulars that looked forward to it.

He couldn’t stop midway so he continued to do so once a year.

(Ah, that’s right.)

After attaching a paper stating “Today is Valentine’s Fair” in j.a.panese at a prominent place in the dining hall, he returned to the kitchen and came back carrying a mountain of sky coloured boxes with a picture of winged dogs on them and laid them down sideways.

[Maa, since I’m being asked… I have to do it properly.]

He muttered while suddenly feeling lonely.

Although he had a regular customer that asked him for a “reserve” every year, said customer had not came back for the last few years.

…It was because the owner understood what it meant for the past decade, but the owner did not intend to abandon it.


While holding a sore head, Junior silently climbed a mountain under a cloudless blue sky.

(It’s cold…)

Although it was midsummer, the mountain was the highest in that area, so appropriate clothes to withstand cold weather were needed.

The summit was Junior’s destination.

[Just a little more. Please do your best master!]

Beside him was Maribel, his disciple who encouraged him, carrying luggage up despite being a female.

In contrast to Junior, Maribel didn’t look tired.

Junior was a treasure hunter with many years of experience so he was confident with his physical strength, but Maribel was protected by the divine protection of the Red G.o.ddess.

(d.a.m.n, why is it on top of the mountain…)

It was poisoned a little by the energetic antics of hi

s disciple, but he knew that it couldn’t be helped even if he said it out loud.

The ruins made in remote areas were easy to protect, and treasure hunters like Junior would go there if there was treasure.


Junior’s real name was William Gold.

The same name as the legendary gold hunter was not a coincidence; it was inherited from his great grandfather.

…While his parents wanted to be merchants of the Gold Company, Junior wanted to be a treasure hunter like his great grandfather.

He thought that as long as there was talent, it was possible.

There was information of various ruins collected by the first William Gold that he had never visited before his retirement.

He thought that exploring those ruins was what he had to do to follow his name.

…One of those ruins was an invasion magic device made to attack the elves that wors.h.i.+ped a being named as “supreme king” that lived at the Southern Continent, but it was abandoned due to malfunction.

Then, when he was stranded in Southern Continent where he did not understand the language, he traveled there for 10 years while desperately memorizing the language.

In that decade, Junior had become a first-cla.s.s treasure hunter.


And it was for the sake of treasure that made Junior climbing up a mountain he had never climbed before.

[Yos.h.i.+! Here we are! According to my dad’s diary, there’s a door here… uo!? It’s serious!?]

When the sun had slightly tilted to the west, Maribel who arrived a little earlier than Junior shouted in surprise.

[…I see. A door. So your dad’s story is true.]

Junior admired that somewhat strange sight.

A rocky place where snow piled up, spreading on top of the mountain with no obstructions.

At the center of that place, there was an out of place black door.

[Honestly, I thought that it was a lie, but it really is “Nekoya’s door”.]

Maribel said after seeing it.

Her father… a man who was an excellent warrior and priest that died in a war with the White G.o.ddess believers that tried to destroy the Red G.o.ddess’ religion three years ago left it in his diary.

A mysterious door that led to otherworld dining hall which was also the sacred place of the Red G.o.ddess, appearing on top of the mountain once in 7 days.

And once a year, a festival was held in the restaurant at midsummer and sweets of Karao beans were sold in honor of it.

[Yos.h.i.+… let’s go.]


After a while, Junior opened the door.


‘Chirinchirin’, the two stepped into the otherworld.


A foreign world of Nekoya. It was a surprising sight for both of them.

[Wow~. So this is the otherworld called Nekoya…]

Maribel looked around while soaking in the air of a different world.

As it was written in the diary, the room was bright like noon and felt strongly of the Red G.o.ddess. Other people were eating their own food.

[U~n, there are many people with the same pale skin colour as master…]

He told Maribel that observational ability was important for a treasure hunter.

There were many customers in this restaurant.

However, most people who ate here had pale skin like her master instead of the more familiar brown skin.

(…Un? Master?)

After observing, she noticed that her master was staring at one point.

He was staring at a woman.

Apparently the woman around Maribel’s age was eating a brown food covering in black sauce, which seemed to be made of meat; her white skin was burnt by the sun.

She was also surprised by seeing Junior.

[…What’s wrong? Love at first sight?]

She tried to punch through the atmosphere with a joke, but there’s no reaction.

…The reason was quickly known.


[…Sarah? No, no way… it’s really Sarah!?]

Junior said in surprise.

A cousin who was supposed to be living in the Kingdom as a daughter of a big business.

The last time he saw her was 10 years ago when he was still at the Eastern Continent, but his instinct didn’t lie.

The Sarah that Junior knew was still in her childhood. But now, her figure was not a lady that lived in a city but a treasure hunter that emphasized mobility.


Indeed, Junior’s intuition was true.

The woman… Sarah answered while being confused.

This Sarah was older than the one he remembered, but he couldn’t mistake it.

Standing there was the figure of a cousin that she thought had died 10 years ago.


After Sarah finished her meal, the three of them sat on the same table and talked.

[I see. The Southern Continent… the other side of Dragon G.o.d Ocean?]

[Aa, that’s true. Beyond the sea to the north… was the Dragon G.o.d Ocean, there’s no mistake.]

He answered Sarah’s question while taking out his tattered notebook to show his collected information.


At first, he listened to the stories about their family and the Kingdom’s affair.

However, when the topic became the ruins of the Southern Continent, the two became enthusiastic.

[The ruins of elves… is there anything that lived there?]

[I don’t know. But at least I don’t see any living devices in the Southern Continent.]

Listening to Junior’s story, Sarah became highly curious.

An unknown continent to Sarah, wors.h.i.+ping the dragons, saying that demons with intelligence coexisted with humans.

If she didn’t feel anything when listening to that story, Sarah thought that she wouldn’t be a treasure hunter.

[…Oh, right. This notebook, will you take it?]

Junior suddenly said something that he came up with.

[Are you sure!?]

To those words, Sarah instinctively asked back.

For treasure hunters, notebooks of collected information were only second to their life.

Sometimes, it cost as much as several tens of gold coins if it’s a skilled treasure hunter.

She doubted he would just give it away.

[Aa, this ruins are investigated by grandfather, but I have written down a couple of things that I have not examined yet.

Perhaps there are treasures left in the ruins, but I can’t go looking for it.

Besides… tou-san and kaa-san may feel a little bit relieved if they see this.]

[…I see.]

Sarah was convinced.

Junior who went missing 10 years ago was presumed dead.

Necessary evidence was required to prove it otherwise.

Sarah also noticed that he autographed himself, and the ink on the notebook was still new.

[I understand. I’ll take it then… by the way.]

At the end of the story, Sarah looked at the brown skinned girl that was silently eating Minced Cutlet.

[Is this girl a good friend of yours or something?]

[No, I’m not?]

[A, she’s not. Just a disciple… tentatively, a family? This girl’s sister is my wife.]

To Sarah’s question, both Junior and Maribel denied at the same time.

[Aa, is that so…]

Sarah who calmed down noticed something.

[Come to think of it, I thought you come here for something? To unexpectedly find you… I never thought of it.]

Junior’s equipment was a firm durable leather armor to protect against cold weather and a sword hanging from his waist. It was a full-fledged set of equipment for exploring.

Perhaps, he used a door located in a more rugged location than Sarah’s.

Though he did come here to eat.

[Aa, is that so… excuse me, I would like to order please.]


He called the demon waitress to order.

…In the first place, that was the reason why he climbed the high mountain and came here.

[Today, I heard that there is a “Valentine’s Festival” here.]

[Yes! Do you wish to order chocolate?]

He confirmed the waitress’ question with a nod and Junior proceeded to order.

[Yes. That, do you have almond chocolate? One box for “takeaway” and another box for having here.]

[I would like cow’s milk with the almond chocolate.]

It was Maribel’s and his wife’s favourite food since that sweet taste reminded them of their father.


Then a man that seemed to be the owner of this restaurant came bearing a deep bowl.

[Thank you for waiting. Here’s your almond chocolate.]

He said so while placing the bowl on the middle of the table.

[This is… I think s.h.i.+a will be pleased if I give this to her.]

Sarah thought unexpectedly.

The bowl was packed with sweets with colourful sugar coating.

It did not look like a gem, but it s.h.i.+ned vividly under the light.

[Well, master, please eat it first… I can’t eat this before you.]

[Aa, then let me try one.]

He picked one up and threw it into his mouth.

(…Un? This taste like normal sugar…)

Junior was a bit disappointed by its taste.

His tired body soaked in the sweet taste spreading in his mouth.

There’s nothing wrong, but honestly, it’s not something that worth climbing that mountain.

(Maa, this sort of thing… uwaa!?)

At the moment he became disappointed, he chewed and it melted by the heat of his mouth.

Unlike sugar that was just sweet, the taste in his mouth had faint bitterness.

[…Hehe. It’s like an egg sh.e.l.l covering the sweet. Chocolate made from Karao beans are easy to melt, so it’s covered with]

TN: I guess this is more appropriate.

Maribel laughed at Junior while remembering his surprised face.

Junior’s reaction was similar to hers when she first ate almond chocolate that her father brought home in the middle of hot summer, she was still a child back then.

She was surprised that the material used for the bitter medicine could be so delicious.

[…I see. It has a surprising taste.]

While Junior chewed on the almond chocolate that had fragrant flavor, he was convinced.

Indeed, he now understood why Maribel’s father was obsessed with it and why Maribel and his wife wanted to eat it.

Almond chocolate was a delicious sweet that exist neither in the Southern Continent nor the Kingdom he once lived in.

[I recommend drinking milk after chewing it.]

Maribel also reached for the chocolate after her respected master and brother-in-law ate it.

The taste in her mouth was a nostalgic sweet taste.

When she chewed it once, the taste of bitter sweet Karao beans and the fragrant almond nuts mixed together.

It was blissful to drink warmed cow’s milk after that.

[…Un. It sure is more delicious when I eat them together.]

Junior also agreed.

The chocolate with Karao beans and fragrant almonds.

And the rich flavor of warm fresh milk.

The combination was excellent, and he carelessly reached for the next piece.

[…Un. The minced cutlets here are really delicious, but sweets are delicious too.]

Sarah who sat with him also agreed while eating the chocolates one after another.

Indeed, she thought that s.h.i.+a would like the sweets that many customers ordered regardless of their status or country.

Even Sarah who refrained from indulging in “luxuries” like sweets loved it.


When three adults ate the chocolate, the bowl of chocolate was finished quickly.

[…Master, I have a proposal.]

Junior turned to look at Maribel who held up her wallet.

[No, wait. You should try various things.]

Junior made a suggestion.

Anyway, it’s the festival of Valentine’s Day.

There were many customers who ordered chocolates different from almond chocolate.

Junior wanted to try them.


When they got out of the door with their bellies filled with chocolate, the sky was still blue.

[Well, let’s go home. She must have been looking forward for the chocolate.]


Their spirits had elevated after their meal in the restaurant.

(I hope she’s glad as well.)

Junior rushed home while thinking of his beloved wife’s happy face.

…It was a while before the notebook he handed to Sarah became ma.n.u.scripts that were circulated in the Eastern and Western continents. Many people would then challenge the Southern Continent.

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