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Chapter 63

Pork Chop


There was a small frontier country located in the high mountains, which was rare in the Eastern Continent.

Alberto, the third prince of the country, was heading to the “vegetable garden” while warily grasping his ancestral mithril sword.


In this country, there was a ruins called vegetable garden.

It was a historic ruins that elves created in ancient times to grow rare plants collected from all over the world.

There were millions of golems that were created to manage the garden, beasts that received the blessing of the land and bug monsters.

As this was a place where human beings were killed by plant monsters to be used as fertilizer, it was the most dangerous zone in the country.

[Seriously, that old man… why is the entrance to the restaurant built in such a place…]

He vertically cut the plant monsters that extended their thick vines towards his neck and was now alone.

Alberto’s aim was inside the garden.

A black door that he found when he dived into the garden to prove his courage to everyone.

After finding out what’s behind the door, Alberto had been visiting it once in 7 days.

[Fuu… finally here.]

He stood in front of the black door located not far from the garden’s entrance and opened it with familiar hand.


‘Chirinchirin’, while listening to the bell sound, he went through the door in a dignified way suitable for a royalty.

[Oi, old man! I’m here to eat again!]

[Ou, welcome.]

The old man replied Alberto in a casual manner.

His hair was completely white and his face was full of deep wrinkles, but he could sense that he was full of vitality.

[You look fine as usual… please find an appropriate seat and call me once you decide what to order. Here’s the menu.]


Alberto did not seem to care much of the old man’s words and sat on an appropriate seat.

Although he was a royalty, as the third son, he would not succeed the throne.

There was no way to force people that lived in “another world” that was different from his world.

(Even so, the clientele of this restaurant is as mysterious as ever.)


Alberto gently looked at the customers who were eating their food.

They drank golden ale while discussing which food was more delicious, cutlet or croquette, and eating their food.



Middle aged warrior dressed in Western Continent clothes chewing bird’s meat dish and white “rice”.

A big knight wearing frayed clothes that showed that it was originally pretty luxurious eating food with brown sauce.


A wealthy merchant who wound up noodle dish stained in red with a fork and carried it to his mouth.

A lizardman whose facial expression could not be read silently eating a gigantic egg dish with silver spoon.


A beautiful high priestess of the Light G.o.ddess who drank a cup of what seemed to be water. However, as far as Alberto knew, it was a delicious but strong liquor named “Gin”.

On the table next to her, an old female dwarf drank liquor with fruit deliciously soaked in it that suggested that it originated from the Western Continent.

What is delicious, a group of adventurers who appeared for a party ordered a lot of food and alcohols…

(Recently the number of customers has increased…)

When Alberto first visited this restaurant, it was quieter.

However, the number of customers that came from here and there had increased and became like now.

[Well, let’s order.]

All of the customers ate their food deliciously.

Alberto’s belly was begging for

food after seeing all the food.

[Oi, old man! I want to order.]

[Okay… well, what do you want to order?]

After calling the old man, Alberto pointed at the menu.

[Umu. Give me pork chop with white bread and soup.]

That food was Alberto’s favourite food.

It was a meat dish with red sauce created using “Marmette” that was only found at Alberto’s country.


After a while, his order was brought to him.

[Thank you for waiting. Here’ your order of pork chop.]

With a polite tone, the old man placed the dish served on black iron plate in front of Alberto.

On the middle of the iron plate, the fleshy fat pork meat with plenty of red sauce sizzled and emanated an appetizing scent.

[Well then, please enjoy.]


While listening to the old man’s words, Alberto picked up a pair of silvery knife and fork.

(First is meat…)

Alberto decided to eat the meat first, postponing eating the vegetables arranged on the plate as the meat’s decoration.

He pierced the meat with a fork and sliced it with his knife.

Even though the pork meat was thick, it was so soft and tender that it was easily cut with the knife.

He cut the part of meat with fat attached into a large piece… and ate it.

(…Umu. No matter how many times I eat this, the otherworld pork is really delicious.)

He nodded while feeling satisfied with its taste.

Good meat without odor and unnecessary fat thrown away.

The sweetness of the meat fat showed that it the meat of the most fattened pig butchered in autumn.

…During the long winter, it was a taste that could not be obtained as pigs were thin.


And the sauce used for seasoning the meat complimented the taste.

The sour and refres.h.i.+ng sauce made from a variety of vegetables and vinegar suited the strong greasy pork.

(It’s surprising that the otherworld could use Marmette like this.)

And the main character of this sauce was Marmette.

Red vegetables grown only in Alberto’s country after his ancestors found it in the vegetable garden.

The sweet and sour taste of ripe Marmette was blended into the sauce that was suitable for the meat dish.

This combination of meat and sauce was a treat that could only be obtained here even for Alberto that was a prince of a small country.

(Well, let’s start on the other things…)

After he ate half of the meat, he started on his vegetables.


The vegetables of the otherworld were fried in high quality oil and lightly salted. They still retained their firmness while being hot.

Cooked Caryute that was soft to its core had sweetness that was different from fruits that had acidic taste.

(Well, next is…)

While biting the stalk like green bean, he used “seasonings”.

He slathered the Marmette sauce used on the meat to the vegetables before eating.

(Umu, it’s delicious.)

The sour sauce went well with the lightly seasoned vegetables.

It was delicious as it was, but it was different with the sauce.


After he ate to a certain extent, he finally ate his bread.

The soft and sweet bread was dipped into the milk soup with yellow grains.

The bread soaked up plenty of soup that dribbled out in his mouth.

[Oi, old man. I want more bread.]


That bread was too small for Alberto and disappeared to his stomach in a blink of eye.

(Yos.h.i.+… now it’s starting.)

With the new freshly baked bread, Alberto started on the main dish.

He sliced the bread and the meat.

He cut the meat a little bit and sliced the bread into half.

He sandwiched the meat with the bread and took a bite.

His face unintentionally loosened when he tasted the combination of meat and bread.

(I have to thank that old man.)

At this moment, Alberto was satisfied with the trick taught to him by the owner.

The meat dish of this restaurant was delicious on its own, but it was more delicious when eaten with bread.

[Oi, old man! More bread again!]

The bread quickly disappeared into his stomach and his voice reverberated in the restaurant.


[Fuu… I’m full.]

Alberto wiped the sauce left on the plate with his bread and drank an otherworld black tea named coffee with plenty of sugar before sighing satisfactorily.

Today as well, he ate a lot, so he didn’t want to move for a while.

He was comfortable with this relaxed feeling until the next time he got hungry.

[Seriously, he should make the door in a more convenient place…]

To this wonderful taste, Alberto felt that it was regretful.

When he left the restaurant, he had to be careful until he left the vegetable garden.

That’s why, until he felt motivated again, he would relax here with his full belly.

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