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Chapter 78

Ice Cream morning.

The owner pasted it after he printed it out from his personal computer.

[This is it… I wonder if it’s correct.]

For the owner, the characters written could only be seen as symbols that the owner couldn’t understand so he became uneasy whether the sentence was correct or not.

The “notice” paper was written by a female regular that started to come a few years ago with sharp ears and unchanged face.

In Nekoya, it’s a different world version of poetry that told the beginning of summer.

(No, it should be correct. The data t.i.tle shouldn’t be wrong.)

He reconsidered, but it made him a bit uneasy.

Normally it was impossible for the owner to read the words of another world.

He thought that the pattern was similar to the one last year, but he was a bit uneasy as he didn’t know whether he was wrong or not.


‘Chirinchirin’, at that time, Aletta came in.

[Master, good morning.]

[Ou, morning.]

After their usual greeting, Aletta looked at the paper that the owner pasted and tilted her head.

[That, something is starting today, isn’t it? …What is written on it?]

Aletta couldn’t read. Therefore when the owner pasted a notice written beautifully, she understood that it was time to serve dishes not ordinarily served or special dishes. Though she didn’t know what dishes it would be.

[Aa, this is what it says.]

Maa, maybe this was it. Reconsidering, the owner explained what was written on the paper.

The meaning of it, continuing from early age.


It was past noon and it was the time zone for the customers that were interested in desserts to come.

[Addition of ice cream variety…?]

As a high priestess serving the G.o.ddess of Light, Celestine Flergan, one of the sweet lovers, noticed and read the slogan written in delicate letters that showed high education.

[When you say ice cream, is it the easily melting sweet?]

[Ee. It’s a confectionary made using milk. It was sweet and cold.]

[…It’s delicious when eaten with pound cake.]

To Celestine’s words, the three disciples bound by the love of sweets followed.

[I agree. Certainly it would matches well with pound cake.]

Nodding to her disciple’s words, Celestine asked the waitress.

[Excuse me, may I ask for one? It’s about the notice written there.]

Celestine asked Aletta who came bearing the menu on behalf of her group.

[Yes. As a matter of fact…]

To that question, Aletta recited the words she heard from the owner.

Every summer, Nekoya increased their ice cream variety from the usual chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

Due to the hot weather, people would want something cold so this sold well.

When she thought carefully, surely when Aletta just started to work she didn’t worry too much, but as the owner said, cold sweets frequently appeared during the hot season.

[So ice creams are added from today.]

While saying so, she showed the menu she received from the owner.

It was a transparent board that listed the ice cream variety, it was used since long before Aletta started to work.

[Maa, there’s certainly a lot… e!?]

Celestine read the list and exclaimed in surprise.

[Excuse me, is it true that there’s rum raisin ice cream!?]

Yes, she found her favourite flavor among the names listed.

[Yes, everything listed there is available.]

[Well, then I wish to order rum raisin ice cream with pound cake tea set.]

To those words, Celestine smiled and ordered ice cream in addition to her usual.

[Well then me too.]

[I want strawberry yogurt with pound cake tea set.]

[I’d like chocolate chip with pound cake tea set.]

The disciples also ordered additional ice cream according to their tastes.

[Yes, thank you very much. Please wait a moment.]

After receiving the order, Aletta returned to the kitchen.

[Sorry to keep you waiting. Here are your ice creams. Please wait for a while for your pound cake tea set.]

She lined up the flavors in front of them.


[Maa, this…]

Celestine drooled seeing the round yellow ice cream with the familiar dried grapes.

She knew from past experiences that ice cream was made from frozen milk (although they tried to make something similar, it’s not even close).

But to think that there’s a rum raisin flavor.

With high expectation, she picked up a silver spoon and pierced the round shape.

She brought the spoon to her mouth.

(Aa, it’s cold and delicious…)

An ice cream with rich rum raisin taste. A bitter taste of alcoholic beverage and the strong sweet taste of rum raisin spread in her mouth.

The ice cream as cold as winter snow melted on her tongue and conveyed its cold sweetness.

Its coldness was comfortable.

[Un, it’s delicious. The sweet and sour taste of strawberry and yogurt are compatible.]

[Chocolate sweets are delicious after all. But if even the Alpheid did not know about this, then there’s none at the other side.]

The disciples continued to enjoy their ice cream as Celestine continue to enjoy hers.


[Un. I like this one with alcohol flavor after all.]

Carlotta was a drinker so she enjoyed the flavor of alcohol wrapping around the dried grapes like Celestine.

(I heard that there’s a dwarven alcohol in the Western Continent that had dwarven fruit marinated in it.)

Suddenly, she remembered the stories she heard from a merchant that was also an apostle of G.o.ddess of Light.

About 10 years ago, she heard about a fruit alcohol that the Western dwarves made at an island.

It’s not fermented fruit juice, but the alcohol had fruits placed inside strong alcohol with plenty of sugar, it was sweet and easy to drink.

It was said that fruits preserved in alcohol lasted longer and had flavor not found in raw fruits, so the price was higher.

(It might be that a dwarf made something there after tasting it here.)

If she thought about it, the dried grapes found in rum raisin must be fruit marinated in alcohol too, and the fruits marinated in alcohol that the monastery made must be a prototype version.

While eating the rum raisin ice cream, Carlotta thought that the dwarves imitated the liquors here.


[…Un. Sweetness stands out when there’s sourness after all.]

While tasting the strawberry yogurt ice cream, Anna was convinced that her choice was not wrong.

Rather than something that’s purely sweet, Anna preferred sweetness with acidity.

That’s why she chose the strawberry yogurt flavor.

There’s yogurt at Anna’s world too. It’s made from fermented cow’s milk which could be eaten with cheese in villages where cows were popular.

This confectionary of ice cream was based on that yogurt. While the strawberries incorporated with the yogurt was firmly sweet, the acidity of yogurt could be clearly tasted. The stripe pattern of pink and white was also beautiful.

The cold sweet and sour ice cream melted in her mouth, leaving fresh aftertaste.

(I want to make these yogurt sweets.)

To that flavor, Anna thought so.

In Anna’s world, confectionaries were just sweet unlike the otherworld’s confectionaries.

Anna thought that it was possible to replicate it.


[As I thought, this sweet called chocolate is exceptional.]

Julianne enjoyed the chocolate chip with its understated bitter sweetness in her mouth.

The basic vanilla ice cream with fine milk and small fragments of chocolate melted in her mouth and left sweet aftertaste.

(Just sweetness is not enough, but this complexity is wonderful.)

To that flavor, Julianne smiled.

Ice cream’s, no, the sweetness of otherworld confections paled compared to the confections known by Julianne who was a n.o.ble.

However, the taste produced by intertwining sweetness with other flavours could not be served in her world.

(Anyway, there’re no chocolate confections in our world.)

There’s no way to obtain the materials for the bittersweet chocolate.

Of course, in order to seriously serve Celestine, Julianne contacted the Alphaid trading company, but it was in vain.

(Katarina said that the material for chocolate is probably Karao beans though…)

Alphaid trading company did not know of Karao beans either.

Next time, she would ask the n.o.ble who was probably a high priestess of light.

While thinking such, she enjoyed her chocolate chip ice cream.


And all of them finished their ice cream.

[Thank you for waiting. Here’s you pound cake tea set.]

Aletta brought the pound cake with black tea.

[Maa, thank you.]

Celestine accepted with a smile.

Ice cream was delicious, but the mouth cooled down after eating it.

To warm it, warm tea was the best.

Immediately, Celestine drank the tea without adding anything.


With her cooled mouth being warmed by the tea, she sighed.

Although the way they drank was different, all of her disciples also warmed their mouth with tea.

[…Well, let’s eat today’s pound cake.]


To Celestine’s words, her disciples answered and the usual tea ceremony began.

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