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Translated by Aletx

The introductory… encounter continues…


Gu Qi Qi was so embarra.s.sed that she could hardly show her face.

She…she…she went as far as releasing such shameful and unruly sound.

It was too humiliating.

Yet she was the one being forced here!

On the other hand, a light smile could be seen in Gong Jue's face.

His self confidence was close to bursting when he looked at her appearance. The way how she was breathing uneasily, and how her soft tender body could hardly take it anymore.

As if his manhood dignity had received an enormous satisfaction.

He released his lips to give her a breather.

"There's no need for such pa.s.sionate response. You should see it very clearly that I am merely providing humanitarian aid in cleaning your mouth."

He deserved to be beaten up for that ridiculing joke of his.

Gu Qi Qi angrily clenched her fists!

If she wasn't out of strength from his kiss, she wouldn't hesitate to punch his nose and smash his arrogant esteem along with it.

"Your technique is terrible, do you feel no shame? It hurts so much! You truly had never kiss a woman before, impotent man!"

Nipping her swollen lips, she retaliated verbally.

If she couldn't defeat him physically, she could still humiliate him right?

As Gong Jue expression darkened in an instant, Gu Qi Qi knew that she had infuriated this man successfully.

Hold on, was this really his first time kissing?

Otherwise, why would he be flying into rage from shame?

That's impossible, didn't he have a "little hand palm" lover already?1

Also, he seem to be the kind of type that slept with other women in the hospital……

Stinking man, you not only had a sickness that prevented you from touching woman, but also knew nothing about love!

His manhood had received an unacceptable humiliation.

"Oh? My technique is terrible? It seem that the cleaning from a moment ago wasn't thorough enough. Looks like I have to help you wash again!"

Gong Jue stopped down once again!

Gu Qi Qi was startled.

She tried to push him away.

Yet the man's body was like a boulder.

She tried to punch him repeatedly, but it became extremely painful for her hands.

A bright idea suddenly emerged. Her finger pointed at the window: "Let me go! Patrol soldiers are approaching!"

Gu Qi Qi wasn't lying.

A distant view from the window, dozen of soldiers in neat row could be seen marching in unison.

*SFX of Boots marching*

Gong Jue coldly snorted: "Isn't it even more exciting to do it with an audience?"

After his remark, he lowered his head once again and sealed her lips fiercely.


Gu Qi Qi tried to struggle in vain, but this time the man exerted even greater strength

One of his arms reached behind her jet-black hair and hooked around the back of her neck.

The other arm bluntly wrapped around her b.u.t.tocks.

With a lift!

Her delicate body was carried onto top of the dining table!

The sensation of dining table's mild and humid surface caused Gu Qi Qi to s.h.i.+ver.

Taking advantage of her two dangling legs in the air, his well-built body barged right in between her knees and legs.

That deep and vigorous kiss was exclusively filled with Gong Jue's flavor.



As if it was reminding her that his absolute power was unquestionable.

"Stupid woman, simmer down if you don't want to be seen by others!"

Gong Jue's voice sounded indistinctly as he continued to exert more force in his deep kiss.

Now Gu Qi Qi wouldn't even dare to let out any struggling voice.

She could only stare blankly at dozen of man dressed in military uniforms slowly pa.s.sing by the window.

If one of the soldiers were noticed by the noise, the embarra.s.sing position of the two would undoubtedly be exposed.

She helplessly allowed Gong Jue to wander about on her lips.

She wouldn't even dare to move a muscle.

As the patrolling soldiers' footsteps finally became distant.

Gu Qi Qi's stomach was seeping with a thin layer of perspiration.

What the impotent man said was true. It was indeed very exciting if someone was pa.s.sing by, with the awareness of possibly being discovered.

However……this excitement was not the result of l.u.s.t, but the excitement of shame!


GU Qi Qi groaned.

Yet Gong Jue didn't release her. On the contrary, he was even more aroused by her angry coquettishly tone.

He could never imagine that the stupid woman would taste this sweet!

As if the honey sweetness was like a drug.

And he become addicted to it.

1. [In case anyone forgets, “little hand palm” is MC misunderstanding interpretation of “little chief”. See  ]↩

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