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Chapter 68 The Third Bride/ Her True Self is?


「Ah, No, I mean I just felt like it was appropriate」


「Yeah, it’s because that place is quite easy to pull on so.  It’s that kind of thing, you know when a cat just suddenly pounces on a ball of yarn. It was just a reflex. I’m sorry, I won’t do it again」


Yurikago had a sullen face and all the while, Taiyou bowed his head in apology and she seemed to accept it, once again she began to turn around and walk away.

「Just a minute」

「Haguu! Heyy!」

The moment she was about to walk away Yurikago was once again stopped and she hurled her protesting gaze back at Taiyou.

「What do you think you are doing!?」

「Sorry, sorry, I forgot to release my hand」

「We already parted! Or more like, why are you speaking in that tone of voice again!?」

「You must of misheard」

Taiyou spoke with a straight face.

「But don’t worry, this time we are really separated, look」

Taiyou lifted both hands in the air giving a surrender pose as he declared that he won’t do it anymore. Seeing this, Yurikago reluctantly turned around and faced the other way.


Taiyou was going to grab her twin tail styled hair a third time, however—- his hand only grabbed the empty air.

Did she expect his move, or perhaps she sensed it just before he reached out? Just before she got caught she turned around and rapidly moved the distance.

After avoiding his grasp she gave her a death stare.

For a short while, the atmosphere between the two was a little weird.

「………Just what exactly are you trying to do?」

「Ah, Un. It’s that, I was ticked off」

「You, aren’t you taking me too lightly?」

「No no, I’m not taking you to lightly, I’m telling the truth」

Taiyou was giving an explanation. It was the obvious truth that he was not underestimating her.

He wasn’t underestimating her but the thing is for some reason or another when he saw her, he just had this urge to play some tricks on her.

Even now he was feeling it. Even after this being the third attempt and her actually avoiding his hands, Taiyou’s mischievous urge doesn’t seem to dissipate.

Even though he was saying he was going to stop, both his hands and his heart was itchy to play tricks on her.

「I’m warning you, if you do that one more time I’ll get really angry you know?」

「Don’t get angry? Definitely don’t okay?」

「Err….  Why are you speaking in such a doubtful tone?」

It would seem that she did not know of the great performers.

It stands to reason, she was brought up in a secluded inner room……… No it might be even more than that, her origins is such that it would not be strange for her not to know of such things.

Taiyou thought that it was regrettable that his manner of speech was not understood by her and spoke in a reluctant tone.

「I understand, I seriously won’t do it anymore. That’s cause I will be the one walking in front」

So that he would not be able to pull on her hair anymore, he started to walk in the lead. Yurikago follows him a little while afterwards.

「Geez………. Only you could do something like this to me」

「Is that so?」

「Yeah. for your information, the real me isn’t like this okay? Because in usual circ.u.mstances a man who would try to pull on my hair like that would find himself beaten to death for his rudeness」

「Hey, do you take care of your own hair?」

「Are you listening to what I’m saying?」

「I’m listening,
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I’m listening, The real you is someone who an important person that cannot be approached, and if someone were to act rudely in front of you, they would get their heads beheaded」

「I didn’t say that……. and what’s with that exaggeration! the last part is totally wrong!」

「So, you are saying that you current face has special make up, right? So I was wondering if you were wearing fake hair along with the disguise?」

「Hey listen to what I’m saying!」

Although she was raising her voice as she spoke from behind him, it did not sound like she was angry.

She let out a sigh “Haaa” before proceeding to answer Taiyou’s question.

「It’s my natural hair. It’s just props to give out a mysterious feel to it」

「A prop? But it doesn’t seem all that mysterious. To me it just looks normal and cute」

「I’m not talking about the me right now. I’m talking about the me that sits behind a bamboo blind with hair long enough to droop over the floor」

「…….Ohh, somehow I imagine you to be like some sort of high cla.s.s n.o.ble from that depiction」

「Right? Well that’s the kind of thing that I need to portray」

「Is that so…..」


「Can I pull on it one more time?」

「Have you been listening to what I’ve been saying all this time?!」

「Yeah of course, that’s why I asked you before I pulled it. I mean, I’ve been listening to you speak, isn’t there some kind of reward for that? I thought I’d get a medal or something」

「Of course not! You, what do you think a woman’s hair is for?」

「Ah, so what if you are a girl?」

Taiyou spoke as if he was having fun.

「How can I put this. hearing about how you were the one to style it like that, just made me have this urge」

「Because I styled it?」

「Yeah I mean, since you have your make up on and I can’t see your real face, the most real thing about your right now is your natural hair right? After all, even your clothes are apparently not the ones you would normally wear」

After saying this Taiyou glanced backwards over his shoulder for an instant.

The twin tailed girl was wearing a blue type top, with a red skirt and matching striped pattern overknee socks.

Although her image and the atmosphere she exuded right now were clear to see, Taiyou could see fragments of her “true character” and the clothes she would normally wear.

「….. Are you saying that, you want to see my true self?」


The steps behind him stopped and Taiyou also stops and turns around.

He looked straight at her.

「Well….. If I can I suppose. Are you going to let me see?」

「…..If it’s just for a little while」

As she said this, she undid her tied twin tailed hair. The sound of her hair coming loose resounds *Pasa* Her long hair which was liberated extends buoyantly towards the ground, it almost seemed like her whole body was being wrapped with a mantle.

And then, suddenly her whole atmosphere and feeling that she gave off changed.

It was something that Taiyou had experienced before.

Even though the pressure wasn’t attacking his mind, there was something about it that made him feel heavy.

It was something very similar to the killing intent that s.h.i.+rokiyami released.

When Taiyou was at a loss for words, Yurikgao was the one to initiate the conversation.

「I am the legitimate child of the Junis.h.i.+ma family, my name is Junis.h.i.+ma s.h.i.+ngetsu Yurikago. This is not the first time we’ve met right?」

Even the tone of her voice changed. Although it still sounded like her voice, the tone lowers and more so than before, it became more dignified.


「What’s wrong, did you not want to see the real me?」

「Ahh, no, it’s just that everything about you changed, so I was a little taken by surprise」

「Even though, I’ve already told you beforehand how different I was, you still haven’t been able to mentally prepare yourself?」

「It’s because it was way out of my expectations. You changed so much that I didn’t know what to say」

「Well I did warn you. So what do you think? Even after this, do you still want to pull on my hair?」

After thinking for a while Taiyou responded.

「If you return it to the twin tail hair style I might do it」


This time it was Yurikago who was surprised. Taiyou’s answer was just so unexpected.

「If I revert back to that style, you will pull on it?」

「Yeah, for some reason when I see that figure, I just want to pull on it….Ahh no no」

Taiyou unintentionally said what he was really thinking.

He said this right in front of this girl who had such a dignified aura about her. Right now she had this atmosphere that made you unable to hide any secrets from her.



「No, it’s nothing. It’s just that you are the first man to have ever dared to say something like that to me」

「Normally, people don’t really see your face do they? After all aren’t you sitting behind a bamboo blind?」


Yurikago was fl.u.s.tered for a second and then she suddenly burst out into a tiny fit of laughter.

「Hahahaha, that’s true, you are quite right. Normally, people don’t see my real face」

Yurikago had a grand, no it was a heart stirring smile on her face. Even in her twin tail mode, she had quite the bright laughter, but this time it was different in it’s own way.

The laugh had a very profound feeling to it, almost like she was some sort of military commander in the warring period.

「Natsuno Taiyou, you are an interesting man」


Although she was trying to praise him, Taiyou had a complicated expression.

「Shall we go? It will only be a little while longer until we reach your place right?」

「Are we going to go with you still in that appearance?」

「Ahh, in this appearance, you won’t try to play tricks on me」

After saying that, Yurikago confidently takes the lead.

She was standing straight like a pin needle and her high-cla.s.s appearance was amplified even further.

Well this was to be expected, it was natural behaviour for her and after doing it on a routine basis, it wouldn’t be strange that she mastered how to act like a n.o.ble.


However, Taiyou had a different thought.

「Just one second」

「Hyann. Hey! Why are you still pulling on my hair?!」

For some reason or another, Taiyou still thought that the girl with the twin tail was her true nature.

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