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Looking contemptuously at the crowd below, the Nascent Soul elder's face was warped into a sneer. He lifted his right hand a little, and a dazzling green light appeared in his palm. He casually cast it onto the Zhengyang Sect's large protection array.

The green light was so bright that the sky was illuminated brighter than even daylight. Despite the dark night, everyone's expressions were clearly visible.

They froze, and no one bothered setting spiritual stones into the array anymore. Because they knew, no matter how many stones they put into the array, it couldn't withstand even a single blow from this man who exceeded the skies.


As the green light was about to hit the array, another voice rang through the air. It was not nearly as loud as the first, comparable to a whisper. But it echoed clearly in everyone's mind. The powerful green light vanished in midair.

In the air, the Nascent Soul elder's face changed violently. The pride on his face retracted, and his eyes narrowed. Then both eyes widened, and he said to himself, "Nascent Soul middle stage, how is it possible?"

"Hmph!" That same voice whispered again. The Nascent Soul demonic cultivator trembled violently, and his face paled. He stared at the back of Zhengyang Sect's mountain with bitter grievance. Without looking at the crowd gathered below, he fled with a flick of his sleeve.

Everyone stared, dumbfounded. Did. Did he—just run away?

Before anyone could respond, they heard that same voice ring out again. This time it spoke to all the demonic cultivators still idling in front of the Sect's gate. "Not going to scram?"

The demonic cultivators wavered in the presence of this mysterious person capable of forcing the demonic Nascent Soul elder away with a single word. They couldn't help but be bewildered. They looked at each other, turned, and fled.

At a loss, the Zhengyang elders wore expressions of excitement and wors.h.i.+p nonetheless. They bowed deeply in the direction of the mountain behind Kong Fan, saying respectfully, "Thanks to the elder for the help!"

After a long time, a sigh was heard from afar, "Kong Fan, you are too careless!"

Kong Fan's face reddened, and he performed a bow as well, "This Kong Fan knows his mistake!"

"Don't mind it." After another sigh, the voice no longer spoke. All of Zhengyang Sect paid respect in the direction of the sound. They vaguely understood that the head elder of the Sect was in seclusion at the back of the mountain.

It was late. After experiencing the demonic cultivators' attack, everyone was exhausted. Most of them were still under the influence of Spirit Scattering pills, and their physical strength was not good. Everyone returned to their rooms to rest.

The Sect Heads were eager to take the three Core Foundation demonic cultivators into the main hall for interrogation.

Qin Mo stood in his room. He touched the painful parts of his body and looked disdainfully at the stains on his robe. Both he and the original (Qin Mo) liked to be clean. He did not pay attention to his appearance during such a hectic time, but now that things had calmed, this was truly unbearable.

A knock sounded on the door behind him as he took the robe off his body. The spiritual energy outside was familiar so Qin Mo said without turning his head, "Come in!"

Lin Zizheng entered the room with a tub in his hands and saw Qin Mo wearing only a translucent silk inner robe and his long hair let down.

He couldn't help but be slightly distracted. He did not know why his heartbeat quickened. He had never seen Ds.h.i.+xiong like this. Unlike his usual indifference, right now, he seemed oddly lazy.

Lin Zizheng set down the tub and turned around. He closed the door. He didn't know why, but he did not want anyone else to see Ds.h.i.+xiong.

Qin Mo's eyes brightened at the sight of the hot, steaming water. He was just wondering where to take a bath, and now Lin Zizheng had brought him a barrel of hot water. This small disciple was considerate.

Qin Mo looked at Lin Zizheng and saw his slightly flushed cheeks. He thought he was shy, and his heart couldn't help but feel satisfied. This small disciple was indeed not bad.

But Qin Mo had an indifferent habit. Even if he was extremely satisfied with Lin Zizheng right now, he only said, "Alright, you can go now." The moment the words were spoken, Qin Mo regretted it. This. . .

Lin Zizheng was a little stunned. He nodded his head and turned, exiting the room.

Qin Mo pursed his lips at the closed door. He said nothing and turned back to the barrel.

Lin Zizheng stood outside Qin Mo's room, listening to the sound of splas.h.i.+ng water from inside. His hands were unconsciously clenched tight and his eyes red. A thought came to mind, and he walked over to the door again. He stared at it as though he could see through the door. His words were refined as ever, "Ds.h.i.+xiong, allow me to wash your back for you!"

Sat in the wooden barrel, Qin Mo's entire body was wrapped in the warm water. It was a refres.h.i.+ng feeling, and all his fatigue seemed to disappear. His brow wrinkled slightly at Lin Zizheng's words. He wanted to refuse, but he thought of the loss he had seen in the disciple's eyes and the words halted in his mouth. He finally called out, "Fine!"

His long, ink-colored hair was laden with water and draped loosely over his body, making his skin look white as jade. Lin Zizheng stood behind Qin Mo, fingers trembling slightly, and held tight to the silk cloth in his hands. He gently began wiping Qin Mo's back.

His eyes were a little red when he quietly asked, "Ds.h.i.+xiong, why did the demonic cultivators attack us?"

Qin Mo's brow wrinkled, and he thought for a while. Eventually, he shook his head helplessly and said, "I also do not know."

The room became quiet. Neither spoke. The only sound was of the steam rising in the air.

"Alright, I'm done." Lin Zizheng set down the cloth and glanced at the motionless Qin Mo. His lips curved up, and he said, "Ds.h.i.+xiong, I will leave now."

Qin Mo's body stiffened even more. His hand holding a cloth paused, then he resumed with his previous indifference and continued taking a bath.

Lin Zizheng laid on his bed. The yellow moonlight shone in through the window and cast over the expression on his face.

His eyes were wide, and he stared blankly at the roof beam above him. His face no longer held its usual innocent smile. Instead, his thin lips were tight, and his eyes were sharp. He was deep in thought. His hand clenched tight on a jade bottle. He whispered under his breath, "Ds.h.i.+xiong. . ."

The next morning, Qin Mo saw Lin Zizheng practicing his sword in the courtyard. All of the Yueqing Sect disciples stayed in the same courtyard, so seeing others was normal.

He stood at the side and watched for a while. His eyebrows furrowed unconsciously. Lin Zizheng seemed to be only practicing the Sect's basic sword style. But the true strength of Yueqing Sect lied in its sword art.

Qin Mo stepped forward and interrupted Lin Zizheng. "You only know the basic sword style?"

Although Qin Mo's tone was cold, Lin Zizheng could discern concern in it. Joy swelled in his chest, and he couldn't help but smile. "En. I am not qualified to learn the advanced sword styles. I am, after all, a disciple from the outer circle."

Suspicion arose in Qin Mo's mind. He remembered that even the outer circle disciples could learn the Yueqing Sect's sword style so long as they reached the first level of Qi Refining. Especially Lin Zizheng, as he was still the protagonist.

He saw Lin Zizheng's self-deprecating smile from the corner of his eye, and Qin Mo put aside those suspicions. He extracted Biyue Jian and said, "I will teach you."

The smile on Lin Zizheng's face brightened.

This process of teaching and practice saw time pa.s.sing quickly.

"Ds.h.i.+xiong, the Sect Heads and Kong Sect Head are looking for you!" someone yelled in the distance. Qin Mo turned his head and saw a familiar Yueqing disciple running to his side, speaking without pause.

"Alright." Qin Mo stared blankly then put away his sword. He nodded to the disciple and turned to Lin Zizheng, "I will be taking my leave first."

Lin Zizheng's eyes flashed, but the smile on his face did not change. The corner of his mouth curled upward, and he watched Qin Mo leave.

Qin Mo followed the disciple to the Sect's main hall and spotted Jin Linfeng sitting upstairs.

Jin Linfeng smiled at the sight of Qin Mo's elegant white clothing. Even if it was confusing last night, he had seen Qin Mo single-handedly defeat a demonic cultivator in the Middle Stage of Foundation Building. His heart was filled with pride at having such an excellent disciple.

"Qin Mo-xianzhi*, this old man was looking for you. I want to request something of you!" Kong Fan was straightforward. When he saw Qin Mo, he went straight to the point without hesitation.

*virtuous nephew

Qin Mo's gaze s.h.i.+fted to him then down to the ground.

"Want to have you and quanzi* go to  the Huangtian's secret territory to see if it's really open or not." Kong Fan declared.

*little pup

Huangtian secret territory? Qin Mo's expression didn't change, but there was a weird feeling in his heart.

Like he could read Qin Mo's doubt, Jin Linfeng immediately explained the origin of the secret territory and why the demonic cultivators attacked.

Qin Mo, having understood how significant the territory was, nodded.

Kong Fan wore a broad smile. He smacked the table with a hand, "Xiao-er, come and meet Qin Mo-xianzhi."

Qin Mo turned his head and spotted someone coming from the main hall. It was Kong Xiao from last night. He was wearing a white robe with golden trim and still held a fan in his hand. There was a smile on his face, no signs of last night's weakness. The spirit medicine worked very well.

Kong Xiao's smile grew a little, and he humbly cupped one fist in the other. "Qin Mo-xiong, please take care of me."

Qin Mo glanced at him once and replied, "En." He nodded to everyone present and turned to leave.

Kong Xian's expression stiffened, and he closed the fan, chasing after Qin Mo.

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Editor(s): Bet

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