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Chapter 1342: I Heard Someone Slaughtered Your Ancestor?

“N-no objections.” That demon clenched his chest that had an unknown number of broken ribs, and shook his head in agony. Although he had a protective amulet on him, the Ten Kings Palace wasn’t within the protective range of it.

The other demons who were sitting on the same table with him quickly got up and backed off. They looked at their companions on the ground with suppressed anger.

The originally boisterous courtyard fell into a deathly silence. All the demons lowered their heads and averted their gazes, worried that the trouble might come to them. There were already some demons who had sneaked away secretly. It was too unsafe to sit with the fellows from Ten Kings Palace.

“I have an objection,” a cold female voice commented.

The s.h.i.+varra looked up and faced a circular stool surface directly. “Who—”

The stool’s surface collided with the face that was full of pockmarks. The wooden chair started to shatter, and that face swiftly changed shape. The face’s shape was altered, the nose was flattened, and the teeth were shattered.

During that instant, numerous microexpressions flashed across the s.h.i.+varra’s face. Astonishment, disdain, shock, and… pain.


The wooden chair shattered into wooden chips which flew all over, and that s.h.i.+varra who had his foot on the chest of the demon who was clutching his chest on the ground spiraled and flew backwards. He was pinned onto a huge tree that was 100 meters away. Only his fingers were still trembling.

The three Ten Kings Palace demons turned their heads to look at the s.h.i.+varra that was hanging on the tree, and then looked at Irina who was tossing up the chair’s leg in her hand with a relaxed expression. They all took a leap backwards simultaneously with fear in their eyes.


The customers who lowered their heads finally lifted their heads up to look at the beautiful lady boss who was holding a chair’s leg and that s.h.i.+varra who was sent flying by a stool. That was a 6th-tier s.h.i.+varra and a staff member of the Ten Kings Palace, but the lady boss still sent him flying.

It seemed like that rumor about killing a customer as an offering was most likely true.

After all, if this lady boss dared to smack the people from Ten Kings Palace, they wouldn’t be surprised with anything else that the lady boss tried to attempt.

The demon that was being stepped on suddenly felt that things were bright again, and then he went into a stupor. A s.h.i.+varra was smacked and sent flying on Carapace Island. That was simply too crazy?!

Mag looked at the s.h.i.+varra hanging on the tree, and used his hand to block Amy’s magic staff. Although it was boisterous to offer a customer to the heavens, it wasn’t good to do this every day.

After all, they still needed to stay on Carapace Island for a few more days, so it was not good to strain their relations.h.i.+p with Ten Kings Palace.

Anyway, revenge was a dish best served cold.

“H-how dare you hurt the people from Ten Kings Palace. Are you trying to go against us, Ten Kings Palace? Or you’re trying to challenge our Top Ten Demon Tribes?” that spatial demon warned severely. This demoness’ power was way above theirs, and she didn’t care about any rules when she reacted.

Irina curled her lips, and sarcastically said to that spatial demon, “I’m just trying to clear the rubbish that was making trouble. Isn’t that the rule set by your Ten Kings Palace? People who don’t obey the rules usually die a horrible death. I heard someone slaughtered your ancestor? What a pity. He didn’t even leave behind any teachings for you. What a disgrace to your family.”

“Y-you…” The spatial demon’s face went dark with anger. The murder of Spatial Demon Patriarch had a huge impact on the spatial demon tribe. It caused their ranking in the Top Ten Demon Tribes to fall from the sixth straight to the 10th, and could be taken over by any of the other tribes any time.

He didn’t expect this demoness to say it out loud in the open and jeer at him. This was intolerable!

“Do you know what price you will pay for going against Ten Kings Palace on Carapace Island? Not only will you lose the shop, your whole family is going to pay a horrible price!” the abyss demon warned in a severe voice as he glared at Irina coldly.

They always had their way on Carapace Island. They had never felt so aggrieved before. One of them was even sent flying to the tree.


Irina suddenly took out a chair from nowhere, and then sent that abyss demon flying as well.

“I don’t want to talk to a fat pig from the abyss. I could even smell the stench of pigs on him when he talks.” Irina kept the chair. This chair was obviously of a better quality than the previous one. The bottom of the chair was still there.

“What else do you two want to say?” Irina asked the two remaining demons coldly.


All the demon customers were staring. At that instant, they were even a little dazed. Weren’t these four demons the notorious staff members of Ten Kings Palace who terrorized Carapace Island? Why did they resemble four pitiful little demons, while that lady boss looked like the real bully?

The two demons gulped at the same time. This demoness was completely lawless, and what made them miserable was that… they were not her match.

Let’s go back to get help!

The two demons exchanged glances, and confirmed that they were not her match.

Hence, both demons shook their heads at the same time.

“Then you two can go now.”

Irina raised her hand and smacked the remaining two demons with a stool each, sending them flying.

The four Ten Kings Palace’s demons helped one another and struggled away.

Such a scene had never been seen on Carapace Island before.

A resounding applause sounded in the courtyard and the streets for a long time. All the demons were looking at Irina with a gaze of admiration and respect. However, they felt a little sad that this crayfish restaurant was going to disappear after just two days of operation.

“Great. Seems like I got to move to another location to continue my crayfish enterprise now.” Mag sighed. He didn’t think that Irina was wrong. However, Ten Kings Palace ruled the place, and it would be troublesome if they didn’t finish them off.

“Continue to have your meal.” Irina raised her hand, and a pale green beam of light sunk into the chest of that demon who was lying on the ground. His sunken chest cavity quickly rose up, and his broken bones were reconnected. The sensation of pain went away instantaneously.

The demon got up from the ground, and expressed his grat.i.tude to Irina, but he didn’t sit down again. Instead, he got the other three demons who were sitting at the table to leave with him quickly.

Irina approached Mag, and gently said to him, “I’m going out for a while.”

“Where are you going?”

“To kill a few people and get something.” Irina walked past him, and went into the restaurant before going upstairs.

Mag glanced at those four demons who were still visible at the corner of the street with a piteous look. Why did they have to do that?

Why couldn’t they be quiet chowhounds? Apart from having peace and quiet, they would also get to enjoy the delicious crayfish. How nice would that be? Why did they have to ask for it?

After a short while, a thunderous sound came from the center of Carapace Island, and a giant black mushroom cloud rose up at the area where Ten Kings Palace was located. The entire island shook along with it.

“What is that?”

All the demons on Carapace Island looked in the direction of Ten Kings Palace with a shocked expression. The Ten Kings Palace seemed to be under attack.

“It’s all settled,” Irina said softly as she came out from the restaurant. The time that she took was almost as if she had just made a trip to the toilet.

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