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Chapter 93

When hearing Ye Yuanyuan say that she represents the interests of the country, to be honest, Jiang Fei, who has never had a high level of ideological awareness, felt a little excited, and his blood seemed to boil .

It’s not easy to bear this simple sentence .

Therefore, Jiang Fei is more pleased to see Ye Yuanyuan .

Ye Yuanyuan said that for this reason, even if Gao Hengyuan was angry and unwilling, he could only leave without saying a word . Is he a common dandy who can fight against the national interests?

Unfortunately, the dog blood in front of the hospital has been cleaned by the hospital cleaning staff . Otherwise, with the character of Ye Yuanyuan and Jiang Fei, maybe Gao Hengyuan will take off his white suit to wipe the ground!

“Let’s go . It’s time to have lunch . ” Ye Yuanyuan clapped her hands and said .

After such a disturbance, it will be 12 noon soon, and everyone is hungry .

Since she last had lunch at Jiang Fei’s house, ye Yuanyuan has come to many famous chefs these days to ask them to make the taste of the dishes they ate at Jiang Fei’s house according to her description . Unfortunately, none of them did .

It’s not that the food made by these famous chefs is not delicious . The food made by these famous chefs can still be said to be delicious . However, compared with the food made by Jiang Fei, it’s always a little bit worse and the taste is a little less coquettish .

This little bit is enough to make people memorable and unforgettable for a long time .


So these days, Ye Yuanyuan has been thinking about when to have a thick face and come to Jiang Fei’s house to eat .

Anyway, she has lost her face in front of Jiang Fei . It doesn’t matter if she loses her face again

Jiang Fei was in a happy mood, nodded his head and said generously, “let’s go! It’s too late today . Some complicated and troublesome things can’t be made . If you have a chance in the future, tell me in advance what you want to eat, and I will treat you to eat! “

It’s okay to reward her for such a big favor . Jiang Fei has taken advantage of it .

Ye Yuanyuan naturally drives her majestic Hummer, while Lin Moli, Xia Xiaozhi, Xu Jing and Tan yuan, although they are curious about the Hummer, they are also curious about Ye Yuanyuan and even admire her, but none of them dare to get on Ye Yuanyuan’s car and get on Jiang Fei’s car in the end .

Just now, Ye Yuanyuan’s series of actions are too vigorous . First, she drove into a car crash, then kicked the man off with one foot, and then, in a few words, the police were defeated automatically .

If a woman can be so charming, even if she is the same woman, I’m afraid it’s easy to “indulge” her .

In particular, Xia Xiaozhi, Xu Jing and Tan yuan, the only three high school students who write about treason, are not good at learning in school every day, but also wors.h.i.+p ye Yuanyuan to the extreme, so they almost didn’t rush to call ye Yuanyuan the eldest, and let her accept them as little sisters!

However, the three of them did not see the big scene after all, and they were afraid of Ye Yuanyuan’s wors.h.i.+p at the same time . So I had to get into Jiang Fei’s car and didn’t dare to get into Ye Yuanyuan’s car .

What the three of them don’t know is that while paying attention to Ye Yuanyuan, Ye Yuanyuan also pays attention to the three of them .

In other words, Ye Yuanyuan is paying attention to the “strong” Xu Jing among the three of them!

This girl with big face and chest!

When she saw Xu Jing, Ye Yuanyuan’s face was a little ugly . She even turned around and left . Today, she didn’t want to go to Jiang Fei’s house, but her eyes were clear .

No one can understand the sadness and unhappiness of poor girl when she saw Bo Ba!

“I’m still a high school student . Why is my chest so big? I don’t know any manners! ” Ye Yuanyuan muttered in her mind .

Is it impolite to have a big chest?

Fortunately, Ye Yuanyuan’s gas field is strong enough that as a soldier, she will never escape on the spot . So I got on the bus with a cold face and followed Jiang Fei’s Jeep guider, pretending not to envy or jealous at all from the beginning to the end .

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After the episode, Xia Xiaozhi also forgot to grab the co driver’s seat because of “car sickness” . She and her two girlfriends made it to the back seat . When the car started, the three girls began to chirp and talk excitedly .

“Uncle, what’s the name of this sister with the same hairstyle as me? How do you know her! ” Xia Xiaozhi can’t wait to ask .

Although both of you have short hair, what others have is short hair . How about the difference between your cute mushroom head and yours?

“G.o.d, it’s so cool! Idol! This elder sister will be my idol later! ” Tan yuan holds her cheek in both hands, and she looks like a fool .

“This elder sister is like a chivalrous woman . My dream has always been to be a woman like this elder sister!” Xu Jing also said admiringly, but she looked at her chest and added, “well, except for the chest…”

Xu Jing’s chest is too eye-catching, so is Ye Yuanyuan’s . But they belong to two different extremes . Just now, ye Yuanyuan noticed Xu Jing’s chest . Of course, Xu Jing also noticed the other side’s chest .

Every woman is Sherlock Holmes . Especially in the face of one of their strengths or weaknesses, they will be particularly sensitive .

Ye Yuanyuan is sensitive to others’ b.r.e.a.s.t.s because of her inferiority; Xu Jing is also sensitive to others’ b.r.e.a.s.t.s because of her pride!

Some precocious, still a little stuffy . Sao’s Xu Jing, she will not like some girls of the same age, worry about their chest is too big, to be lovely and beautiful to restrain them!

Xu Jing cares and cherishes them very much .

When Xia Xiaozhi and Tan yuan stopped listening, they glared at each other and said, “Xu Zhuangzhuang, don’t put those two meatb.a.l.l.s in your chest on your mouth! We, yingzi’s great sister, and! No Need! “Yes!”

In their view, yeyuanyuan does not need a chest .

After all, it’s better to be a chivalrous female Xia, kick a man off with one foot, and have a smaller chest .

If Ye Yuanyuan has the same strong chest, it will affect the chivalrous woman’s temperament and have a sense of disobedience . Too much chest is a burden! Just like Xu Jing, every time I run, I feel tired and shake up and down . I wish I could hold it with my hands

It’s a pity that they don’t know . They are so wrong . Ye Yuanyuan not only cares about it, but also envies it .

Jiang Fei and Lin Moli, who are sitting in the front, can’t help but look at each other and laugh at the noise of the three girls in the back . What an unrestrained age!

Jiang Fei drives the car and doesn’t want to talk to the three of them, so Lin Molly solves their doubts . Although Lin Moli has little contact with Ye Yuanyuan, these days, through Jiang Fei’s mouth, she knows Ye Yuanyuan and ye’s family almost .

So Lin Moli not only told ye Yuanyuan’s ident.i.ty to the three of them, but even just came to pretend that she couldn’t be beaten into a fool . Forced Gao Hengyuan also said by the way .

Today’s event is really very angry, for Jiang Fei, and for Lin Moli!

You know, Gao Hengyuan used to be a sc.u.m, but he wanted to use dirty means to deal with Lin Moli, so Lin Moli hated him deeply . Ye Yuanyuan once again spoke ill of her .

Before, Lin Molly had a bad impression of Ye Yuanyuan . Today, like Jiang Fei, she has a different impression of Ye Yuanyuan . It seems that this cold and hot woman is not difficult to get along with, as long as she is familiar with it .

After hearing this, the three girls suddenly realized and said: “elder sister Ye is a soldier . No wonder, driving such a powerful car! Before, I always thought that the sports car like Gao Hengyuan would be more attractive . Now I have changed my point of view . The car still needs to be driven like sister Ye! 

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