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Chapter 65

Translator: NovelMultiverse | Editor: NovelMultiverse

Holding a melon seed and popping it in her mouth, Yu Linglong said, “Call in Xiao Qing and the others . ”

She had been silent for so many days . These maids probably think she is a fool!

Xiao Qing and the other four maids knelt on the ground . They all bowed their heads, waiting for Yu Linglong’s instructions .

Yu Linglong chose the one on the far left: “Starting with you, say your names and say what you have done in the past few days in my yard, one at a time . ”

The first maid bowed her head and said, “In response to Miss, my name is Lu Yun . I used to do needlework in the first wife’s room . These days, I only work in the room and never go out . ”

Yu Linglong said, “Go and get your work from these past few days . ”

Lu Yun went out, and the second maid began to speak, “I am Xiao Ying . I am responsible for sweeping the yard and watering the flowers every morning and evening . ”

Yu Linglong glanced at Xuan Cao: “You told her to sweep the yard?”

Xuan Cao hurriedly said: “The little maids we bought were young and did not do well . Xiao Ying taught them how to clean when they came . I looked at the little maids who were still willing to listen to Xiao Ying and had Xiao Ying take them to work . ”

Yu Linglong nodded and turned to Xiao Qing . Xiao Qing had learned from Yu Linglong’s lesson, and said hurriedly and respectfully: “I have not gone out for a few days, only to make contact in the house . ”

Then she took out a handkerchief bag from her arms and opened it: “Miss, please take a look . ”

Inside, she saw a peach-colored plum blossom ta.s.sel, an azure royal Tianzhu ta.s.sel, and a dark green caltrop ta.s.sel . The knots were complicated and delicate . Obviously, a lot of work had been done .

Xiao Qing said with a smile: “It’s the Dragon Boat Festival soon, and I thought that the lady might use them during the festival, so I tried to make a few . ”

Yu Linglong nodded slightly, and said casually, “You are very careful . ”

Xiao Qing suddenly looked relieved .

The last maid lowered her head, hid her expression, and said timidly: “I am helping in the kitchen these days…Uh, I’m called Tong Hua . ”

Perhaps she was very afraid of Yu Linglong . Tong Hua’s voice was shallow, and she stuttered .

Yu Linglong didn’t look at her, and Tonghua didn’t dare to say anymore . She knelt on the ground a little at a loss .

At this time, Lu Yun returned, and when she entered the room, she offered two neatly folded silk kerchiefs with both hands: “Miss, this is my work of these past few days, and there is still one unfinished embroidery . ”

Yu Linglong glanced at it and motioned for Xuan Cao to bring it over . She saw two silk kerchiefs, one light green, embroidered with a few bushes of bamboo, and one white embroidered with orchids . Although the pattern was simple, the st.i.tches were fine and so was the workmans.h.i.+p .

Yu Linglong lowered her eyes and took a sip of tea, and said faintly: “The one named Xiao Ying will continue to kneel . Everyone else, get up . ”

Xiao Qing and Tong Hua stood up and stood to the side with Lu Yun . Xiao Ying looked confused on the ground but did not dare to get up . [Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @ novelmultiverse . com]

Yu Linglong put down the teacup and said in a deep voice, “One of you, slap Xiao Ying!”

After saying this, everyone in the room showed surprised expressions . Ling’er was the first to react, and she stepped forward and gave Xiao Ying a heavy slap!

Xuan Cao paused before stepping forward, and without hesitation, she gave Xiao Ying a slap in the face!

The three of them looked at each other, not knowing whether to fight or not .

Xiao Ying had been slapped twice in succession . She was ashamed and annoyed . She opened her mouth and said without even thinking about it, “Miss, why did you make them beat me? What did I do wrong!?”

Yu Linglong smiled slightly . Her smile was brilliant but it had a cold chill: “What is this lady going to do? Is it your turn to ask me!?”

Her chilly eyes swept across Xiao Qing and the others, and the three maids suddenly felt chills in their spine .

Xiao Qing braced herself and walked forward . She slapped Xiao Ying in the face .

Seeing that Xiao Qing who came with her had hit her, Xiao Ying was obviously irritated . She covered her face and looked at the pair of eyes filled with grievances and injustices: “Please let me understand, did I do something wrong?”

Yu Linglong raised her small hand and pointed straight at Xiao Ying . Her voice was not high, but it was full of a majestic aura: “Pull her out and sell her for me, now!”

Xiaoying was shocked and scared, and her eyes widened suddenly: “Miss, you can’t sell the servants! The servants are the children of the Yu Mansion, and the servants are all working in the Yu Mansion—”

Yu Linglong frowned slightly: “What the h.e.l.l are you saying!? Pull her out quickly!”

Ling’er and Xuan Cao didn’t dare to neglect her words . They pulled Xiao Ying up and dragged her out .

Yu Linglong sat at the front, and the three maids standing on the ground were frightened . They exchanged glances but did not dare to say a word .

Yu Linglong said faintly: “Did you hear what Xiao Ying said? Yes, you are all children born into this family, and your relatives are all servants of Yu Mansion, but remember that no matter how many relatives you have in the Yu Mansion, you are just our slaves!”

Looking at them with cold eyes, Xiao Qing and the others only felt a chill coming up from the soles of their feet, and they couldn’t stop s.h.i.+vering .

“The lady gave you all to me, and your deeds are in my hands . From now on, I will be your only master . ”

Yu Linglong blew on her tea lightly, and the water vapor slowly evaporated . Her delicate eyebrows were full of fierceness: “Whoever dares to do something wrong to me, I will make you envy Xiao Ying for being sold with all her arms and legs!”

The deep meaning in her words could be heard by anyone, not to mention the three maids who have a guilty conscience .

Xiao Ying was sold, but was it a good end? Then if you offend this fourth lady, what will happen??

It was chilling to think about!

The three servants knelt down involuntarily, with a trembling obedience in their voices: “We must take care of the young lady and never dare to be disloyal . ”

Xiao Qing and the others retreated . The room fell silent for a while .

Even Ling’er, who was lively and loved laughing, did not make a sound, and quietly cleaned up the remaining tea on the table with Xuan Cao .

Yu Linglong looked at the dull expressions of the two maids and said in a low voice, “Do you two think I am unable to distinguish right from wrong?”

Xuan Cao thought for a while and said: “I didn’t feel that way, but Xiao Ying has been here for the past few days . She has been very diligent and has a good relations.h.i.+p with the maids in the yard…” Her voice gradually lowered, and finally, she added in a low voice, “The maids are all your people, and you can do whatever you want . ”

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