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Chapter 25

The little white rabbit’s anger was unavoidable, but it didn’t matter, he’d make it up to her.

“Xin Lian…” His tone was gentle as he took a step towards her, but this action caused her to take a step back.

“Don’t come any closer!”

“Don’t be scared, I’m still your big brother Zhong.”

Tang Xin Lian retreated and shook her head. “Why did you lie to me?”

“Actually, I never said I liked men, it was you who misunderstood.”

“Misunderstood?” It would’ve been better if he didn’t say anything, because once he did, she became even angrier, fuming with rage.

“That’s just an excuse. You could’ve explained it clearly in the beginning, but you didn’t. Obviously you wanted to deliberately take advantage of me! If I knew you weren’t gay, I would’ve never sought you out!”

Right now, it wasn’t just her expression, but also her whole body that radiated rejection and defense. Her gaze contained fear and anger, not displaying any of the former familiarity and smile. The way she looked at him was as if she was looking at a bad person.

Zhong Zhen Dong’s smile slowly retracted. Taking in her expression, he didn’t think the little white rabbit would have such a bad reaction. He originally thought that she’d be happy when he told her he wasn’t gay.

He raised a smile again, and using a pacifying tone as he said, “Okay, I was wrong. I’m sorry okay?”

“The thing I hate the most is when men lie to me. Since you aren’t gay, I’d like you to move out by today.”

To go as far as to kicking him out? Zhong Zhen Dong really didn’t expect it. This little white rabbit unexpectedly changed faces quicker than the turning of pages in a book. The way she treated him actually held not a trace of reluctance. He always thought that his charm could influence her, but he realized that he overestimated his own abilities.

Zhong Zhen Dong was not angry at all. Quite the opposite, he was very happy. The little white rabbit had a lot of s.p.u.n.k. She was the first woman in his entire life to kick him out the door, furthermore… The little white rabbit’s angry expression was just so cute, causing his interest in hunting to be even more ignited.

“Xin Lian, just become my woman. I can protect you so that other men won’t hara.s.s you, and I can give you everything you want. Just state your conditions. What would it take for you to willingly become my woman?! Women only want two things, love and money. I will definitely dote on you, and I have plenty of money. I can give you famous branded items, houses, jewelry, etc. I can even nurture your son, and give the little rascal the best studying environment.”

He spoke straightforwardly since there was no point in hiding anything. He was a businessman, so he firmly believed that everything could be solved with money, the same applied to love. For him, if the so called “love” didn’t have an economic foundation, it would be like flowers without water; which would quickly dry up and die.

He was very confident towards the woman he desired. As long as she was willing to state her conditions, he was willing to negotiate.

“I don’t want your money, moreover, I also don’t love you.” She resolutely declined, her tone firm.

This person wanted to use money to buy her? What did he take her for!

“That’s okay, love can be slowly fostered.” He smiled, unyielding towards her rejection. “I can satisfy all of your demands. Didn’t you want a stable family? I can buy you a house, and you can choose the location. If you don’t believe me, you can wait until the house is transferred to you. How about it?”

“I don’t want to be your mistress!”

“You little fool, it’s not mistress, but lover. I’m still single, so you aren’t a mistress. Don’t worry.”

Even if the little white rabbit was angry, she still had a lot of personality. Her “panting with rage” appearance looked beautiful. He wished he could hold her in his embrace and kiss her everywhere.

His gaze was too hot, locking onto her. She could almost see her own reflection in his clear, s.h.i.+ning eyes. This was the first time she saw his eyes red with l.u.s.t. As it turns out, he’s always been looking at her this way. Undoubtedly, it was the same pair of eyes and face, but it made her feel very unfamiliar. She couldn’t help but get gooseb.u.mps.

The two people were in a deadlock. She stood behind the sofa in a tense and heavily guarded manner, while he stood at the other end of the sofa calmly watching her. She already made herself clear, but what about him? He was preoccupied with thinking of how to keep her for himself.

It was at this moment that someone broke the silence.

“Mommy!” Coming from the bathroom, Cheng Cheng called out to her, and once he saw Zhong Zhen Dong, he immediately opened his mouth in surprise.

“Ah? How come you’re suddenly back?”

Seeing the little demon, Zhong Zhen Dong was suddenly hit with inspiration. He stepped forward and reached for the little rascal’s underarm, lifting him up off the ground and giving him a big hug.

“Son, did you miss me?” After he asked, he kissed the little rascal’s face.

The little rascal didn’t think he would be so enthusiastic, not only hugging him, he also kissed his cheek. His face immediately turned red, and he used his hand to cover the place that was just kissed. He protested, “Who told you to kiss me!”

Zhong Zhen Dong was unconcerned with the little demon’s reaction, instead, he opened his mouth to continue speaking. “I bought a present for you guys. Come, let’s go open it.”

Since Zhong Zhen Dong cla.s.sified Tang Xin Lian as his prey, of course he couldn’t give up at this point. The little white rabbit refused to be tempted by money, which only made him think more highly of her, making him want to hide her in a cage so he could love her dearly. Furthermore, his mind worked really fast, quickly changing the target to the little rascal.

He knew the little white rabbit cared about her son’s feelings, so she wouldn’t deliberately ruin the atmosphere. This just so happened to give him the chance to exploit it.

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