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27 – A Barbecue Party

“It is not impossible to traffic people. The family's fleet is going out into the sea to trade every year. However, dozens to hundreds of people is not worth the risk.”



“I want 5,000 people.”

“5,000 people, you sure you can swallow them?”

“I am sure.”

Levis narrowed his eyes: “I will consider it once I return.”

After returning to the living room, human trafficking was no longer mentioned. The afternoon tea’s atmosphere was very lively under Gort’s efforts.

The people from the caravan stayed at Flower Town for the night, with the majority of knights and retainers staying inside the town. Levis and Lvera, along with their gentleman’s valet and lady’s maid respectively, stayed inside the castle.

The old butler, Carter, was very busy today.

“Tom, where is Jesse, I need his help!” His legs, which were no longer as nimble, were already sour from all the repeated going up and down the stairs. He wiped the sweat from his forehead as he entered the kitchen, “Jessie is not helping out in the kitchen?”

“Jessie should be carrying fodder for the horses. With the dozens of additional horses, there is not enough horse fodder in the castle.” Tom carefully placed a bag of flour next to the hearth.

“When he comes back, tell him to go find me at the warehouse. I need people to carry food into the castle, to store it in the cellar.

“Will do, Mr. Carter.”

The kitchen maid Irene looked up as she washed vegetables: “Mr. Carter, do you need my help?”

Not waiting for Carter’s reply, the cook Abby berated: “You have yet to finish the work in the kitchen, where do you get the time to help out others?! Irene, do you want to change jobs?!”

Carter spread his hands: “Irene, you probably cannot help.”

“I see… Heavens knows how long I will have to stay in the kitchen today. It is hot and stuffy in here, and my clothes are drenched wet. Mrs. Abby has heated up the hearth’s stove too much.”

“Oh, is it so?! Are you the cook or am I the cook? The Lord is entertaining distinguished guests for dinner, do you want me to let you be the cook instead?!”

“You are the cook.”

“Then shut your trap and work quietly!”

The kitchen was not a place indicated for respite. Carter went out; the kitchen was too hot. He felt a pressure on his chest, not knowing whether it was from a heatstroke. Although it was not yet summer, but it was getting hotter and hotter. He took out a handkerchief, wiped away the sweat from his face, then leaned against a wall to take a break.

When Mawson Paddyfield carrying buckets of water saw Carter’s face, she asked concernedly: “Do you feel unwell, Mr. Carter?”

“I am just a little bit hot.”

“Is it? But you do not look too well, might you be too nervous? There are so many guests in the castle today that you are required to work all over the place.”

“How can I be nervous, Mrs. Mawson. I have witnessed more lively moments in one of Sir Counts villas. I can handle this.” Carter stowed the handkerchief, “Are the rooms of Young Lord Levis and Young Lady Lvera tidied up?”

“Young Lady Lvera’s lady’s maid had complained that the walls have dust falling of and that the sheets are shabby.”

“The quality of the implements is not something we have control over. We cannot be lacking in work ethic, the rest does not matter. Real aristocrats will not feel enmity because of this.”

“People from the Tulip Family are real aristocrats.” Mrs. Mawson nodded. “Mr. Carter, you should take a break.”

“Do not worry about me.”

“The Lord is a nice person, he would not want to see you overwork yourself.”

“I am not overworking myself. In fact, I am enjoying it. It is not often that the castle receives guests, and I get a chance to perform. Alright, I am going to sort out the warehouse. Yesterday, I was still complaining about the food dwindling, today, the food is so much that it cannot be stored in the warehouse.”


The castle was quite small, lacking any entertainment.

After drinking the afternoon tea, some knights were ready to go hunting in the Thorns Ridge. Liszt had readily a.s.sented to this. He had also invited Levis and Lvera to go hunt together with him.

“With so many Earth Knights, it would be best if we could solve the problem of the Thorns Ridge’s magic beasts in one fell swoop.” He was secretly thinking, “And even if we cannot kill any magic beast, getting familiar with the Thorns Ridge’s terrain will still be good.”

Dressing his armor neatly.

He mounted his horse. This time, he rode Fierydragon. He still was not used to Blackdragon, which affected his display of strength.

He did not allow Thomas accompany him, only taking Marcus and the four retainer knights along: “Thomas, take good care of my Blackdragon. Also, do not forget to feed Tremblingwoods, it is still growing and cannot be hungry.”

“What is Tremblingwoods?” Lvera inquired.

“A dog.”

“You are also raising a dog, what breed?.”

“Flyingdust Dog.”

“Flyingdust Dog? Magic beast?”

“Yes, a Flyingdust Dog cub. Teacher Marcus had caught it in the Thorns Ridge.” Liszt casually said.

“Earth Knight, the Black Tulip, a peanut sprite worm, a Flyingdust Dog cub, and a majestic wild horse, Liszt, have you received the favor of the G.o.d of Fortune? I am getting a bit envious of you.”

“All I can say is that the countryside life is colorful.”

“Falcon Town is also in the countryside, but it is not as lively as Flower Town.”

“That is because you, sister, are often staying at the Tulip Castle, neglecting the countryside life.”

“If you want, you can also keep staying at the Tulip Castle. Father did not want to drive you away.” Levis rode his horse over, inserting himself into the conversation.

Liszt thought it to be just a polite gesture: “I like Flower Town. Here, I am quite free, I can do anything I want”

“Including seeding gra.s.s at the castle’s gate” Levis pointed at the serves cultivating alfalfa, jesting, “In the future, your castle can be called Horse Field Castle.”

It was basically impossible for such a castle to receive a name.

Liszt raised his horsewhip: “Let’s go, the sun is already slanting to the west. I reckon that we will have to turn back before entering the depths of the Thorns Ridge.” Fierydragon ran off according to Liszt’s will.

He brought this group of knights into the Thorns Ridge to hunt at least a few magic beasts. Sooner or later, he would conquer the Thorns Ridge, integrating this track of hills and woods into Flower Town’s territory. Therefore, the greater the number of magic beasts were killed now, the lesser the danger would be later.


In this hunting trip, only ordinary beasts were hunted.

Magic beasts were much smarter than ordinary beast, they hid as soon as they felt the qi surge inside the Earth Knights.

Even so, the prey hunted was enough to start a grand barbecue party. Aristocrats, knights, and servants gathered together, with beer foam and laughing splas.h.i.+ng about.

“Waah, Mr. barbecue, give me another rabbit leg.” The tulip great sprite cheerfully flew about. Sprites had no need for food or water, yet they could still digest the things they ate.

Thomas, who was busy with the barbecue, hurriedly handed the great sprite a roasted rabbit leg sprinkled with seasonings.

The two lesser sprites, without saying anything, ran off with two pieces of barbecued meet in their mouths.

“Little Fragrance, you eat too fast. In order to appreciate the delicious food, you have to chew more.” Liszt tore off the rabbit’s head and said with a smile.

Sprites were quite fascinating to look at, brightening one’s day.

Besides, he was also eating barbecue, which he liked very much. Among this world’s dishes, probably only barbecue was to his liking.

“I like to eat in big mouthfuls.”

Little Fragrance was covered in fat from eating roasted meat. The fat was flung away once it shook its body lightly alike a puppy shaking off water, not leaving a single stain behind.

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