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Chapter 1379: The Final Battle

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

For the inhabitants of the Dragon Soul Continent, this scene took them by surprise.

They were accustomed to constant fighting, and while the war with Chaos was spearheaded by the Rhode’s players, the civilians weren’t completely uninvolved in the war. After experiencing ma.s.s migrations, they also felt the effects of large-scale warfare firsthand. But now, to the people of the Dragon Soul Continent, nothing was more shocking than the scene in front of them.

The pitch-black night sky suddenly became as clear as day. This wasn’t just limited to the Void Territory, but also the Country of Light, the entire Dragon Soul Continent, including the Country of Law and Country of Darkness, also turned incomparably bright at that moment.

This left the people anxious. They walked out of their homes, gazing at the sky with fear and confusion. And soon, a deafening, thunderous roar echoed, and then the earth, which turned barren due to winter, transformed before their eyes. A bizarre phenomenon unfolded.

Fresh, green gra.s.s broke through the cold, thick layer of frozen soil, breaking out into a vast gra.s.sland in the blink of an eye. Dried tree branches swung in the winds, bright green leaves emerged from their branches, and flowers bloomed, adorning the world around them and repackaging everything that was wrapped in dusk and war in a brand new appearance.

Looking at the beautiful scenery, many people were stunned. But before they reacted, they witnessed everything change before their eyes yet again. Scorching winds rose from the flat ground, and the sun that provided comfortable warmth became blazingly hot. Dense, dark clouds enveloped the sky, while a storm came down with rain and lightning.

This sudden change frightened the people who stepped out of their home to check out the situation. They rushed back to the safety of their home, closed the door shut, and looked at the rainstorm through the window. But the moment they closed the door, the rain suddenly stopped. Cold winds blew, and the exuberant gra.s.slands turned yellow under the sun’s rays. The dead leaves on the branches drifted away with the wind, leaving only large fruits hanging on the branches.

Why… Why is it autumn already?

In an instant, the people looked at one another at a total loss. But before they figured out what happened, icy-cold winds rose from the ground and snow fell from the sky, covering the earth in whiteness. If it weren’t for the layer of snow that wasn’t too thick, one might even think that everything that happened earlier was simply their own delusion!

What exactly is going on? Is the world coming to an end?

The scene before them was completely beyond their comprehension. The only thing they could do was s.h.i.+ver and hide in the safety of their homes , waiting in fear and anxiety. They didn’t know what was going to happen, nor did they know what would become of them. There was nothing they could do other than continuing to wait.

Days and nights alternated, while seasons cycled.

After an unknown amount of time, the sky, which flickered in black and white, restored its peace. The raging, blistering winds, and blizzards also disappeared silently. Not only that, but the pitch-black sky above them was also no longer there. On the contrary, as the people looked up, they saw a plane channel s.h.i.+ning in brilliant colors. The Dragon Soul Continent was like a s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p that entered a subs.p.a.ce voyage. The thick, vast earth was the s.h.i.+p’s hull, and the top of the firmament was the s.h.i.+p’s windows.

“It worked…”

At that moment, Rhode lowered his hands and let out a soft sigh. He looked around and saw the relieved expressions of Lillian, Erin, and the twin dragons. The civilians didn’t know what happened, and only the five Creator Dragons knew what was going on. Right now, the five Creator Dragons, led by Rhode, were working on the final adjustments of the Dragon Soul Continent as if synchronizing the respective hands of a clock.

And soon, they finally finished the adjustments.

“Now, we’ll just have to wait for the Dragon Soul Continent to leave. There shouldn’t be any problem.”

Lillian clenched her hands and stared somewhat uneasily at the sky. The light that shone in all directions made her nervous. Although she knew that this was a normal reaction before a spatial teleportation, her little face still tensed up. However, no one teased her.

After all, Rhode and the other Creator Dragons were well aware of how dangerous s.p.a.ce travel was. Just one person transmigrating could cause problems, not to mention the whole Dragon Soul Continent, which would be more worrisome. If any movements or trouble were to occur, it would be too late.

“Nothing should go wrong, right, Miss Stefania?”

While comforting Lillian, Rhode looked at the plane merchant who stood quietly in the shadows. The young lady in front of him was the only one who had the right to be here other than the five Creator Dragons. After all, when it came to experience in adventuring through the planes of existence, not even 100 Creator Dragons combined were as knowledgeable as Stefania. That was why Rhode invited her here. After all, one had to make the most of what one had, and since Stefania wasn’t willing to contribute to the battle against Chaos, the least she could contribute was some knowledge and experience.

“As of now, the s.p.a.ce channel seems very stable. There should be no problem reaching your destination.”

And upon hearing Rhode’s question, Stefania nodded with a smile and responded quickly.

“However… as for how long it will take, I can’t guarantee. After all, your idea is too whimsical, and I’ve never seen such a thing as transmigrating a continent before. So I can’t predict how long it will take to reach your destination. If you’re lucky, perhaps a few days. If you’re unlucky, you might not be able to get out for a hundred years… Although you have indeed opened the Order barrier to s.h.i.+eld the Dragon Soul Continent’s influence on the plane channel to the maximum extent possible… Who knows…”

Stefania didn’t make herself clear, but Rhode understood what she meant. The larger the plane channel, the more difficult it was to open. And even if it was opened, no one knew how far it could go. It was as if they were speeding through a huge ventilation duct. If their ‘vehicle’ were fine, they could follow the duct to the exit. But what if there were b.u.mps in the process, or if there was a problem with their ‘vehicle’? There was a good chance that the vehicle would end up ruptured, or they would burst out of the pipe; either end would be fatal to the Dragon Soul Continent.

At that moment, Rhode felt like this transmigration plan was totally suicidal.

But one would still die without committing suicide, so it actually didn’t matter that much.


Suddenly, the ground trembled. The crowd who put their minds at ease raised their guard once again. Although it was normal for the earth to shake during the war, they were in a period of peace and stability now, after all. And when an earthquake occurred at such a time, for some reason, Rhode had a very bad feeling about it. But before he went to investigate, his younger sister’s anxious voice sounded in his head.

“Big Brother, it’s not good… I detect strange movements underground…”

“Strange movements?!”

Upon hearing her words, Rhode was bewildered. But before he said anything else, Angelina’s scream had as if crossed the limits of s.p.a.ce as it erupted in his ears.

“Master! Those creatures from before are back!”

“Those creatures from before? What creatures?”

After hearing Angelina’s report, Rhode’s heart sank. Although Angelina seemed like a child, she wasn’t actually young. She had also been calm and composed in her day-to-day life. And Rhode was also well aware that in order to leave a good impression on herself, she also did her best, and a frightened scream like this was definitely bad news!

“The ones in the Darkness Capital that His Majesty Ion… Nell and I couldn’t stop them!”


Rhode couldn’t help but exclaim. He finally understood why Angelina was so fl.u.s.tered. It seemed like she and the rest were facing the same creatures that were influenced by the mutated Chaos in the Darkness Capital!

But weren’t they already killed? Where did those bast*rds come from?

“What exactly is going on?”

“We don’t know! These guys suddenly appeared out of nowhere and attacked us. I commanded the undead creatures to fight but they failed. Now I’m relying entirely on the dark elves for support! Master, we can’t hold out much longer. We can’t kill those guys at all. They are attacking like madmen…”

“Appeared out of nowhere?”

Upon hearing her words, a light flashed in Rhode’s mind. He finally understood what was going on.

What Rhode and the Creator Dragons did earlier wasn’t just as simple as reorganizing Order. It also had a function to destroy Chaos. After all, after the Dragon Soul Continent reached the solar system, it wouldn’t want its archenemy, Chaos, to come along with it. Thus, before entering the solar system, it was only natural to ‘disinfect’ everything. In order to avoid any accidents, that was why Rhode and Creator Dragons joined hands to reorganize the rules of the entire Dragon Soul Continent, so that those Chaos creatures would die out.

However, Rhode didn’t expect that there was still a group of them hidden underground. In short, they escaped from the Darkness Capital and hid deep below the surface. If there were no accidents, these creatures would also be brought to the solar system without Rhode and the others knowing about it.

Fortunately, Rhode was exceptionally cautious and decided to reorganize and disinfect the entirety of the Dragon Soul Continent, which was a huge blow to the mutated Chaos creatures. Perhaps it was due to this reason that the mutated Chaos creatures stormed up from their hiding places and attacked the nearest enemies.

But that wasn’t a bad thing too… Since disinfection could remove potential dangers…

Fortunately, now that the Chaos in the outside world was completely isolated by the plane channel, the Holy Sword Barrier could also be deactivated. Rhode didn’t need to rely on his younger sister’s ridiculous method to maintain his dragon form anymore.

At this thought, Rhode made up his mind immediately.

“I’m going over right now. Don’t retreat! No matter what, you must hold on!”

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