The Beginning After The End Chapter 331 331 Preview - Follow for the rest of the episode.

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Chapter 331: 331 Preview - Follow for the rest of the episode.

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“This trial shall be adjudicated by High Judge Blackshorn, Judge Tenema, Judge Falhorn, Judge Harcrust, and Judge Frihl,” the central judge, apparently High Judge Blackshorn, said as the five black-robed Alacryans took their seats.

“The purpose of this trial,” he continued in his slow, clear voice, “is to determine the truth of whether Ascender Grey”—he gestured to me, chained in the black chair—“murdered Lord Kalon of Blood Granbehl, Lord Ezra of Blood Granbehl, and Lady Riah of Blood Faline.”

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“And,” he added after a short pause, “to decide upon an appropriate punishment, should the ascender be found guilty.”

Whispered conversations drifted down from the onlookers behind me, but my focus was on the judges as they began shuffling through doc.u.ments laid out on their desks. High Judge Blackshorn was an older man, in his seventies at least. There were dark smudges under his deep-set eyes and mottled gray spots across his wrinkled scalp.

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‘He looks like he could drop dead any second now,’ Regis said.

Knowing my luck, they’d probably blame me for that too, I replied.

Regis snorted, his incorporeal form radiating amus.e.m.e.nt.

Blackshorn cleared his throat. “Judge Tenema will provide a procedural briefing.”


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The Beginning After The End Chapter 331 331 Preview - Follow for the rest of the episode. summary

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