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With contract Skill many Brides! Chapter 32: Meat Faction

Ch 32: Meat Faction

"... My eyes... Suki/ / /... Tos.h.i.+-san like me... Suki.../ / /"

"Come back Tanya, and Tos.h.i.+ said eyes! He said your eyes!"

"... I know... I am fine / / /"

"I don't see it all right, but I hope you'll explain soon?"

"... Well, it's also a problem to postpone the departure."

"Is it dangerous to talk while walking?"

"There were no confirmed threat of monsters in our area around here, only that forest is special, but there is no problem if it's going to the town."

"Let's talk while walking then?"

We started to act almost at the same time as sunrise, it's not a good time to chat, as it is I don't know when can we reach the town... by sharing work we completed packing.

"It looks like there is nothing left behind."

"I confirmed it!"

"Then, let's leave."

After final confirmation is finished, we started moving towards the town, the formation order is 2 rows of 2 people, in front Lily and Tanya, behind them Meryl and I, Luna is above me.

"Hey Lunchan, can't you replace me for a moment... should I also ride as a shoulder-car... just kidding///." 

"Impossible, I have no shoes, so I have only here."

"I'll give you my shoes!"

There are some exchanges between the side and the top, but it will be embarra.s.sing to carry Meryl as shoulder-car, because my height was about 175cm and Meryl is about 155cm? Tanya is slightly lower than me 170cm, Lily is slightly lower than Meryl 150cm, Luna is 110cm. Slight errors may likely happen because it was a rough eye measurement.

"Once I get into the town and get gold, I should buy Luna some shoes and clothes as a top priority."

"I don't need shoes? I am happy to buy clothes."

"You don't need it? Are you going to ride on me forever?"

"If you buy it, I will gratefully wear them but I still ride on you."

"Hey hey"

What even you if you wore shoes you still ride on me! There is no problem giving her ride, but when time comes I will put her down, as I thought I have to buy her shoes, I also cannot wear these clothes as it is... Instead of my lost left shoe I wrapped up the cloth that Meryl gave as a thick socks.

"Can I ask you for the continuation of the morning topic?"

"It's the continuation of the story of the meat of Black Fang! Oh, it's soft, the taste spreads out in your mouth with every bite... "Wait, wait! That story is for later!""

Certainly I am curious! I want to know about the delicious meat... but I want to know about the adventurers first.

"I will give some to you 2 at night. So, Let's talk about it at night while eating."

"Yeah! Thank you!"

"Are you fine? Selling that meat in a guild would get a good deal?"

"I don't eat as much as 8 animals, I also care about the delicious meat and I am expecting from your two skills!"

"... I will do my best///"

"I'm going to bake in the camp, but I will do my best as well."

Is it okay if I give them the parts that cannot be used as raw materials, there are also some animals that only had lower body left, I just finished eating breakfast but I am looking forward to the dinner! 

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