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Taru Chapter 12: Flask and Beaker

I left the Crystalier, returned to Michelangelo and went to s.h.i.+kenzen Skill ☆ George
And on the way back to Michelangelo

: 3 x 《Emerald Tear + 2》 sold:

: Received 1596 Eso from 《Prize and Auction》:

Log flowed.

To be honest, I'm glad that the fun goes up.
Currently, the possession money is 1796 Eso.

When I arrived at the Art shop, George wasn't there, and an NPC-like woman in ap.r.o.n hired by George greeted me with 《Welcome》instead

I take out the 《Copper Balance Scale》 in the shop.
The NPC woman doesn't say anything particularly.
This time there are lots of newly available materials.

Crystal Leaf × 12

Crystal Flower × 8

Crystal Branch × 5

Amber Water × 3

Crystal Drop × 3

Fairy Powder × 99.

From the appearance, I judged those to be the high-quality materials, so,  I decided to add some of the remaining skill points to Alchemy and challenge the Alchemy after improving the level.

For the time being, I will up 8 points to Alchemy skill from Lv 10 to Lv 18.

And then I get new abilities.

: Alchemy Level 14:

《Silver Law of Production》

【Consume MP and increase the success rate of Synthesis. Success rate depends on intelligent 】

『Is this an ability with respect to 《Synthesis》?』(Taru)

: Alchemy Level 18:

《Insatiable Pursuing Quest》

【Alchemy Kit 《Flask》,《Beaker》can be used.
When activated, the material liquidizes into the Beaker, Flask.
The liquefied material can be added additionally into the 《Synthesis》Alchemy】

The result of Synthesis depends on the timing of adding additional materials and the material.

In fact, it can be said that it has become possible to blend up to four composite materials of Synthesis.

It is an ability that I want to master well.

I will immediately go to the nearest item store to buy an Alchemy Kit.

Unlike NPC who was in George's shop, I bought an Alchemy Kit 《Flask》and 《Beaker》from NPC with a ragged expression on a prompt decision.

I used 800 x 2 = 1600 Eso to buy it, the remaining money became 179 Eso, but to me, it's a trivial thing.
I would like to try 《Insatiable Pursuing Request》 ability from earlier than that.

Speaking of Alchemy, It is the royal road to pour liquid with a Beaker or Flask.
I want to do it.

Return quickly to George's shop and take out 《Copper Balance》

For the time being, the materials I got today are the Crystal series

I tried lower conversion and higher conversion to everything, but the balance didn't respond in any case.

In other words, it turns out that the Crystal series cannot be 《Converted》

If it's like this, I can be somewhat convinced that Alchemy low level is treated as garbage.
Unless the range of materials that could be 《Converted》 increased a little more.

Next, take out 《Copper Synthesis Pot》

I looked into the Pot, the stars are blinking on a clear night sky and put in the material.

First of all, the Flower gla.s.swork 《Crystal Flower》

Next, I will check compatible materials by holding it above the Alchemy Pot.
And I sort materials from the scenery in the Synthesis Pot.

As a result, the materials that kept the clear starry sky are 《Crystal Leaf》《Crystal Branch》 《Amber Water》《Clean Gra.s.s》《Fairy Powder》

There were five materials with good compatible.

It is surprising that the compatibility with the 《Crystal Drop》was bad.

Anyway, if I cla.s.sify these, 《Fairy Powder》and 《Amber Water》 is one type.
《Crystal Leaf》《Crystal Branch》《Clean Gra.s.s》will be divided into plant-type 

『Since 《Amber Water》is also generated from the liquid of trees, in this case, it may be categorized as a plant type, or …』(Taru)

After thinking for a while, I will first combine it in a Crystal series that seems to be compatible.

Place 《Crystal Leaf》in a Synthesis Pot containing 《Crystal Flower》

Okay, it is the iron rule that plants are cooked with a low heat.

So while keeping the temperature of the Synthesis Pot as weak, I stir with 《Stirring Stick》

The inside of the Pot was also calm.
But when I was relieved, the contents suddenly become cloudy in the Pot.
I can't see any color change, but … this is bad.

I activate the just-acquired ability 《Silver Method of Prodution》

It is an ability to increase the success rate of Synthesis by consuming MP.

As I use the 《Silver Method of Production》, a silver light wraps around the Rod and erodes the inside of the Pot.


This is Silver!

It is metal that only lost to gold, it is a metal that is irrefutable, silver.


《Silver Method of Production》 makes the contents sparkling in the Synthesis Pot, but after a while, the inside of the Pot is still cloudy, not changing back clear night sky…


And the foam gradually appears, even with 《Silver Method of Production》, everything still not ends well.
In this way, it will fail.
Something, something missing?

Oops, I was careless.

There were other materials that seemed to be compatible as well.

I have to try out the new important ability.
I'm impatient, but I will activate 《Insatiable Pursuing Request》and quickly take out an Alchemy Kit Beaker.

This new ability 《Insatiable Pursuing Request》was an ability that allows you to add 2 more materials using the Alchemy Kit: Beaker and Flask during Synthesis.

I don't know what to do, but for now, I put the 《Crystal Branch》in the Beaker.
It was strange that when Crystal Branch entered the Beaker, and it turned into a transparent liquid with a glittery and magical light.

『It's amazing…』(Taru)

I rush and pour the Beaker's liquid into the Synthesis Pot as a mess.
The state inside the Pot… foaming has subsided.
But it's still cloudy.
There is no change in color.

I attempted to try the Beaker again, but the Beaker stopped reacting.


Is the number of times the Beaker can be used in one Synthesis at most once?

So, I have put three materials at the same time so far, maybe I need to use the Flash to add one more material, the fourth material.

The fourth material is … 《Amber Water》or 《Clean Gra.s.s》what will it be …?


I picked up the Flask and pour 《Amber Water》in while groaning.
I judged that compatibility seemed better because I took them in the same forest, and put the Amber Water into the Flask.
And then sprinkle it into a Pot quickly.

Okay, do not rush, mix thoroughly and carefully.

And the weather in the Pot returned to the clear starry sky,
Furthermore, a blurred golden color glows,
It became a beautiful color of the stars were flickering at the twilight.

After a while, blue smoke bursts out which is the proof of success.

: 《Crystal Flower》+ 《Crystal Leaf》+ 《Crystal Branch》+ 《Amber Water》→ 《Crystal Tree》Succeeded in the Synthesis:

: Recorded in Synthesis recipe:

『Uwa … ….』(Taru)

《Crystal Tree》

【Rare trees, only growing in the forest where fairies are located】

It is a material, but … it's big.
Compared to the trees in the forest Crystalier, it was a very small thing. But it's still a 1-meter young tree.

The Crystal clear wood looks good for decorating as a furniture.

A young tree that glows gently with a change in fine color accompanied by brightness depending on the angle at which light is applied.

『… … Alchemy is wonderful』(Taru)

I keep staring at the crystal tree for a while and when I am finally satisfied, I consider the next Alchemy.

As I checked earlier, there is another material that has good compatibility with 《Crystal Flower》, the material I have from the beginning, 《Clean Gra.s.s》

Should I experiment on Synthesis using Crystal series?

《Clean Gra.s.s》is created by upper conversion of 《Weed》, which is material for making  《Pure Water》 in order to make 《Emerald Tear》

For now, I put《Crystal Flower》and 《Clean Gra.s.s》in the Synthesis Pot.

As I boil it with low heat, 《Clean Gra.s.s》

The neutralization of the green of the 《Clean Gra.s.s》 is melting to the color of the 《Crystal Flower》smoothly.

《Crystal Flower》 has a variety of color depending on the individual and this time it is purple.
The calm night sky starry sky is shaken by the wave of my Stirring Stick.

『Fuu … …』(Taru)

In the Synthesis Pot, it's a beautiful night sky, the signal of the Alchemy is going to be successful.
I wonder if this is the essence of Alchemy which unravels the mystery of the universe.
However, a sign of disturbing its beautiful harmony appeared.
It's gray smoke.


The beautiful night sky disappears into the shadow of the cloud.
In this situation, the possibility of failure seems to be very high.

I invoke 《Insatiable Pursuing Request》 and explore further materials.

I knew the material that is compatible with 《Crystal Flower》, but right now I'm mixing with 《Clean Gra.s.s》 and I don't know the material that is compatible with it.

And from my Alchemy's recipe book, 《Clean Gra.s.s》

The only recipe was: 《Clean Gra.s.s》+ 《Sewage》→ 《Pure Water》:

No way, I can't use 《Sewage》 at this timing.

《Insatiable Pursuing Request》only allows the compatible material to be input
But I don't know, so it's difficult.

What to do.

New materials 《Crystal Drop》and 《Fairy Powder》 were used in the Alchemy that created 《Crystal Tree》

But 《Crystal Flower》and 《Crystal Drop》are incompatible, so this time, I will put 《Fairy Powder》

When the golden Fairy Powder entered the Beaker, it turned into a golden liquid.
And I pour it in at once.
Then the inside of the Synthesis Pot, where purple and gray were intertwined, was dyed up with the twilight color of 《Fairy Powder》

At the same time, the Stirring Stick became heavier and the Stickiness increased.
It is too Sticky, somehow.
As time goes on, I feel the color gradually becomes dirtier than when I put in 《Fairy Powder》

I raise the temperature from low heat to medium heat and desperately stir the Stirring Stick.

And then the blue smoke comes out, the signal of Synthesis successes.

: 《Crystal Flower》+ 《Clean Gra.s.s》+ 《Fairy Power》Succeeded in Synthesizing → 《Forest's Medicine》:

: Recorded in Synthesis recipe:

It's a purple flower with the original color of 《Crystal Flower》

At first glance, it is a Flower, but when I observe it well, the part of the stem glows yellow from the inside.


I read the explanation of 《Forest's Medicine》 while breathing in the scent of young plant and flower.

《Forest's Medicine》

【When used, a drop of honey drips from the petal.
When ingesting it your MP will recover 40.
The usage limit is three times】


Following after Emerald Tear, I have succeeded in producing another recovery items!
Although the + value isn't attached this time, this is the first version number of Magic Potion.
To be able to use up to 3 times, an excellent one that recovers MP 120 in total!


If I can make a Magic Potion with Crystal material series, I may be able to make upper compatible items of Potion.
That's why I aim for the height of further Potion, and immediately start the Alchemy.
I took out an Emerald Tear, put it in the Synthesis Pot and checking compatibility.
As a result

《Emerald Tear》+ 《Crystal Leaf》+《Fairy Powder》→ 《Crystal Potion》

What I want to do has been completed.

I have the Crystal series and I also succeed in creating items in succession. So, there is no incessant tension rises this time.


Crystal Potion was packed in a transparent gla.s.s bottle and the crystals inside have various colors.

The crystals seen in bottles are like a little jewelry box that attract the eyes.

《Crystal Potion》

【When used, the crystals in the bottle will overflow from the bottle, diffuse and become light.
The light they emit brings healing power.
Recover HP 200 and MP 20 of the mercenary who touched the light】

Spreading healing with dazzling lights, the sparkling Alchemist appears here!
I want to broad with my friends with a Doya (smug) face.
This is Alchemy!

Moreover, since this isn't a single recovery but an AOE recovery, You can heal many players at the same time.

『I will take the role of healer』(Taru)

I have a glimpse of the further Alchemy road in my heart with the amid burning.
It is burning red.
And I remember the existence of Reddish material that is inferior to my pa.s.sion.

I got it from 《Mofu Rabbit》, the 《Red Eye Stone》and 《Crimson Stone》generated by its upper conversion.

I try to calm my heart with the hot feeling overflowing from inside and put the 《Red Eye Stone》into the Synthesis Pot.

I quickly examined materials with good compatibility, and the interior of the Pot became a sunny night sky with 《Crystal Tree》

《Crystal Tree》is the Crystal young tree made by combining Crystal series earlier.

So this is where it's useful?

Since there is a stone in the material this time, the temperature of the Pot is raised with the high fire of the thermal power MAX from the beginning.
Stickiness is fairly heavy, the arms that move the Stirring rods become dull.
While mixing without losing speed and power, the inside of the Pot becomes a muddy color which can't be described as red or black.

What I learned from the Alchemy so far is that using 《Fairy Powder》, the Synthesis is almost successful.

《Fairy Powder》All-purpose theory.

I put the golden s.h.i.+ny Powder into the Flask and shake the golden liquid lightly.

『Hehe he』(Taru)

Toward that moment when the sky of the Synthesis Pot becomes gray, hold the Flask upside down and shake the golden 《Fairy Powder》 liquid in.

Then, a phenomenon which has never happened has occurred.
Something with burn smell on my nose.
In addition, fine ash-like things and sparks danced from the Pot.

The 《Crystal Tree》, is it burning?

I felt dizzy and enthusiasm, but I grasped the Stirring rod and stir it with all my might.
The heat that comes from the Pot permeates me and my body feel like burning.
But I mix without a care because my heart is also burning from excitement and enthusiasm.

It is hot.
I realized that the Synthesis Pot itself was integrated.
The interior of the Pot is dyed red.


Raise a cry and stir with all my might.
With my desperate effort, *Bohun* and blue smoke appears from the Pot.
The log of Alchemy success appear.

: 《Red Eye Stone》+ 《Crystal Tree》+ 《Fairy Powder》→ 《Fire Protection Dust》 was created:

: Recorded in Synthesis recipe:

It was a pouch about less than 15 centimeters and the hemp is tied up with string.
I open the string and look inside the pouch and there was a Red s.h.i.+ning Powder in it.
It seems as though the spark itself is packed in the bag.

《Fire Protection Dust》

【When used, grant fire protection to PT members.
Damage of Red attribute is cut by 10% for 1 minute】

Protection from Red attribute magic, such as fire magic system?
It is likely to be useful in challenging with a party, fighting bosses handling flames, and so on.

Somehow, great things are progressing rapidly, so my heart jumps.
The forest that produces jewels, Crystalier banzai (for the win).

『… Alchemy banzai (for the win)!』(Taru)

Well well, today's big harvest.

《Red Eye Stone》was able to create such a useful thing.
Then, 《Crimson Stone》made by the upper conversion of 《Red Eye Stone》
What kind of thing can I produce with?

Also, in order not to neglect the preparation, check the status of myself once.
Especially because I want to increase the success rate of Synthesis as much as possible, check MP.
Since I used the 《Silver method of production》before, it decreased to MP35 → 20, but I confirmed that I can use once more.

And then I noticed it suddenly, HP was decreasing from 50 to 43.
Well, maybe it was damaged by the Alchemy process just now.
I certainly felt a sense of heat, but was I really damaged?

『Hmm … … I should be careful』(Taru)

Once again, I prepare myself.
Breathe in deeply and breathe out.

『…Let's do it』(Taru)

I put the ridiculous 《Crimson Stone》in a Pot.
Since it's also a precious material with only one, I want to make this Synthesis succeed.
I will try thoroughly compatible materials.
In order to keep it on the Pot, the only material that seemed to be compatible was the 《Crystal Drop》, which was the least material collected in Crystalier.

Even though it's colorless and transparent, it emits a mysterious light with glitter.

『《Silver method of production》!』(Taru)

《Crimson Stone》with red color and 《Crystal Drop》with silver color start eroding the night sky of the Synthesis Pot.

It isn't a dirty color nor like a nebula of the universe, it creates s.h.i.+ning sparkling color.
Set the temperature of the Pot to medium heat and carefully observe the inside of the Pot.

Mix slowly with the Stick and the Red and Silver are gradually fusing.
If it goes well, it will be a light reddish color.

But, something happened, it began to turn white.
Furthermore, the Stickiness increases and the inside of the Pot is stiffening.

I changed the temperature to high heat,
Still, the response has become stiffer, eventually, frost started to emerge.

『…… Hou』(Taru)

Furthermore, I noticed that the rod started to freeze from the bottom, I decided that I should put 《Fairy Powder》here.

I looked at the rapidly cooling pot, and also tried to cool down my head.

Quickly put 《Fairy Powder》in the Beaker and spray golden liquid into the Synthesis Pot.
Still, the ice appeared undisturbed.
Although it froze quickly and steadily, I'm patiently stirring the Stirring rod without giving up.

『Never give up……』(Taru)

I hear that animals are hibernating, and they are patiently waiting for the arrival of spring.
Just like my feeling itself.
Do not be impatient.
Be patient, do not give up as long as you see the possibility of success.

The momentum of the ice gradually coming from the Synthesis Pot was lost and it fractured.

Continue turning around with such ice particles as it is with *jari~jari~* sound in high heat.

And then the blue smoke appears.

:《Crimson Stone》+ 《Crystal Drop》+ 《Fairy Powder》→ Succeeded in the Synthesis of 《Crystal that freeze fire spell》:

: Recorded in Synthesis recipe:

『Fuu … …』(Taru)

I have my breath of relief.
And I notice it when I tried to examine the 《Crystal that freeze fire spell》that I created.
On my right arm, frost is stretched and my movement is slowing.

『What's this?』(Taru)

When checking the status quickly, the bad status  【freeze / weak】was given.
A part of my body seems to become dull.
The effect time is as short as 3 minutes, but the somewhat uncomfortable feeling cannot be wiped off.

I am surprised that I got damaged by the previous 《Synthesis》

But even though this is a surprising thing, I am convinced because it's too difficult.
Apparently, it depends on the item you create, there seems to be some Alchemy process that gives various phenomena.
Anyway, we (Alchemists) observe things we created with Alchemy that blows off the concept of common sense.


A flickering flame was confined in a colorless ice block of 10 cm in diameter.
An object that should not be allowed to exist at the same time.
Is it fateful whether human beings are carrying on business, sin, or what is fate is forbidden reflected more fascinating and beautiful?


《Crystal that freeze fire》

【It is similar to a defensive spell that fairies generate to defend the forest from fire, freezing the flame into the crystal.
When using, it is possible to disable the flame by bringing the crystal into contact with the flame you want to freeze.
However, only flames with total damage number of 500 or less】

I can protect myself from the fire magic by bringing this Crystal into contact with a flame?
In other words, does it mean that you should use it to hit the flames?
Although the effect of neutralization is enormous, it seems difficult to use.
In the first place, how do you know if the total damage is less than 500?
Is there no choice but to continue studying in a real battle?

『I'm tired』(Taru)

I was concentrating on 《Systhesis》
My body, my mental power was rather sc.r.a.ped.
There is also a sense of accomplishment that succeeded in creating as many items.

Put away the Synthesis Pot and clean the floor.

I finished my Alchemist, I suddenly felt hungry.

『Good work, Angel-Chan ☆』(George)


From behind, I hear the voice of George and turn around in startled.


The NPC woman with ap.r.o.n disappeared, replaced by permanent colorful black Okamsan was sitting with elbow at the counter.

『Well, I saw Angel was doing alchemy with so~o~o much obsession ♪
That's why I kept silent while watching ♪』(George)

George closes both eyes and snaps the Okama's wink.
Have you been watching it all the time?
He was friendly and helpful, but I feel somewhat bothered,
Now, I want to tell the battle results of Alchemy.

I told him about when I left George and went to the forest of Misora.
I explain it carefully about the items I made earlier, and he keeps listening while smiling.
Of course, I keep my promise, don't talk about Misora and Crystalier Forest

『Really, Angel-chan, it's amazing ♪』(George)

『Ah, I'm sorry I used Alchemy here without permission』(Taru)

I finished speaking all the time, I am satisfied, then I realized that I used George's shop without permission and apologize in a hurry.

『I don't mind. Angel-chan is always welcome.
I just want to watch the figure that you enjoy Clan-Clan,
and I feel that my chest gets hot ♪ You see♪』(George)

Okama signals to the show window.

I caught on that, and I turned my face to that direction, some players from outside the store were curiously looking at this place

『Thanks to Angel-chan, I don't need to promote the shop ★』(George)

『That …』(Taru)

『Maybe they are just interested in Angel-chan, U-fufu』(George)


Even though I had chosen this place with the least people as possible to do my Alchemy skill which had been treated as trash.
I wonder if I have to find a place where I can calm down and be able to make money.

『Oh my, but it seems hard to enter this shop』(George)

George is laughing as if to see through what is in my heart.
Okamsan takes the macho pose so that he can attract his muscles somehow.

As the outside players were watching the situation. Somehow they sobbed and left.

『They might be your long-awaited customers… Is it okay?』(Taru)

『Yes. Those men who don't notice the charm of my supple body are worthless.
They aren't Skill Art customers anyway,
Maybe they are just curious about Angel-chan?
Well, please use my place anytime ☆』(George)

『Thank you』(Taru)

I express my heartfelt grat.i.tude to him.

Well, I think it's about time to log out of the game.

『Well, I will logout soon, so, see you again』(Taru)

『Wait, wait, wait. It's okay to log out here, but do you know it's dangerous depending on where you log out?』(George)

Is it dangerous depending on where you log out?

『Outside the rest area, when logging out,
you might be attacked by other players, do you know that?』(George)


『It seems like you didn't know it.
The rest area varies from town to town, but they are basically inns, churches, guild branches, private management store like my shop』(George)

『Well … … What happens if I don't log out in the rest area?』(Taru)

『You might be killed, robbed of your money, items, and in the worst case, even equipment will be robbed』(George)


『However, in the case of an angel, you are under 15 years old, aren't you?
So there is a restrict that people can't PvP you unless you attack them first.
So I think that it's okay for an angel to log out anywhere, but from now on, when you are forming a party with other people, it will become necessary knowledge』(George)

『I see』(Taru)

My appearance probably will be under 15 years old, but on the system, it seems to have been determined me to be over 15 years old.

Also in the explanation column of the t.i.tle 《Elder Loli》

【The Magical girl whose appearance and content are not compatible. Because the elderly soul lives in that young age body】

Clan-Clan seems to recognize that I am over 15 years old.

『I'll log out here just in case. See you again』(Taru)

I bid farewell to George and I tapped the logout b.u.t.ton.


Somehow, I played the game for a very long time.
I don't even eat lunch.
When I checked the real time, it was around 5 o'clock in the evening.
To wander in the form of a girl, it might be a problem.

Well… Let's go to the convenience store.

Since I was playing the game all the time in the same posture, I was tired so I stretched my body a little.
And then, I took off the contacts for games, prepare to go to the convenience store.

Because I'm so short, I must fold my school's jersey many times, the outerwear also tightened the waist part and other places as well to move easy.
I make a final check with myself by looking in the mirror.
Standing in front of the mirror is still a lolita beautiful girl.

『Do you want to go …?』(Taru) (T.N: Taru asks her reflection in the mirror)

Seeing the beautiful girl, who is myself asking, I make up my mind to go out.
Kouya and Yuuki already saw this beautiful girl appearance of mine in the game.
However, even if I meet acquaintances or friends in real, I can just behave like a stranger.

I feel a little excited and scared.
But I'm hungry and have no other options, so I only have to go.
When I open the door with a lot of pa.s.sion, the hot summer heat blows to my face.
Even in the evening, I can still hear the voice of the cicadas.

『Summer vacation, isn't it …?』(Taru)

I murmuring while looking at the twilight from the apartment.

Since elementary school, I was always looking forward to having fun at summer vacation every year.

Even during the junior high school days, I also enjoyed summer vacation to play with Kouya and Yuuki.

Leaving until the last day of homework or summer vacation, Kouya I cried and asked me to show him the answer.


『What's it this time, gender bender?』(Taru)

The challenge for the summer vacation this year … it seems to be really hard to beat.

I ran to a convenience store in the hot weather as I was worried about my future.


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