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Chapter 2227: Zhao Youqian’s Fiancée

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

Mo Fan was on his way to the training ground. He had just left his room when he saw Zhao Manyan, who was dressed up fas.h.i.+onably. His bleached-blond hair was nicely groomed, while his eyes were dazzling like the stars in the sky from his contact lenses, or so Zhao Manyan thought.

Zhao Manyan knew how to put on makeup to cover the blemishes on his face. As a pure man, Mo Fan was not fond of that.

“What are you up to now?” Mo Fan asked him.

“I’m on a mission. Didn’t you ask me to keep an eye on the students who might be affiliated with the Black Vatican? He’s going to a ball tonight, so I have to blend in too,” Zhao Manyan said cheerfully.

“I’ll check on Lily and see if she has any new clues for us. Don’t just focus on satisfying your lower body,” Mo Fan warned him.

“Who do you think I am?”

“I don’t see you as a human.”


Zhao Manyan ignored Mo Fan, and continued on his way like a true gentleman.

The ball was being held in the Aorus Sacred Inst.i.tute’s main building. Many students in garish and beautiful clothes were entering the hall. The EDM playing in the hall was loud and clear outside the building. Zhao Manyan was already grooving to the beats before he even reached the hall.

Zhao Manyan shook his head in rhythm and snapped his fingers to the beat as he went inside the hall.

The lights in the hall were mainly purple and red. They were flas.h.i.+ng like lightning in the hall, vaguely showing alluring legs and tightly-clad b.u.t.tocks on the dance floor. Every man there could feel their adrenaline rush just watching them.

Zhao Manyan wove through the heady mist of perfume. It had been a while since he had last enjoyed an atmosphere like this. He subconsciously pulled off his best moves.

As a prince of nightclubs, how could he live up to his reputation if he did not have the necessary skills?

After some energetic dancing, Zhao Manyan found himself in a quiet corner for a quick rest.

A woman was playing on her phone in the same corner. Her hair was tied above her head, with fringes on both sides. It was simple yet delicate.

“I’m guessing that you don’t know how to dance, but the next song is a duet dance. I guess I’ll have to ask someone else,” Zhao Manyan spoke up.

The woman looked up at Zhao Manyan and replied with a smile, “I know how to dance, but I already have a dance partner.”

“He’s not here yet, right? Otherwise, you wouldn’t be playing with your phone,” Zhao Manyan noted.

“Mm, maybe he forgot the time,” the woman said.

“We can’t let such a good song go to waste. It’s my favorite song, listen…” Zhao Manyan started singing as the song’s prelude was playing. His gentle voice was very close to the woman’s ears.

Zhao Manyan had already reached his hand forward before the woman could react.

The woman rose to her feet after only a slight hesitation.


The duet was a great success. Zhao Manyan appropriately maintained his distance from the woman throughout the dance. He did not place his hand below the woman’s waist, nor did he stick his chest out to rub her bust.

As an experienced man who had shared intimate contact with many women, he knew when to be straightforward and when to be a gentleman. Many women were willing to have a dance with a stranger in the Americas, including the beautiful ones, but getting them to sleep with you in the same bed was as difficult as hiking a cold mountain. Being handsome alone was not enough to guarantee him a free ticket!

“Apologies for coming late…” Prince Beny happened to see Zhao Manyan helping the woman down the stage as he arrived. He was not displeased by it. He went up to Zhao Manyan and said politely, “Thank you for keeping Miss Sancha entertained before I came. I’ll handle the rest from here.”

Zhao Manyan smiled and left without any hesitation.

Prince Beny squinted while staring at Zhao Manyan’s back. “Do you know him?” Prince Beny asked the woman.

“He looks a little familiar,” Sancha replied.

“He’s a guest lecturer from China. I don’t remember his name. I’m sorry for coming late, but that guy isn’t worth your time. I heard he has a bad reputation. He already had dealings with some of the girls not long after he came to the Aorus Sacred Inst.i.tute,” Prince Beny said.

“You sound like my fiancée,” Sancha pouted.

“Haha, Zhao Youqian is an old friend of mine, so I’m obliged to keep an eye out for him,” Prince Beny said.

“I don’t like being watched all the time. His values as a Chinese man are quite annoying sometimes. It’s like I’m committing a crime, when I’m only dancing with a stranger,” Sancha huffed.

“He cares about you. Let’s not talk about that. Shall we dance? I have a few things to discuss with you. The Andes Federation isn’t officially established yet, but the Andes International Bank has already secured a foothold in it. I bet many people are fawning after you, since you are the daughter of the bank’s CEO. Just be more cautious for now and try to avoid strangers,” Prince Beny said firmly.

Sancha found the ball pretty boring and meaningless, except for the gentle voice that had intrigued her.

Sancha did not let Prince Beny walk her home after the ball.

For some reason, Sancha had a feeling Prince Beny had ulterior motives toward her. Even though he always claimed he was her fiancée’s best friend, Sancha noticed Prince Beny would unintentionally cross the line when he was dancing with her. She felt like the stranger had been more of a gentleman than Prince Beny.

Sancha left the hall and walked away leisurely under the night sky, enjoying the breeze.

She noticed two figures pa.s.sing by in the distance. She took a closer look and recognized it was the stranger who danced with her at the start of the ball. He was with a girl, who seemed to be a student of the Aorus Sacred Inst.i.tute.

Sancha happened to know the student too. Her name was Beatrice.

As the Vice Head of the School’s Disciplinary Committee, Sancha was aware that Beatrice was about to be expelled by the school.

Sancha was quite disappointed. It turned out that the man was just as Prince Beny had said; he had certain dealings with the female students in the school.

Sancha was disappointed that Beatrice was trying to use such a shameless way to earn a better score in her She was also disappointed that the stranger who had danced with her was such a shameless guy.

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