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Starlight Has No Past

Chapter 5 Part 1

As Ye Qiao left the hotel, her a.s.sistant, Shen Ting, made sure to see
Zhou Tingsheng off. Ye Qiao believed she had only sent Shen Ting to
pick up Zhou Tingshen, and she was already mesmerized with him. He
really knew how to flirt with women.

She got into the car and teased him: “What crimes have you committed?

Zhou Tingsheng bent over to help her with her safety belt. His eyes were
very close to Ye Qiao and they blinked: “No, it's rape.”

Ye Qiao was suddenly reminded the first night she met him-- --could it be
having s.e.x with a minor?

After they drove for a while, the rain started to pour again.

Ye Qiao said to him: “Actually, you don't have to come everyday to take
me to the hospital. I can go on my own.”

Zhou Tingsheng replied: “I have time anyway.”

Ye Qiao looked forwards and became silent. Abruptly, she chuckled without
any apparent reason: “You're a good actor.”

Zhou Tingsheng knew that she was recalling the scene in the dressing room
and retorted: “You're a good teacher.” He acted as if the person who had
commented on her hairdo in front of Xu Yinshan was a different person.

Well, normally, he didn't pay attention to the clothing or makeup on women
anyway. To him, it was the same if a woman was wearing a nightgown or pajamas.

Ye Qiao was still interested in the topic. She turned to face him and asked:
“Does my perm really not look that good?”

Zhou Tingsheng sneered and kept his eyes on the cars in front. “It's alright.”

He followed with a question: “That woman hates you?”

Ye Qiao couldn't answer.

She had met Xu Yinshan probably twice at most. They were not friends and
had no enmity between the two to speak of. It was just that Xu Yinshen wanted
to court Cheng Jiang's favor so she created the scene on her own.

“No, it's not like that.” He couldn't understand what went behind the scenes.
Ye Qiao smiled and poked his chest: “You don't understand a woman's heart.”
She sat back, enjoying the moment: “I don't understand it either.”

Zhou Tingsheng mentally agreed that he didn't understand women and didn't
understand why she was enjoying herself so much. He asked: “You just break
up with someone?” He had heard the words “golden coattail” and “dumped”
which were enough for him to figure out a common love triangle story. “Who
stole your boyfriend?”

Ye Qiao stopped smiling: “What for?”

“Just want to hear some gossip about the entertainment business.”

Ye Qiao was quiet for quite some time. Zhou Tingsheng thought she wasn't
willing to answer. Then, she spoke, her voice was as quiet as she had been
silent: “It's Cheng Jiang, she won the best actress award and is beautiful.”

Zhou Tingsheng didn't watch any TV dramas or cared about movie stars. But
he had heard the name Cheng Jiang. There were billboards with her face on
them everywhere. He replied without thinking: “She's just ok, not as pretty as you.”

Ye Qiao suddenly felt at ease, all the other emotions she was just feeling

She felt as if she had wronged him. Actually, he knew very well about the heart
of a woman.

When they arrived at the hospital, Ye Qiao briskly walked in the front, pa.s.sing
through the hallway which was full of patients.

Zhou Tingsheng followed a few steps back, still playing with his lighter in his hand.

Ye Qiao hadn't put on her nightgown yet, only had her hair done. Her chestnut
colored long hair was pulled up into a Greek style knot with two strands of curled
hair hanging next to her face. She was wearing a short cotton skirt, showing her
jade like legs.

She had light makeup on, making her look quite spirited.

Among all the sickish people in the hospital, she looked like a pine tree with snow
all over her.

Zhou Tingsheng threw the lighter up into the air and caught it, expecting she would
turn her head like in a Hollywood movie.

But she didn't.

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Starlight Has No Past Chapter 5 Part1 summary

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