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Published at 19th of September 2019 01:06:59 PM Chapter 38.2

Who would have thought Lin Mumu would merely let out an ‘oh’ of agreement before putting down her ice cream and saying with a serious expression: “What do you mean by merely saying thanks? I heard that you were called young master An, your family must be very rich, right? You should then directly use more practical means to express your grat.i.tude . ”


For a moment, the remaining four people at the table didn’t know how to follow up to that .

After all, doing somebody a favor without expecting rewards was a virtue . Yet, the moment Lin Mumu started talking, she asked for money, couldn’t she act according to convention??


“What’s wrong? I came from the mountains and don’t understand the usual practices of outside . In the last events, since Yuanyuan protected Xiaoqin, you should give her three or five thousand if you want to express your grat.i.tude . ”

“Alright . ” An Mingxuan was also an open-minded and generous person . He instantly asked Liu Yuanyuan for her bank account number .

Lin Mumu added: “Since gifts were given as thanks, we won’t mention this matter anymore in the future, and no one will owe anything to anyone . Xiao Nigu, what do you say?”

(TN: In case you forgot, Xiao Nigu means little Buddhist nun, it’s Cheng Fangya’s nickname, Lin Mumu’s nicknames is Xiao Daogu, which means little Daoist nun . )

“I have no objection . For the time being, I’m not short on money . Yuanyuan’s grandmother is sick, giving her the money is just right . ”

Liu Yuanyuan wanted to decline at first, but her expression appeared to be struggling for a while, before she finally nodded .

An Mingxuan used his telephone to wire the money from his bank account, and quickly received it a notification that the transaction was complete . Without finis.h.i.+ng her meal, Liu Yuanyuan immediately stood up to busy herself with transferring the money back to her family in her hometown .

“Since Liu Yuanyuan’s family had some problems, why didn’t she tell us?” An Xiaoqin also knew not to blame Lin Mumu wrongly . She merely wanted to help Liu Yuanyuan by using this way .

“Yuanyuan has a very strong ego . ” Lin Mumu said a few words, then bowed her head to continue fighting with her ice cream .

Lin Mumu had long been concerned with Liu Yuanyuan’s grandmother’s illness, but she couldn’t directly give her money . This time’s opportunity was just perfect .

Who said that a hero standing bravely for the truth shouldn’t be rewarded by material things? In order to protect An Xiaoqin, Liu Yuanyuan not only risked being accused of a crime, but also got her arm injured, and the wound hadn’t even healed yet .

Lin Mumu finished eating her small bowl of ice cream, and found that someone had already prepared another one for her .

Since someone was willing to help her get her food, she’ll just eat for now and put off the discussion until later ~~

“This ice cream is really delicious . In the mountains, we only had our own frozen popsicles . There were no such soft and smooth ice creams . ” Lin Mumu happily ate while reminiscing .

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