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Sure enough, getting up early every day to wait at her gate is useful! Secretly delighted, Shen Zhilie stood up, opened the door, and went downstairs to buy some food.

Yu Lili took the opportunity to take off her clothes and put on her pajamas. She threw her clothes in the dirty clothes basket in the bathroom. She then went back to her room and fell asleep. When she heard the doorbell ringing, she had been asleep for a long time.

However, when he opened the door, it was not Shen Zhilie who stood there. It was Ou Ming.

After seeing her pale face, Ou Ming got worried. He then walked into her house.

Yu Lili wanted to push him away, but she didn't have the strength. Ou Ming gently held her hand, which irritated her.

"Ou Ming, why are you here?" Her voice was low and sounded weak.

Ou Ming pulled her to sit on the sofa and put down the things he was holding.

Yu Lili took looked at what he had brought. They were all hematinic tonic for wombs.

Staring at her, Ou Ming answered, "To visit you."

Yu Lili suddenly felt much better. She was not so uncomfortable, but she was still not as energetic as usual. Now, she just wanted to sleep. She impatiently said, "Since you have seen me, can you leave now?"

Ou Ming glanced at her pale face and got slightly distressed. "I just went to the doctor..."


The doorbell rang. She knew it had to be Shen Zhilie returning. She felt a sense of relief as she stood to head to the door.

Ou Ming grabbed her hand and asked, "Is it him?"

"It's none of your business. Mind your own business Ou Ming," she said.

Both Yu Lili and Shen Zhilie had said the same sentence to Ou Ming. But, when it was spoken by Yu Lili, it seemed more hurtful.

Ou Ming turned to look at Yu Lili, who had a cold expression, and said, "Is what he said at the hospital real?"

Yu Lili turned her head and stared at him with a sneer.

Ou Ming squinted and stepped forward to get closer to her. He put his hands around her waist.

Yu Lili got so nervous that her body became stiff. A sense of alarm showed on her face as she looked at Ou Ming.




As the doorbell rang in succession, Yu Lili tilted her head and glanced at the door. She knew the person who stood outside had to be Shen Zhilie. However, she was encircled by Ou Ming, so she couldn't immediately go open the door.

Ou Ming looked at her with his beautiful peach blossom eyes, which were deep like the navy-blue sea at night. He then whispered, "Do you know you have a habit?"

Every time he asked her, if he didn't want to tell the truth, she wouldn't answer directly or affirmatively.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

At first, Ou Ming had really been tricked by her. He gradually began to recognize her habit while she was lying.

When he asked her again just now, she hadn't given him an affirmative or negative answer. He figured that it was likely she had lied to him. Therefore, what Shen Zhilie said to him was not a fact, but a lie made up by him.

As Yu Lili heard his words, she stepped back and reached out to push him. "I have many habits, which are none of your business. Let me go!"

"Tell me the truth. Is that Shen Zhilie really your boyfriend? You only need to answer 'yes' or 'no.'" Ou Ming gazed at her with his dark eyes.



The doorbell continued ringing. Yu Li stared at him and glanced at his hands. She then answered indifferently, "My boyfriend is outside. Your behavior is not appropriate."

Looking at her, he tightened his hands. "Yes or no?" Ou Ming insisted on getting an answer to his question.

"Yes!" Yu Lili struggled and frowned at him. "Can you let me go now?"

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