The 99th Divorce Chapter 1012 - She Didn’t Feel Anything

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Chapter 1012: She Didn’t Feel Anything

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Shen Zhilie brought the snacks in and placed them on the table. “Where is Lili?”

“She is painting in the bedroom,” Ye Qianqian said as she squinted.

Shen Zhilie walked slowly to Yu Lili’s room and knocked on the door.

Yu Lili thought it was Ye Qianqian and shouted without looking up, “Come in.”

She was a little surprised when she saw him instead. “Why are you here again? Didn’t you say there were something you needed to do today?”

“Well, I already finished it.” Shen Zhilie walked in and stood behind her to watch her paint.

When he saw the leading actor, a strange look appeared on his face. The leading actor was sitting on the sofa. He had a pair of long legs and unusually slender fingers, which were holding a cigar. He wore a burgundy suit. His eyes looked beautiful and narrow.

Shen Zhilie was slightly stunned because the painting was so real. Ou Ming?

He was amazed at her talent but also felt a little frustrated. Although Yu Lili was cruel when she talked, she couldn’t let Ou Ming go.

Shen Zhilie leaned down slightly and whispered in her ear, “Let’s go out and eat, I bought some snacks and desserts. Let’s have afternoon tea together.”

Yu Lili was focused on drawing. She inadvertently replied but didn’t stop the paintbrush. Once she finished the conversation for the actor, she stopped working.

When she turned her head, she saw Shen Zhilie staring at her from behind. She was initially shocked. After she saw Shen Zhilie’s burning gaze, she began to feel anger.

She reached out and pushed away his face. “Are you a weirdo? Why do you stand so close to me?”

Shen Zhilie’s face was. .h.i.t, but he was not angry at all. He smiled quietly and said, “Let’s go.”

Yu Lili was embarra.s.sed. Shen Zhilie is really good at flirting! Even she flirted, so she had to admire his playboy skills.

When she saw Shen Zhilie leave the room, she calmed down a little bit. He had been taking care of her in every possible way. It was something she had never experienced with Ou Ming.

Ou Ming was overbearing and didn’t care about her feelings when he did something. Shen Zhilie was exactly the opposite. Anything he did, he would take into account her feelings.

This made Yu Lili very comfortable. At the same time, she felt embarra.s.sed. She didn’t feel anything for him. But, feelings could be cultivated.

When I started dating Ou Ming, I didn’t have feelings for him, right?

The previous night, Ye Qianqian had said to her, “If you want to get out of a relations.h.i.+p, the best way is to start another relations.h.i.+p. You draw comics. Don’t you know this truth?”

Yu Lili took a deep breath and left her room. When she walking in the other room, Ye Qianqian had already started eating. She was holding a cup of bubble tea and a Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte as she was watching the phone with a shock.

Yu Lili’s face was still flushed. She picked up a cup of bubble tea, inserted a straw, and watched with Ye Qianqian.

Shen Zhilie sat quietly on the side looking bored. Ye Qianqian was keenly aware of him. She immediately turned the movie off on her mobile phone and said, “Lili, go get some groceries. What time is it? The groceries won’t be fresh if you get there late. Old Shen, you should go with her.”

“Great.” Shen Zhilie replied with a smile as he looked at Yu Lili.

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The 99th Divorce Chapter 1012 - She Didn’t Feel Anything summary

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