The 99th Divorce Chapter 552 - This Man is Very Dangerous!

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Chapter 552: This Man is Very Dangerous!

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Just stay put. The two people in the car are bad guys. They our kidnapping us and asking mother for money.” Li Jianqian turned around and said, “Help untie me. We should run now.”

“Ok.” Li Jianyue then learned what she was supposed to do. Her fingers carefully felt the white ropes, and her face was wrinkled. “How do you untie this knot? We need scissors!”

“There may be scissors under the seat. Didn’t that uncle come out with a pair of scissors?”

“Right right.” Li Jianyue climbed down and slid into the bottom of the chair. She saw a lot of knives and took out the smallest one. Li Jianyue was somewhat interested and said happily, “A lot of knives, brother, look!”

“Be careful, don’t cut yourself. Cut the rope. Let’s run now.”

“Hmm!” Li Jianyue carefully cut off the ropes around Li Jianqian’s wrists. Li Jianqian finally got his freedom back. The two little kids got out of the car. Only then did they discovered that the two bad persons were lying on the ground, motionless.

The man responsible for this were now coming towards them. His pace was slow and steady. Tall and muscular, he clearly had great strength, no worse than their little uncle Mosen. This man was very dangerous!

Li Jianqian felt a danger and became pale. He shouted, “Ersu run!”

Li Jianyue heard Li Jianqian’s sudden cry and was shocked. Her expression changed, and she cried, “Run run run, brother!”

Li Jianqian pulled Li Jianyue and ran towards the back, but it was clear that the man behind him was not only tall, but also had particularly long legs. He came close in two or three steps.

The two little kid only felt that they were shrouded in a shadow. They were so scared that they suddenly shouted, “Help! Help!”


After Su Qianci arrived at the destination, she parked the car directly at the door. After waiting for a while, she received Yang’s cash. Asking him to stay in the same place and wait for Li Jinnan, Su Qianci called the number. When she arrived at the bubble tea shop on the third floor, she bought a cup of tea and sat down, looking around. Suddenly her phone rang. It was the woman.

“I saw you. Now, you put the money down. Your children are in the underground parking lot. I will tell them to release the children, and you can see them immediately.”

“How can I believe in you? What if you take the money and don’t let then go?” Su Qianci blinked her eyes vigilantly. Glancing around, she did not notice anyone suspicious nearby.

“Don’t look. You can’t see me. Are you alone?”

“Do you see other people?”

“Very good, you are honest, I will also be straight with you. Now, go down from the fire exit and I will watch you. When you see the children, you put the money down. I only need money.”

Su Qianci thought about it and agreed. With the money, she went down the fire exit. But she pushed the door open, she heard the tender voices of children. Dasu and Ersu!

“Help! Help!”

Su Qianci’s face changed dramatically. She ran up in high heels and saw a tall man approaching the two children.

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The 99th Divorce Chapter 552 - This Man is Very Dangerous! summary

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