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Chapter 1 – The Beginning

《Emotional Dispute Firm》 Employee Form

Name : Lin Qi

Gender : Male

Age : Unknown

Aliases : A Qi (Seven), Xiao Qi (Little Seven), Qi Ge (Brother Seven), Qi Shu (Uncle Seven), Qi Shao (Youngster Seven), Qi Gongzi1… (Choose the way of addressing from here later)

Nickname : Love Fraudster

Occupation : Senior Executive of Emotional Dispute Firm

Appearance : Exquisite, Variable (One must have an exquisite face to use the skins2)

Features : Eyes (Increasing charms lethality to 200%, emitting male hormones to 360 degrees, performing the high level a.s.signment easier)

Characters : Changeable, real character cannot be examined, slag attribute (Full)

This conclude the end of the dull, orderly to the boot and the precise routine day. After Lin Qi washed himself, he drank a small gla.s.s of red wine before bedtime like usual. He then go to bed and closes his eyes.

Only, it's not for sleeping, rather —— it's the start of the work.

With a high grade suit on his body, Lin Qi, who have an indifferent face is floating around the top of all kinds of souls in the Long Hallway3.

His current appearance had not changed much from that of the day, except that he had the same facial features, which were not that noticeable during the daytime, but now he seemed to have something that keeping one's eyes on him.

Lin Qi was originally from an aristocratic family in Republic of China, but because he's been on the firm for too long of a time, the whole world had long been overturned4 and the dynasty has changed.

To say that this emotional firm is where the handsome men and beautiful women work at, aside from their good looks, it is necessary for them to have something that could make peoples impressed. And Lin Qi have those pair of eyes —— s.h.i.+ning like the stars, with pupil as black as the ink, and when they gazed upon you, it would give peoples a sense of suffocating feeling that drowns them.

Coupled with his cold and indistinctly indifferent languid, it mixed to a kind of distinctively deadly s.e.x appeal.

Originally, Lin Qi feels that life is very boring, but ever since the test to pa.s.s the virtual world and working in the Emotional Dispute Firm, he became more and more obsessed with this kind of role-playing.

Perhaps the thin lips is also as thin as his social interaction5. Lin Qi was never a man with much emotion, it could be said that he have a sky high degree of self control. When he decide to not have feelings for anything, then you can't get even a bit of any real emotions from him. He can also be aloof and indifferent.

——He could be moved, however, it's unlikely to remain for too long.

He likes to play a real and different characters one after another, wearing a fake mask to completing a shows directed by himself, he enjoyed it very much! —— This is the "Love Fraudster" of Emotional Dispute Firm.

This kind of character emotional trait, might also be called "slag6".

That's right. At that times, he completed each and every mission in the virtual world perfectly by depending on this kind of slag attribute, and became the only person in the million to be chosen, came to this place called the Emotional Dispute Firm and began to work here.

If there's something he might care in this world, it's probably only his parents!

The two elderly people real age probably has reached hundreds of years old. At that time, Lin Qi could be said have roughly altering his own life7. Compared to Lin Qi, the two old people believes in the old superst.i.tious ideology, so it's easier to convince them.

Lin Qi use his acc.u.mulated points, and exchanged them for medicinal powder for the two elderly people to prevent them from getting old, and now the two old people only looks like they're in their forties.

In the troubled times, the aristocracy influence of the Lin family was gradually declining, but the life span was increased, and others look paled in comparison. They can't stay for too long in one place, so they just roam around the world, and go to the world of their own. But, in important days or if they remembered their own precious son, the family of three will get together often.

The reason why Lin Qi still attached to the real world is because he still have a sense of belonging here, and never stayed for too long in every worlds he pa.s.sed over, and it could be said that the two elderly made the large part of the reason.

Of course, he also loves his jobs very much, because he can experience different kind of lives in different places, different worlds, different system s.p.a.ces, and playing the roles of a different kind of lives and different peoples in this line of work.

It's very interesting, isn't it?

At least, he think so.

Lin Qi walked with a fixed gaze to the department of the Rebirth Division, and walked straight to the gorgeous and elegant door. Floating on the top are some s.h.i.+ny and big letters that said "Emotional Dispute Firm" in a l.u.s.trous golden colored light. The ugly color, however, somehow brings in an unexpected harmony8.

Right below it is an advertis.e.m.e.nt slogan in red blood color :

"Does the mistress in the way? Mother in law and daughter in law being difficult? Father in law is unruly? Husband is h.o.m.os.e.xual9? A slag was toying with you? Haunted by an animal ghost? —— Emotional Dispute Firm is your first choice! With pa.s.sion like a sword, and love like a sword! As long as you want it, there's nothing we cannot do.”

Lin Qi ignored the slogan and went straight to the firm. When he came to his office, he saw Little Egg (Xiao JiDan) has been flipping out on top of the desk——

"You explain to me clearly, what's actually been going on here!" An egg with this kind of bad speaking tone, if you can see it, you might know that the egg is raising one of his eyebrows. "Didn't you say that Xiao Qi (Little Seven) had three days off?”

T/N : Okay, to be honest, from this point on I have no idea who's this small egg talking to. And the author did wrote 'one Little Egg'. No mention of that person it a talking to whatsoever except a Fire Pot. I a.s.sume it is the one its conversing with, but I'm not sure. I'll put the raws of the entire conversation down there. Also, Xiao Qi and Qi Ge is our MC (cue the profile info up there).

"The, the manpower is too lacking, our hands are full, and Qi Ge (Brother Seven) work efficiently is the greatest……"

"Well, even if you don't care about this, but the Emotional Department has given its okay! Why is Xiao Qi going to * * Department?!" Little Egg exploded.

"That is, because more and more peoples are turning gay… Oh, Qi Ge, you're here." Wu wu10, it shouldn't be. To say that Qi Ge will be leaving the Romance Department s.p.a.ce that filled with the beautiful women, then wouldn't this fire pot become happy?

Why should I be scolded by that herd of woman? And scolded by an egg, nonetheless! Qi Ge, don't just watch the show, quickly take care of your family's eggs!

When the egg saw Lin Qi, the flames went out, and it began to cry, "Xiao Qi."

Lin Qi approaching them, and touched the top part of Little Egg gently, "* * is pretty good." As for the reason for him to go to the * * Department, Lin Qi did not want to talk about it.

A certain egg drawing some circles in the corner : Wu wu……

Recalling a certain someone with an deadpan expression two days ago that said they wanted to rest for two days…… Recalling a certain someone who said that the long leg of the beautiful woman cannot be seen…… Whoever said it, slip and fall!

"Qi Ge, Boss said that when you arrived, you need to go directly to the Room of Vengeful Soul 309. In the future, the complaints that come from there are the targets you're responsible for."

"En11", after Lin Qi answered, he turned around immediately, and the small eggs that growing mushrooms in the corner gradually faded away.

Lin Qi walked through the mist of resentment on the Long Corridor, and arrive at the Room of Vengeful Soul 309.

Pus.h.i.+ng open the door, a dark and gloomy figure stood in the corner, somewhat at lost to what to do.

"Ding —— The information is successfully integrated, resentment value is detected to be at 99 points.

Lin Qi closes his eyes, and received the information coming from Little Egg. As he opened his eyes again, there was a gleam of doubt deep in his eyes, "So low? How can they be send here?"

"The data shows that it was attached to an enormous vengeful soul, so they brought them together."

Lin Qi expresses his understanding and he closes the door. A flash of thought pa.s.sed through his mind and the room became s.p.a.cious and bright, the original elegant sofa has become an ancient sandalwood table and chair, and in the middle is an incense burner where a smoke is rising slowly from it.

Lin Qi is already sitting in the middle of the chair, and the figure who was standing on the side that sat opposite him, is a young man dresses in an ancient clothing and have a very handsome facial features.

His face was a little pale, but it was evident that his complexion was getting better under such familiar environment.

"Lin Qi Gong Zhi,12 don't be afraid. This is the Emotional Dispute Firm, and I work here. Your13 situation, I already know about it. Presumably, when you were sent here, our specialized staff has gave you the explanations, and so, what do you want us to do for you?" Lin Qi felt a little strange because he unexpectedly has the same name as himself, but there was no trace of any changes of his facial expression to be seen. He have a faint smile on his lips. If it's not a smile out of courtesy, they would looked like friends that's having a chat between themself.

The man opposite him was obviously much more relaxed, as after being silent for a long time, he said hesitantly : "They said, you14 can do anything for me?"

The smile on Lin Qi mouth got a bit wider, and for a moment his eyes sparkled, "Of course, the Emotional Dispute Firm is here to help you solve your emotional problems. All of the relations.h.i.+ps that not yet reconciled, and all of your grudges, leave it to us to solve it for you. Whether its revenge, murdering, or seizing one's heart…… But we will take the three immortal souls and the seven mortal feeling15 in exchange. Moreover, we are very fair. We will only deciding the amount of souls that will be collected depending on the degree of the difficulty we have to challenges to completing your request afterward.”

"My wish? Can you help me save my Lin Jia16? …I also want to know if he ever really likes me. If… If he really likes Mei Xiao——you can help them to be together. I… wish for his happiness." The handsome man opposite him seems somewhat hesitated.

The smile on Lin Qi lips stiffened. This is the first time he heard such a magnanimous request.

A Holy Mother17? This kind of image looks very interesting…

"Your wish will be fulfilled perfectly, My Lord.” Lin Qi clear and melodious voice calmed the person opposite him, and he looked up at him with eyes full of hope.

Lin Qi curved up the corner of his mouth, and one cannot discern the expression from the pair of s.h.i.+ny black pupil, and it seems to be filled with a countless swirled vortex.

"Until the time when you're satisfied, only then will we collected the compensation we deserve. Now, please, sleep first…"

Raws for the ??? and Little Egg conversation :

Translator notes :

And as you can see, I'm a little bit silly with notes. I'll try to reduce it a little bit on the next chapters onwards… if I can. XD

Also, vote to tell me your preference of names like the little egg and MC aliases language.

And also~~~ have you figured out what the * * Department mean? :3

Hint. Search for 309 on Google.

Special thanks for @Vivi from for explaining me the way to preventing the bot from being naughty, and @Kate (kleep?) from for helping me with the markdown.

Go read their translation if you haven't already (although I'm mostly a silent stalker…). Much love. :3

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This is just a lotsa way to call him 'seven'. 七 (qi) is seven, and the a (ah) in A Qing is an endearment way of calling someone you're close of, and the Gong Zi could mean a Prince (son of n.o.bility) or son of a high official, or simply gentleman (Mr.). ↩ Think of it like the skins for game characters. ↩ Might referencing Long Corridor of the Summer Palace. I personally thought that this may be a place where all kind of souls are placed/displayed. More info on Long Corridor Wiki and Summer Palace Wiki ↩ Idiom : 天翻地覆 (tiān fāndì fù). Translated as heaven and earth have been overturned or the whole world has been turned upside down. Basically mean a total confusion/chaos or a social or political upheaval. ↩ I think that the author might be saying that his emotional state/human relations.h.i.+ps is as thin (little) as his lips. If you think this is not right, please do tell me in the comments. Raws : 或许薄唇的人情也薄 ↩ What is a slag? It is an individual who cares not for relations.h.i.+ps beyond the realm of the s.e.xual, these people sleep with many partners not caring about anything save for the moment of climax. (Slag has a lot of meaning, short explanation on . And another looser term for It is sc.u.m. ↩ not sure. Raws : 当初林奇将自己的经历编编改改大致说了说。 ↩ not sure if the author mean it as a good thing or bad. Raws 恶俗的颜色却偏偏有着意外的和谐。 ↩ I got two translation for this. One is stirring up trouble and being gay (slang). Obviously I choose the latter one XD. ↩ Sfx for crying. ↩ This have different meaning depending on how it's said. It could translated as well, okay (a sounds of approvement), etc. You might seen this on other translation as well. It's kind like ah or ba, just an additional sounds. Kinda. :3 ↩ See note no.1 for gong zhi meaning, and this is the same Lin Qi as MC name : 林奇 ↩ Just a little note. MC has been using 您 (nin), a formal or a more respectful way of saying 'you' to his client. ↩ Unlike MC, he use the informal 'you'. ↩ In short, his soul. :v
That seven mortal feelings also known as the seven deadly sins. ↩ Jia is translated as house or family. In this case, 林家 mean Lin household or the family with a surname Lin. ↩ raw is 圣母么. I think he might be saying about the characteristic akin to a White Lotus character. Although nowadays the meaning deprived from "the pure even in the mud" became "the pure looking but heart full of mud".  ↩

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