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Chapter 1411 The Story Of The Past

PS: Xiao Sang wrote a lot of stories about the past in other chapters. It would be meaningless to write more. So, write about the past that was buried in the last century. Does anyone remember which one it is?

Gu Xiao sang stood in front of the window with her hand on the jade flute. Her pink lips moved slightly, and her eyes seemed to be blurred and illusory. Flowers were falling in front of her eyes, and swallows were flying together.

Knock, Knock, Knock. A deep and rhythmic knocking sound was heard. Gu Xiaosang retracted her gaze and turned around, revealing a smile that was difficult to understand.

"Come in,"she said briskly, as if she did not care about the solemn image of the SAINTESS.

Creak. A man dressed as a salesman bowed and entered the room. He carefully closed the door and said respectfully,

"Reporting to the SAINTESS, I have news from you."

He kept his head down and didn't dare to look at Gu Xiaosang, as if he was afraid of being intimidated by her beautiful face.

"The exotic stone is lost again?"Gu Xiaosang's dimples were shallow, and no one could tell anything from her expression.

"Yes, the exotic stone in Zengxian sect was lost again last night,"the salesman answered truthfully.

Gu Xiaosang put the jade flute back on her waist and nodded slightly. She asked casually, "Have there been any experts on the scenery pa.s.sing by these days?"

The salesman thought for a while and said, "A fleet of s.h.i.+ps from the Cui family is approaching. They are preparing to go south to Hengyuan to visit the Zheng family. There must be an expert on the scenery watching over them."

"The Cui family in Pingjin has been restless recently. They have been visiting various aristocratic families frequently. Some people are probably restless."Gu Xiaosang chuckled and didn't comment. Then, she took out a wax ball from her mustard seed ring and gave it to the salesman, "We will travel day and night to the section of the river that leads to Huan Zhou. Throw this thing into the water. We must finish it by tomorrow evening."

She did not say anything threatening, but the salesman s.h.i.+vered and blurted out,

"Yes, your subordinate. Do not disappoint the SAINTESS. Otherwise, you will throw yourself into the river and end your life!"

At this moment, he raised his head subconsciously to show his determination. He happened to see the pair of deep eyes that seemed to hide billions of stars.

The starry sky was so vast, so beautiful, so amazing, and the pair of eyes was so dreamy.

As if struck by lightning, the salesman secretly planted a hint in the depths of his heart. He was ready to kill himself after completing the task. Then, he put away the wax ball in a daze, turned around, and left the small building.

The Wax Ball was as big as a human eye and covered with a red skin. It had a fiery taste. It was obviously not an ordinary object.

Gu Xiaosang watched her subordinate leave. She did not move for a long time, as if she had turned into a statue. Suddenly, she frowned, as if she was in pain. Her eyes sparkled, and she lost her spirituality and emptiness. She became deeper and more indifferent, it was as if she had gone through thousands of reincarnations and had seen through the changes of the mortal world.

At this moment, tiny purple lightning crackled between her eyebrows and formed layers of seal characters. They overlapped to form an extremely complicated and gorgeous pattern.

The pattern seeped into her skin and disappeared without a trace, and the intelligence in Gu Xiaosang's eyes also returned.

"Xiaozi..."she chuckled, but the meaning was hard to understand.

The white veil fluttered slightly, and the door closed. Gu Xiaosang walked to the window again, with the faint smile still hanging on the corner of her mouth:

"The descendant of the mysterious woman was born, and her body was awakened... Shan Xiumei, Liu Shuyu..."

His ability to plan was not inferior to others. On one hand, it was his own talent. On the other hand, it was also the mystical power of his cultivation technique, the acc.u.mulation of experience and knowledge.

On the large side, he had seen all sorts of future developments and the greatest possibilities. The secrets he knew might even surpa.s.s some of the big figures on the other sh.o.r.e. As for the small details, Luo cult had a long history, he had a perfect and terrifying ability to gather information, surpa.s.sing the vast majority of sects and aristocratic families.

When you knew much more than your opponent, things would become simple and easy.

This was something that that fellow could not imagine at the moment. As a result, he would eventually reject it and have no choice but to follow his own thoughts, just like a mouse under the claws of a cat. And this could also be used to describe his own situation, yes.., it could be used to describe his own situation..


The rain pattered, and the bluestone slabs on the street seemed to have been washed. Shan Xiumei quietly entered the private room of the Moon Pavilion and sat at the main seat. There was no one around, and no guests had yet arrived.

The river that pa.s.sed through the barren mountains of Huan Prefecture churned and flowed. From time to time, one could see the floating corpses of drowning people floating past. At the bottom of a certain section of the water, the wax ball seemed to have been burned by fire, and the Red Juice that dripped out mysteriously disappeared.

The wax ball completely cracked open, revealing the thing inside. It was a broken tip of a sword, which was slightly longer than the top knuckle of the ring finger.

The tip of the sword was covered with a layer of ice-like blue, which made the flowing water around it suddenly slow down and solidify. Then, it burst out a burst of light, which pierced through the river water and rushed up to the clouds. The sharp and cold air stirred the heaven and earth.

In a fleet of s.h.i.+ps that had turned to head south, Cui Qingyu, who had two broken eyebrows, suddenly opened his eyes. His short beard quivered slightly:

"The aura of a divine weapon?"

Before he finished his sentence, his figure had already blurred, leaving only layers of purple shadows twisting on the spot.

In a quiet room in a small courtyard near the Moon Pavilion, someone's eyes also lit up:

"The birth of a divine weapon?"

The light and shadows flickered, and the small courtyard returned to silence.

In the depths of the desolate mountains and rivers, a strong swordsman who was pa.s.sing by also turned his head to look at the faint blue light. Then, he took out a mask and put it on his face. It was the mask of the "Primordial Master of Taiyi"in the ancient myths and legends!

In the carriage outside the Moon Pavilion, Gu Xiaosang's pretty face was clean. She looked up at the sky and saw the light disappear in an instant.

The matter of the descendant of the thunder G.o.d was of great importance. It was impossible for the Sunu Taoist sect to only send the descendant of the mystic maiden just because Shan Xiumei was close to them. There must be a strong esper here too!

Luring the tiger away from the mountain, one peach and two men!

Shan Xiumei waited for a moment and suddenly felt something. She got up and walked to the window. She happened to see a woman in a white dress holding an oil-paper umbrella swaying over, as if she was a flower bathing in the rain.

She walked leisurely, one step to the front of the building and one step to the window!

Shan Xiumei's pupils suddenly contracted, like the tip of a needle. Waves of prayers sounded in her ears like an illusion:

"Mother Wu Sheng, home of the vacuum..."

"Mother Wu Sheng, home of the vacuum!"

A finger as white as jade pointed over, and Shan Xiumei could not help but move forward, as if she was in a nightmare.

At the moment of danger, six cold lights suddenly burst out. From the big tree in front of the Moon Pavilion, from the small shop across the street, and from the lobby on the first floor, some jumped out and turned back, some shot out like meteors to catch the Moon, and some circled up, they covered every vital spot on Gu Xiaosang's back, trying to force her to leave Shan Xiumei. At the same time, a ribbon flew out of the private room and wrapped around Shan Xiumei's waist, trying to drag her back.

The Seven Heavenly Ladies Protected Xuan Master!

For them, it was a must to get Shan Xiumei out of danger first!

At this moment, the Gu Xiaosang in their eyes disappeared!

Gu Xiaosang seemed to have expected it. The finger just now was a feint. She took advantage of the momentum and moved forward. With a twist of her body, she actually arrived behind Shan Xiumei. Then, she waved her left hand elegantly and aimed straight at the back of Shan Xiumei's head.

Shan Xiumei was pulled down by the streamer and took the initiative to crash into her!

After the six streaks of lightning lost Gu Xiaosang's figure, their momentum did not decrease. Seeing that they were about to hit Shan Xiumei, they could only change their moves and panic.

In the panic, a white shadow flashed. Gu Xiaosang actually gave up on Shan Xiumei and crashed into the scattered sword lights. The surrounding air suddenly disappeared and there was no resistance. It was as if a terrifying vortex had been created, the fairies lost their steps, lost their center of gravity, and approached the Big Luo Demon Woman.

One pulled, one pushed, and one released. The white shadow seemed to dance as the figures fell one by one. Moreover, Gu Xiaosang never left Shan Xiumei's side. She used her as a s.h.i.+eld and also used her as bait.

By the time the scattered flower fairies gave up the streamers and joined the battle, only three of the seven fairies were left!

Shan Xiumei managed to recover and drew her long sword. Suddenly, the floor split apart and she fell from the second floor to the first floor. This allowed her to escape from Gu Xiaosang's control, the remaining three fairies did not care about their own lives. They clung to Gu Xiaosang and did not let her chase after them.

Gu Xiaosang was not surprised. She only chuckled.

The Xuan Nu's descendant finally could not help but attack..

After that, she killed all the fairy maidens and chased after them all the way to Huan. Then, she met Meng Qi again.

The past had pa.s.sed a thousand years and was already buried.

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