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Su Qing boiled half a cabbage and a noodle pancake. It was not particularly delicious, but Mu Yunyao ate heartily. Her mood was extremely good. Even if Su Qing gave her sandstone, she would still eat everything.

"Mother, drink some warm water first before you sleep." A lamp lit up the house. Mu Yunyao brought a bowl of warm water in front of Su Qing. Under the warm light, the water looked yellow.

Su Qing took a sip and felt that the taste was off. "Yao Er, this water……"

"I put in some herbs. It will help you have a good night's rest. Do not worry, Mother."

Su Qing nodded and did not think much about it. She lay down on the bed with Mu Yunyao and fell into a deep sleep within a few moments.

After a while, Mu Yunyao got up. She used all her strength to carry Su Qing into the west side of the house.

After using much strength, she managed to put Su Qing onto the bed. Mu Yunyao breathed heavily, this body of hers was much too weak. She covered Su Qing with a blanket and warmed up the bed. When she made sure the temperature was comfortable, she then stood up and straightened her clothes. She walked into the main room and waited for Zhang caizhu.

As it got later, the village became very quiet. There was only the occasional bark from a mutt.

That was when two dark figures slowly closed in on Li s.h.i.+'s home.

Caizhu Zhang Yongan stood at the door. To give himself a certain aura, he specially copied the the gentlemen from the city, one hand holding a fan. The butler Dingshan gently pushed the door open. The door opened with a creak.

(T/N: Zhang Caizhu's name is Zhang Yongan. "Yongan" 永安 meaning "forever peace". -_-)

Zhang Yongan laughed soundlessly. She really was waiting for him. He had always thought that Su Qing was a very reserved and modest woman, looks that that is not the case!

The courtyard was quiet. There was only the soft yellow light coming from inside the house. Zhang Yongan gestured the butler Dingshan to wait at the door. He went up the door and said, "Beauty, I have received your invitation and thus I have come to you."

Under the light, Mu Yunyao slowly opened her eyes, her long lashes cast a shadow on her face. "Come in."

Zhang Yongan hurriedly opened the door. When he saw Mu Yunyao, he froze. The smile on his face became wider. "Oh, it's a little beauty."

In the day, Mu Yunyao had used an egg to ma.s.sage her face, causing the bruises on her face to fade away. She had also applied medicine. Now, her face was mostly healed. Only the scar from the cut she made with the ceramic shard remained. This scar did not destroy her beauty; it only just added a pitiful aura to her.

Under the light, her eyes were clear, her lips were pink and she looked soft and fragile. She seemed so much like a succubus.

Zhang Yongan eyes were completely drawn to her.

"Zhang Caizhu's clothes are especially nice today." It totally looks good enough for his funeral.

"If this little beauty likes it, I can wear it everyday for you to see." Zhang Yongan walked up and caressed Mu Yunyao's hand, but she responded by throwing a handkerchief onto his face.

"Little beauty, you……" Zhang Yongan laughed, his words were getting more and more unclear.

Mu Yunyao stood up. She reached under the table and pulled out a bat and hit Zhang Caizhu's head hard!

"Ping!" With the bat, even if Mu Yunyao used little strength, it would still have been enough to cause him to faint.

"Sir, are you alright?" Dingshan's voiced sounded out from the door.

"Butler Ding, Zhang Caizhu suddenly fainted, could you come inside and look?" Mu Yunyao's eyes were filled with murderous intent. Dingshan had also abused Mother at that time! Thus, he must also die!

Dingshan quickly opened the door. He suddenly felt an air current by his ear. He used his arm to block. He grabbed a stick and was about to kick Mu Yunyao away.

Mu Yunyao backed away and threw her handkerchief at Dingshan's face. Dingshan did not block in time and breathed in the powder. His movements slowed and was. .h.i.t hard on the head.

"You……" Dingshan could not believe it. This mere villager girl had the guts to kill!

Mu Yunyao's face was expressionless. When she saw that Dingshan did not knock out, she hit him again. Dingshan swayed and fell forward.

When she got rid of the bat, Mu Yunyao took out the dagger. The dagger was the dagger that she had stolen from Yue w.a.n.g. She slowly walked towards Dingshan and plunged it into his heart!

"This is a good dagger, I didn't even have to use much strength." She looked at her bloodied hands, the fire in her eyes trembled a little. But, she recovered at the next moment.

She had already decided to walk the path of blood and live well, so she would definitely not mind using her enemy's blood to make the path smoother!

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