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The Emperor took an indifferent att.i.tude toward the Su family’s affairs, and the people in Imperial Court did not dare to intervene easily. After all, the one in charge of investigating this matter was the famous, straightforward person, Shen Binghuai. His colleagues in the Imperial Court had given him a nickname, Shen Heilian (Black Face). This man does not care whether your official position is higher than him or your position of power is heavier than his. As long as you get caught in the wrong place, he will definitely think of all the ways to investigate you. His stubbornness is unbearable even to the Emperor.

When they heard that the Emperor had handed over the matter of the Su family to Shen Binghuai to investigate, the people all nodded in agreement. Shen Binghuai had been called Shen Heilian by his colleague, but the people regarded him as Qingtian. He helped the people with many cases when he was in Shuntian Manor, which was very convincing.

However, this time, Shen Binghuai’s investigation was not thriving. Many things that happened were all pointed at the Su family, but the concrete evidence was very little. The only thing that could be obtained was the card that w.a.n.g Zhu submitted. But Su Wenyuan had previously said that the Su family’s cards were not lost, so he could only check them out again in person.

Now the person in charge of the Su family’s affair is Second Madam. Shen Binghuai came to check the matching cards, and the Second Madam directly called the steward over. “Lord Shen, these matching cards are used for the convenience of servants to go out and do business, so they are usually kept by the steward. This is Shen Fu, the Su family’s steward. Lord Shen can check with him.”

Shen Bingshu nodded his head: “Shen Fu, are you sure that the Su Family’s matching cards have not been lost?”

“Replying to the Lord, the house did not lose any matching cards, but there are three pairs of matching cards were taken out and has not returned. There are two taken away by the head steward and went to Qizhou City to check the property. Also, there is one in Xun Wu’s hand. He had been sent out by the Eldest Madam to do some errands a few days ago, and the rest were all in residence.”

Shen Binghuai looked at the tray of matching cards, and his eyes suddenly focused. He took out the other half of the matching card and placed it on the tray, which happened to be matched with the matching cards that had Xun Wu’s name.

The steward’s expression changed. The Second Madam, who was by his side, was secretly shocked. She didn’t need Shen Binghuai to open his mouth and directly asked the steward, “Where Eldest Sister-in-Law sent Xu Wu out to do something?”

“In reply to Second Madam, this servant doesn’t know. This token has been taken out for some time....”

“Ever since he got his cards, did Xun Wu ever come back?”

The steward shook his head. “I’ve never seen him again.”

Inside Ji Yue Pavilion, Mu Yunyao was in a good mood to water the pot of Shameless Beauty in the room.

Jin Qiao walked in quickly with a smile on her face, “Miss, guess what Lord Shen found in his investigation today?”

Mu Yunyao’s lips held a smile, “Could it be that he found aunt’s body?”

“Isn’t it? Lord Shen has a plat of matching card from the Su family residence, which just happened that the card was taken out by Xun Wu. It is said that the Eldest Madam sent him out to check on the situation of the autumn harvest at her own estate, but he has not come back, and now Lord Shen has sent someone to look for him.”

“Xun Wu…” This name is quite interesting. Could it be that there are still Xun Da and Xun Ji?”

Jin Qiao nodded and looked at Mu Yunyao in admiration. “Miss is really smart, that is because Xun Wu called Wu because he was ranked fifth, and he has four older brothers.”

Mu Yunyao laughed. “Eldest Aunt has been quite quiet these past few days. Jin Qiao prepared some gifts because I’m going to visit Elder Sister Yuyi. Since I’ll be leaving for the Autumn Hunt in two days, so before I leave, I’ll give some gifts to express my feelings.”

“Then, this servant will prepare some medicinal ingredients. Is it appropriate, Miss?”

“I don’t dare to send medicinal herbs to Eldest Aunt. I should prepare some ornaments and porcelain. After Elder Sister Yuyi woke up, didn’t she smash all of the ornaments in her room? Since Eldest Aunt is no longer in charge of the residence and hasn’t even collected all of the eighty thousand taels of silver she owes me. It shouldn’t be convenient for her to buy new ornaments for Elder Sister Yuyi, then we might send some ornaments over.”

“Yes, Miss.”

Mu Yunyao changed into a new set of clothes and headed East Courtyard with Jin Lan and Jin Qiao. Along the way, the servants that saw her all bowed respectfully. Some of them didn’t even dare raise their heads, afraid that they would make Mu Yunyao unhappy.

Mu Yunyao directly went to Su Yuyi’s room, and just as she reached the door, she heard Su Yuyi berating the maid.

“Kneel down. I won’t let you all get up. If anyone dares to move, beat them up and throw them out of the residence!”

Mu Yunyao slightly pursed her lips, the light in her eyes chilly. In her previous life, Su Yuyi’s life had gone smoothly. She also had been tightly protected by the Su family. She had never experienced any hards.h.i.+ps, so even if there were any flaws in her personality, she had still hidden them one by one. But now, before Su Yuyi ascended, she broke her arms and destroyed her foundation. In that case, what would become of this proud daughter be like?

Su Yuyi raised her head and saw Mu Yunyao standing at the doorway. Her eyes immediately turned fierce, “Mu Yunyao, what are you doing here?” At the same time, he could not help but tremble in fear.

Mu Yunyao looked at the s.h.i.+vering maid on the ground and lightly retracted her gaze. “I came here to visit you. I heard that Elder Sister Yuyi’s mood wasn’t good these few days. She liked listening to the sound of porcelain being broken, so I specially gathered some ornament and porcelain from the warehouse to specifically deliver them to Elder Sister.”

“Are you here to ridicule me?” Su Yu Yi frowned, the hatred in her eyes became even intense, “Mu Yunyao, don’t think you’ll be able to laugh until the end. Thirty years in the east and thirty years in the west. What will happen to you in the end? You still don’t know what the result will be!”

Mu Yunyao suddenly laughed, and it took a while before she stopped. “30 years in the east, 30 years in the west … I never thought that I would be able to hear such words from Elder Sister Yuyi. I thought that I was the most appropriate person to say such words!”

“You…” Su Yuyi bit her lips hard, and her pale face turned red. Even with her broken arm and sickly look, she was still beautiful, but it was a pity that this beauty was twisted by hatred, “Get out of my room. You will be stained my place!”

Mu Yunyao’s smile remained the same, “Elder Sister Yuyi, you should be happy right now. Happy that I’ve come to see you. It won’t be long before no one dares to set foot into the East Courtyard. When you cry and beg me to come, I won’t even take a step!”

Su Yuyi was so angry that her entire body was trembling. She wished that she could go up and tear Mu Yunyao’s smiling face to shreds, but Mu Yunyao was followed by Si Shu, so she didn’t dare to act rashly.

“Jin Lan, Jin Qiao, bring out those things I brought for Elder Sister Yuyi.”

“Yes, Miss.”

After hearing the order, Jin Lan and Jin Qiao immediately took action, not caring about Su Yuyi on the sideline.

“Mu Yunyao, don’t go too far!” Su Yuyi threw the bottle on the table to the ground and shouted angrily.

Mu Yunyao shook her head with great pity. “Elder Sister Yuyi, this Spring Bottle that you casually threw away is worth fifty taels of silver. I heard that Eldest Aunt was willing to pay out some of her dowry to raise the silver. If you waste it like this, she must be angry. In addition, you broke the ornaments that I sent over. In the future, it won’t be that easy to replace them. After all, the residence doesn’t have much silver. It is said that one does not know how precious firewood and rice are. If I do not personally see the account books, it would truly be hard to imagine that the dignified Su family is actually this poor.”

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