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Chapter 1731 Besieging John Doe

“You’re alone over there. Do you need help?”

Li Ji asked with concern.

“No need.”

Fang Qiu immediately shook his head and said, “It’s not proper to use the state power to solve my problem. I won’t let my affairs weaken my country’s strength.”

Fang Qiu knew the case well.

There was no need for Huaxia to compete for this Yuan Yang Fruit.

Huaxia already got the speed-up technique without side effects, so the Yuan Yang Fruit was unnecessary. Most critically, Huaxia needn’t waste any military strength on the compet.i.tion for it!

The reason was simple.

Huaxia had enough experts, so there was no need to take the risk for a fruit. Besides, it was uncertain if it could upgrade people to the SS level.

Huaxia’s international status would not change even if other countries got it.

After all, John Doe and Qingyun had slaughtered quite many experts at the SS level.

If a hostile country got the Yuan Yang Fruit…

At worst, another expert must be killed!

Something like the Yuan Yang Fruit was better than nothing. Yet, the Huaxia higher-ups knew well that it was not just a simple fight for a fruit.

Very likely, Nirvana Organization would partic.i.p.ate. Since it was a great chance to improve themselves, other metahuman forces would also not let it go.

If all the major metahuman forces worldwide scrambled for it, there would be an extraordinary scene of disorder.

This chaotic situation might cause considerable casualties for any country or force!

As such…

There was no need for Huaxia to take risks.

Since they had decided not to run the risks, the Huaxia higher-ups let Li Ji ask Fang Qiu if he needed support.

If Fang Qiu needed help, Huaxia would send out reinforcements immediately.

They asked in advance out of respect for Fang Qiu.

It was because…

The higher-ups had heard from the Sword Sect what John Doe had done in Belgon.

Even three gurus at the Venerable level could be a burden to him.

The higher-ups felt quite helpless.

In this case…

Even gurus might not be helpful when Fang Qiu asked for support. Huaxia would at least send someone at the same level as John Doe, who wouldn’t become a burden to him.


Hearing what Fang Qiu said, Li Ji nodded with understanding and said, “If you need help, call me at any time. We will make all the preparations. As long as you need us, we will set off immediately!”

“Okay, thank you.”

Fang Qiu nodded to express his grat.i.tude.

After Fang Qiu ended the call…

He also began to ponder over the problem.

In the next 15 days, major forces worldwide would come to vie for the Yuan Yang Fruit. The first ones to arrive would be the local forces in Autranssy.

A chaotic battle might happen when the people of the significant forces arrived. Then, it would be more challenging to keep the Yuan Yang Fruit.

However, no matter what…

Fang Qiu had to guard the Yuan Yang Fruit against others. In the end, he must obtain it!

Not far away from him…

Those metahumans were kept 50 meters away from the fruit by Fang Qiu. A long time had pa.s.sed, yet the people sent by their forces hadn’t yet come. As they looked at each other while waiting, some thought of discussing and solving the problem together.

In addition to these metahumans from different forces, some metahumans belonging to no organization appeared later. They found a person guarding the Yuan Yang Fruit near it. When they learned it was John Doe from Huaxia, they gathered together with great fear and began discussing secretly.

100 meters away…

To let John Doe hear it, these people gathered together quietly 100 meters away from him and whispered.

“He is John Doe, right?”

“I never expected to see John Doe in Autranssy.”

“I heard John Doe is exceedingly powerful. Even Murica and Nirvana Organization have suffered a great loss because of him. Much to my surprise, he came here so early and drew a circle to stop us from approaching the fruit. He must have determined to get this top-notch spiritual fruit.”

“He indeed possesses unmatched strength, but he is guarding the spiritual fruit alone? I must say this is almost entirely his wishful thinking!”

“When other forces arrive, he can’t fight against the heavy odds he faces. At that time, the spiritual fruit will fall into the hands of others.”

“Since we must fight to get it, why don’t we make the first move!”

When those who gathered together heard it…

They instantly perked up.

“s.n.a.t.c.hing something from John Doe?

“Is that possible?”

With suspicion and fear, the others all looked at the person who proposed to grab the fruit.


They all had the idea of s.n.a.t.c.hing it. But before taking action, they still hesitated.

To be honest…

Even the world’s top large-scale forces couldn’t do anything to John Doe. Some even suffered losses because of him. In contrast, these people were backed up by no organizations or small and medium-sized forces. How could they have the guts to go against John Doe?

However, on second thought…

This seemed to be their advantage.

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After all…

Unlike the people of large forces, they attracted little attention as lone pract.i.tioners. Therefore, even if they s.n.a.t.c.hed away the treasure, they could leave at any time without too much consideration.

“Do you think we can snake it from John Doe and take it?”

One of them asked suspiciously.

“Will we take it from John Doe?”

Another person immediately shook his head and said, “Listen, that spiritual fruit is a priceless treasure for metahumans worldwide. John Doe guards here to wait for the fruit to ripen. Only a fully-grown spiritual fruit can be the most effective.”

“We all know that. Tell us something useful.”

One curled his lips and suggested.

“I just want you to know that keeping the spiritual fruit won’t be good for people like us. The moment we get the ripe fruit, we will become the target of various large forces in the world. At that time, we won’t even notice the danger before we are killed.”

“So, we can only take the immature spiritual fruit.”

Speaking of this, the man who proposed to rob the fruit glanced at John Doe and said, “Now is the best time to do it. There is still half a month before the spiritual fruit ripens. Now that more people from other forces haven’t yet arrived, we must take the chance. We should pick up the immature spiritual fruit and take it away in time. Only in this way can we avoid being tracked by those large forces.”

The people around him nodded in approval.


This was the best way.

However, how could they s.n.a.t.c.h away it from John Doe?

“I’ve done some research.”

The man who offered this plan added, “I have noticed his strange behavior. He only kills people from Nirvana and Murica. According to his performance in Huaxia Wulin, he would at most seriously injure the person who provoked him, even if he was in a towering rage.”

“This is the key to the success of our robbery!”

When all the people heard that…

Their eyes lit up.

He dared to propose to rob John Doe because he had thoroughly surveyed John Doe.

“There are less than 15 people here.”

The man who proposed this idea glanced at everyone and said, “We can choose ten or even fourteen people to hold John Doe back together. The rest will go and pick the immature spiritual fruit. The moment we get the spiritual fruit, we can retreat. Anyway, we can’t eat it even after getting it. After s.n.a.t.c.hing it, we can sell it and divide the money evenly!”

Over a dozen people at the scene heard his plan.

Their eyes were alight with excitement.

In their eyes…

This method was indeed feasible.

Since John Doe wouldn’t kill them, ten people were enough to stall John Doe.

Even if John Doe was to deal a death blow, they could sense it with their strength and retreat in the first place. They believed John Doe would not abandon the spiritual fruit and chase after them.

The more they thought about it, the more faith they had in their success!

Once they succeeded, the benefits would be unimaginable. Even if they failed, they wouldn’t suffer any losses.

Through the a.n.a.lysis…

Carrying out this plan would be the best choice!

“Okay, let’s do it.”

One of them immediately nodded in agreement.

“I’m in.”

“Me too.”

“Count me in.”

More than a dozen people spoke one by one, ready to have a good fight.

On the other side…

Those who worked for their forces also saw the situation here. Without thinking much about it, they knew the purpose of these lone pract.i.tioners. Therefore, they were not in a hurry to discuss countermeasures with other forces. Instead, they looked on with a critical eye.

They were curious if this group could take advantage of John Doe.

Of course, Fang Qiu was aware of the Banker Town.

They would not let these people take away the spiritual fruit.

Over there, next to the Yuan Yang Fruit…

Fang Qiu closed his eyes.

He used his Divine Consciousness to observe the surrounding situation carefully.

The 15 people happened to be 100 meters away from Fang Qiu. Every word they said and every nuance of their expressions didn’t escape his detection!

Ten minutes later…


With the order, the 15 people deliberately stepped forward and walked straight to the line drawn by Fang Qiu 50 meters away from the fruit.


Abruptly, 13 people jumped up and threw themselves on Fang Qiu.

As for the other two, they followed behind the 13 people. Under the cover of them, they sneaked toward the Yuan Yang Fruit.

Seeing this, Fang Qiu couldn’t help sneering.

He heard every word of this group.

They were right.

He wouldn’t kill people casually and didn’t mean to finish off the 15 attackers. But since they were daring enough to rob him, they must bear the corresponding punishment and pain!

When the 15 people dashed toward him…

Fang Qiu whizzed up.


He waved his right hand and clenched his hand into a fist.

With a loud bang, an incomparably violent force erupted from his body. Then, he fiercely threw a punch at the group charging at him.

Fang Qiu had no interest in playing with them. His first unleashed a burst of horrifyingly destructive aura. With aggressive energy Qi, it smashed its way into the group.

Before the punch arrived, the strong wind from its motion whipped these people charging at Fang Qiu, freaking them out.

As these people felt the gust of wind…

They were immediately dumbfounded.

Little did they know that John Doe’s Qi power was so overpowering. Merely with it could John Doe entirely pin them down!

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