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Chapter 528 Various People Were Following!

At three o’clock in the afternoon, in the girls’ dormitory of the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, Jiang Miaoyu and her three roommates were sitting together. They all opened their eyes wide and stared at the computer screen attentively.

At this time, what was displayed on the computer screen was the live broadcast page of the Central Television official website.

“This time, Fang Qiu is going to be famous again.” Yuan Bei shook the mirror in her hand and said, “Our campus belle has a good eye. She falls for a potential boy, especially one with great potential. I don’t know when I can find one.”

“You?” w.a.n.g Yu covered her mouth and said with a smile, “You dress up gorgeously every day. No one is comparable to you in figure. Do you lack men?”

“I don’t lack any man.” Yuan Bei shrugged her shoulders and spread her hands, saying, “What I lack is a capable man!”

“In my opinion, you are short of powerful men, aren’t you?” Huang Manman cut in.

Hearing that, all the people in the whole dormitory burst into laughter.

While everyone was laughing, Jiang Miaoyu had been staring at the computer screen. When she saw Fang Qiu in the live video, she clenched her fists and secretly cheered for Fang Qiu.

In Dormitory 501. “He’s coming! He’s coming! Fang is coming out!”

Like the girls’ dormitory, Zhu Benzheng and the other two also gathered together and stared at the computer, watching the live broadcast on the official website of Central Television.

“Look at him. He looks awesome!”

Seeing that Fang Qiu’s clothes were a little different from what he wore at ordinary times, Sun Hao couldn’t help but praise him.

Zhou Xiaotian said exaggeratedly, “I just watched other live broadcasts of those streamers. When Fang Qiu appeared, I haven’t seen such a grand scene. He’s almost on the same level as an international superstar.”

“Of course!” Zhu Benzheng also said with a proud face, “Don’t you see who it is? He is the youngest of our Dormitory 501, the brother of ours!”

They couldn’t help giving compliments.

But the three of them didn’t look so relaxed.

On the contrary, they were a little worried. Although Fang Qiu said that there would be no problem in person, they still couldn’t help but worry about Fang Qiu, for fear that something unexpected would happen to Fang Qiu.

Staring at the computer screen, the three of them couldn’t take their eyes off it, and even the atmosphere became a little tense.

In a residential house. “Your disciple is really similar to you, but his skill in making a scene is much better than yours.” Chu Yunyun sat on the sofa, watching the live broadcast on TV while leaning on Xu Miaolin’s shoulder. “In the beginning, if you had had the guts, we would have had a child now. Maybe our child would just be a few years younger than him.”

“What are you talking about?” Xu Miaolin said with a wry smile, “We’re not married yet. Why are you talking about the children?”

“What’s wrong? Are you unhappy?” Chu Yunyun curled her lips.

“Just watch the live broadcast. This is the most important thing now.” Xu Miaolin gave a wry smile and said, “In order to watch this live broadcast, I specially asked for leave to come back home. I can’t deduct my salary for nothing on this day.”

In the northeast, there was a house that was hidden deep in the mountains and looked like a temple.

“I’d like to see what this kid can publicize!” Holy Doctor Chu sat in front of the table and looked at an old TV in the room. The TV was playing the live broadcast on Channel 3.

In a certain quadrangle courtyard of the capital, the three highly-skilled doctors, Huang Zhengren, Yang Juanyong, and Li Zhengtang, gathered together and watched the live broadcast while drinking tea and chatting.

“I don’t know how Fang Qiu intends to announce it this time.” Yang Juanyong’s look became slightly dignified.

“Yeah.” Huang Zhengren nodded and said, “We’ve all seen his treatment. Although we approve of it, it’s difficult for him to get public approval. His treatment will be treated as superst.i.tion or even a mystery if he can’t handle it properly.”

Li Zhengtang opened his mouth. “I have faith in him. Since Fang Qiu chose to make it public, the only thing we can do is to believe him. He’s not a reckless person. Besides, the announcement this time is led by Central Television, which was arranged by Director Li Huawen. They won’t be so reckless to make it public without being completely prepared.”

Upon hearing that, Huang Zhengren and Yang Juanyong nodded in agreement at the same time. They turned their eyes to the TV screen and no longer spoke.

In the Jingbei University of Chinese Medicine. “When I’m walking, you also walk with me. When I am running, you are already flying.”

Looking at the computer, Jiang Mengjie made a metaphor and looked at the familiar face in the live screen with a smile, “When I’m able to fly, maybe you will completely disappear from my world.”

Not just these people, there were also all the contestants of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor, the students of the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, as well as the students of other Chinese Medicine schools across the country. They were all watching the live broadcast.

All the people in the Chinese Medicine industry, as long as they had a little connection with Chinese Medicine, were paying attention to the live broadcast which might create a miracle, change the status of Chinese Medicine, and completely set up this community.

Of course, the doctors of Chinese Medicine all had expectations in their hearts.

Also, there were quite a lot of Western Medicine doctors, as well as many people who had never wanted to believe in Chinese Medicine, watching the live broadcast.

What they wanted to see was not Fang Qiu’s success, but his failure!

They wanted to see with their own eyes how this person who relied on his own strength to support the development of traditional Chinese Medicine would ruin all these achievements and drag down the traditional Chinese Medicine which had just started to become better!

In addition to the people who supported or didn’t support Chinese Medicine, there were also a large number of netizens.

Some of them came to watch because of Fang Qiu’s fame, some of them were shocked by this event, and some of them came purely for watching the fun.

Most of these people were neutral!

In Linxi County. “Hurry up. Do you know how to do it or not?”

In the pavilion of a garden, Fang Qiu’s mother kept urging his father.

At this time, Fang Qiu’s father was busy fiddling with his mobile phone. He was so worried that his head was full of sweat.

Fang Qiu’s mother complained, “If you hadn’t insisted on not taking time off and coming to work, we would have watched our son’s live broadcast at home. You didn’t know how to use it and insisted on calling me over. Now, look at what you have done. It’s time, and we still can’t see anything.”

Fang Qiu’s dad was also anxious. “All right, all right. I’ll download this live broadcast app. I think maybe we can watch it by then, okay?”

“Maybe?” Fang Qiu’s mother snorted and said, “Can we watch it or not? What do you mean by saying ‘maybe’?”

Fang Qiu’s dad said, “Well, I need to download it first before I know if we can see it or not.”


At this time, the sound of download finis.h.i.+ng was heard.

“Okay, okay, I’ll try to install it.” Fang Qiu’s dad quickly clicked to install it.

A moment later. “It’s done! It’s done!”

When he clicked on the live broadcast app, Fang Qiu’s father immediately laughed proudly and said, “Look, our son’s live broadcast is here. I didn’t lie to you. We can watch it as I said before.”

As he spoke, Fang Qiu’s dad clicked on the live broadcast hurriedly.

This time, the old couple had no time to quarrel with each other. They watched the live broadcast nervously, looking forward to Fang Qiu’s performance in the live broadcast.

At 3:05 p.m. on the scene, Director Li Huawen came on the stage after all the devices were set up.

“All the media friends present, the audience in front of the TV and the live broadcast, I’m sorry to keep you waiting a long time. I am Li Huawen, director of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor, as well as the host of the public conference.”

After respectfully glancing at the 100 reporters sitting under the stage, Li Huawen raised his head and greeted the live camera with a smile.

He looked exactly like a host.

“Clap, clap, clap…” There was a burst of applause from the audience.

“Thank you, everyone.”

Director Li Huawen thanked everyone and then said, “This public meeting is not a press briefing, so we won’t go according to the process of the press briefing. The reason why we invited a hundred media reporters here is to notarize the conference on the spot.”

Speaking of this, Li Huawen paused and said, “Well, I’ll introduce the procedure of this meeting first.”

Upon hearing that, the one hundred reporters on the scene immediately began to pay more attention to it.

All the audience who were watching the live broadcast also became more concentrated and waited for Director Li Huawen to announce the process.

Everyone knew whether this meeting would be strict or not depended on the process.

After all, this kind of thing was easy to cheat in the process.

To put it bluntly, as long as the audience listened to the whole process, they would know whether there was any need to continue watching the live show or not.

“This is the meeting to publicize Fang Qiu’s treatment method.”

Director Li Huawen said, “I asked Mr. Fang Qiu’s opinion. In this public meeting, the real cases will be regarded as the base to show to the audience!”

As soon as he said that, everyone was stunned.

What did that mean?

Did Fang Qiu want to treat patients in public?

“First of all, before we start, we have found three completely different patients. When we start, all the reporters present will accompany the patients to perform tests in the hospital to confirm their condition.

“After the inspection, Fang Qiu will see the patients on the spot!

“When Fang Qiu has finished seeing the patients, let’s accompany the patients for examinations together. Then Fang Qiu will publicize the treatment and explain the method and principle in the live broadcast.”

Hearing this, a hundred media reporters present were shocked.

This method was simply too perfect.

There was no possibility of cheating at all.

On the internet, netizens also burst into an uproar.

“Oh my G.o.d, this process is amazing.”

“It seems that Fang Qiu is so confident. He will cure the disease and then explain it. If the disease can’t be cured, there is no need to explain it.”

“Three patients? Shouldn’t you explain the patients’ condition in advance?”

Just as the discussion on the Internet broke out, Director Li Huawen, who was standing on the stage in the conference room, immediately stretched out his hand and said, “Now, let me introduce the three patients we found.”

As he spoke, two men and a woman came in from outside the meeting room.

The three of them looked very weak.

At first glance, it could be seen that they were seriously ill.

“The first one is Miss Li.”

Director Li Huawen said, “One year ago, Miss Li, unfortunately, suffered from breast cancer. Because it was too late, it was impossible for her to have an operation. After a year’s treatment, her condition didn’t get better, and even developed to the terminal stage.”

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