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Chapter 1507 Slapping the Blind Date“s Face

If the man’s expression had been extremely colorful just a few seconds ago, he was extremely stiff now – yet he still needed to smile. Anyone with eyes could see how wide the difference between them was.Even the people who didn’t understand the esports world could tell the difference. With such a handsome boyfriend, there was no need for the lady to go for a blind date.

Xiao Jing was wearing a gold-rimmed spectacle and a white gown. He looked like a doctor that walked out of a manga. His aura was outstanding. Holding Luoluo’s hand, they looked like a cla.s.sic beautiful couple. The man was handsome and the lady was beautiful. They were extremely compatible.

Whether it was the height or their appearance, they were pleasant to look at. Only this kind of man was able to control Luoluo’s beauty. This was why being beautiful wasn’t a crime. You had to see who was standing beside her.

After Xiao Jing had finished speaking, he wasn’t the only person standing there anymore. Lin Feng, Yun Hu, and Qin Mo had all walked over. Including the silver-haired Bo Jiu, the few of them stood in a line. Different styles of men could be seen. This scene was even cooler than the gathering of celebrities.

Just Qin Mo’s face alone was enough to cause ladies to scream. Unfortunately, he was wearing a mask today. But even so, they still attracted everyone’s attention.

“Oh my G.o.d, is that Almighty Qin?”

“d.a.m.n it, this is really a ‘live long and you will see it’ series. There’s even Feng and Yun and Little Spade!”

“So handsome! I get to meet so many idols at once. I feel so happy I’m about to faint!”

“Honestly speaking, they are definitely standing up for G.o.ddess Luo. From the start, I said that this blind date man had no right to pick on G.o.ddess Luo. No one knew the truth about what happened in the past. But from his words alone, I can tell that he’s a traditional man and a mother’s boy. As a man, he had the face to ask a woman to earn money. He even said it so righteously. He looked down on the lady’s educational background too. G.o.ddess Luo has a good temper. If it had been me, I would have splashed the cup of coffee on his face. I really don’t understand what those people who believed what he said was thinking.”

“His face is probably hurting now after seeing our G.o.d Xiao.”

The man heard the conversations around him. He stared at the bunch of people opposite him. His face was burning. That was because everyone opposite him was taller than him by a head.

The man raised his leg and wanted to leave but Xiao Jing didn’t plan to let him go so easily. He lifted his head slightly and said, “Also, I hope that Mr. Zhang will understand one point here. Luoluo could reach her position today because she works harder than anyone else. When other ladies are dating and eating, she’s training. When other ladies are shopping and dressing up, she’s competing. She’s the best mage in our Xiangnan. No one is better than her. When she was competing overseas, she didn’t give up even when pressure piled up on her shoulders. That is because she wanted to see China’s flag flying over other pieces of land. When the judge forgot to play the Chinese anthem, she reminded the judge. She isn’t just playing a broken little game. She’s the only female mage that managed to enter the world ranking. Even if she retires from this industry in the future, she’s worth other people’s respect. This lady, pardon me for being direct, you have no right to pick on her.”

As these words landed in Luoluo’s ears word by word, the unhappiness and injustice she had felt just now disappeared in an instant. Her hard work and pa.s.sion; as long as someone saw it, it was worth it…

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