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Chapter 1567: You Have to Experience Certain Things (Part Ten)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Jiao Chen’s mother was no longer working at the orphanage. She felt that it wasn’t appropriate to bring Xiaojiao along to Su Yue’s house because there were so many people.

After breakfast, Su Yue and Jiao Chen sent Xiaojiao to the Yan’s.

A child only misses their mother when night falls.

During the day, Su Xiaojiao didn’t think of Su Yue, because she was having a fun time playing with Yan Wenxin and the rest.

“Let’s go. Grandmother will bring you to the playground.”

The three little fellows were creating a ruckus at home, so Mu Li and Yan Weihong brought them to the playground in the mall.

Of course, the little ones were excited when they heard it.

They opened the car door and fought to climb up.

When they set off, Mu Li said to them, “Yanyan and the others will be there, too. You guys better not fight while playing later.”

It elated Yan Wenxin. Although she often quarreled with Second Lu, she got along well with both sisters—Second Lu and Third Lu.

But Yan Nuoxing and Su Xiaojiao frowned.

Especially Yan Nuoxing. In an unhappy note, he said, “That annoying girl.”

Mu Li ruffled his hair. “Yangyang…”

Yan Nuoxing glared at her.

He pouted and complained, “That doesn’t sound good.”

Mu Li immediately continued, “Nuonuo, you should be more patient with girls. That’s how a true gentleman behaves.”

Yan Nuoxing agreed unwillingly.

But he still found Third Lu extremely annoying.

It was the holidays, so there were many kids in the playground.

They were at a high-end mall in the capital city. Although it had the regular facilities, its ranking and ticketing prices were slightly higher because of the mall’s prestige.

Only children from wealthy families played there. It catered to kids from a wide age range.

There was an exclusive zone for three to four-year-old kids like Yan Wenxin and the others.

Other zones had racing car simulations, shooting simulations, and other games…

Since they arrived before the three Lu’s, they started playing first.


Suddenly, a clear voice sounded from the zone entrance. Yan Nuoxing frowned.

Before he could turn around, the small figure had already jumped onto him.

Both of them fell to the ground and tumbled around. Yan Nuoxing was above Third Lu. He frowned and was about to explode into a rage.

Suddenly, she cried out, “Yangyang, keep quiet! Kiss me!”

Mu Li was speechless. It was a trending phrase on the Internet. But where did she learn it from?

“Brother and Yanyan marry.”

Su Xiaojiao suddenly ran over and chuckled when she saw Third Lu hugging Yan Nuoxing.

Yan Nuoxing frowned. “Annoying.”

He hurriedly crawled off her.

He stormed off to play alone.

“Brother, wait for me.” Su Xiaojiao ran after him.

She didn’t want to play with that domineering older sister.

So the entire morning, Su Xiaojiao played with Yan Nuoxing. Although Yan Nuoxing had ordered her around, she was still very willing to play with him.

“Brother, pee-pee.”

Suddenly, Su Xiaojiao felt the urge to pee. She anxiously hopped around.

Yan Nuoxing replied, “Go to the toilet.”

“Okay.” She nodded and turned around, sprinting to the exit. There were many kids in this zone and were mostly around her age.

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Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1567 - You Have to Experience Certain Things (Part Ten) summary

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