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Chapter 1113: Hide and Wait

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“Ah! Help me!”

“I don’t want to die!”


The fire inside the formation became stronger. The temperature was increasing and people were dying.

Even an Enlightenment Realm expert could not stay any longer inside the Heaven-sea City.

“Palace Master Su, do you have any idea?” Hai Mingjiang asked Su Mo. Since he was trapped in the fire, he could do nothing.

Hearing this, Su Mo fell silent. Looking at the dying martial artists, he felt so sad in his heart.

The people in Heaven-sea City would be estimated in less than a quarter.

And they could not survive, either.

Of course, Su Mo could avoid the fire. He could hide in the Divine Map.

Which could not be refined.

But, in that case, he would be stuck and was going nowhere.

However, he had no other idea to get out here.

Looking at the people who were dying around him, Su Mo sighed, and he could not watch so many innocent people die because of him.

Then, Su Mo’s Mind poured out, sending everyone into the Divine Map in an instant.

The martial artists under the Martial Royal Realm had been sent into the Divine Map, only the Martial Royal Realm experts were left and there were 500 people.

“Where did they go?”

“Where are they?”

“Why did they suddenly disappeared?”

The rest of the martial artists felt startled, and they didn’t know why people suddenly disappeared.

“Guys, I have a spatial treasure and I can keep people inside it.”

Su Mo scanned the rest of the people and said, “You are stronger than those people and we should continue to attack the large formation.”

“A spatial treasure?” Hearing this, people felt relieved because maybe they could hide in later?

However, even hiding in the s.p.a.cial Device could not escape being refined.


Su Mo shouted and hit the air s.h.i.+eld one more time. He was on his last legs and he had to fight.

Then, Hai Mingjiang and the rest experts all joined his attack.

The attack hit the large formation like mountains and sea, making booming sounds.

The formation was shrinking and the Heaven-sea City had disappeared. No building was left.

The only thing inside the formation s.p.a.ce was the red flame.

Su Mo had to start his Body-protection Dark Force in order to escape from being refined.

“Ha ha! Su Mo. Even you can hide in your spatial treasure, you can get out of the formation.” Yin Zong stood in the air, laughing.

“What a pity! You are a genius.” Yang Dingtian said with a smile.

Even though Su Mo had a spatial treasure, which could prevent him from being refined by the formation, but he had to be caught in the end.

As long as they trapped him, they would kill him.

“It would be better if we can capture him alive,” Shangguan Hao sneered and said.

He preferred to capture Su Mo alive, and he would like to torture him hard to revenge.

If they could refine Su Mo to death, he would felt glad as well.

As time elapsed, the large formation of the fire smelting Vast Universe had turned into a small one.

The attacks from Su Mo and people inside still could not break it.

The temperature had been extremely high like in h.e.l.l.

“Palace Master Su, we can’t hold on!” A tall Martial Royal Realm expert shouted, and his Body-protection Dark Force was melting in the flames.

He would be killed in a few breaths.

“Palace Master Su Mo, please help us. Let us in.”

“Su Mo, my friend, if you can save me today, I will do whatever you want.”

“Palace Master Su, I will owe you my life if you save me.”

They kept shouting at Su Mo because they could not hold any longer in the Flaming Force.

And they were going to die.

Su Mo didn’t have an option. He could not stay here any longer, so he had to hide in the Divine Map.

As for what to do next, he didn’t know either.

“Please don’t fight back and I am going to take you away!”

Su Mo scanned the crowd and gave Hai Mingjiang a sign. They nodded back.

In the next moment, Su Mo covered the people with his Mind and took them in the Divine Map.

After that, there was only a rolled-up scroll inside the Fire Smelting Vast Universe Large Formation enveloping in the flame.

In the Divine Map.

It was crowded and noisy.

The people who had previously entered the Divine Map had no idea about the situation outside and they were worried.


At this moment, s.p.a.ce fluctuated, and Su Mo, Hai Mingjiang and the rest showed up in the sky.

“It is Su Mo and Pavilion Leader Hai.”

“They all came in!”

“It must be bad outside.”

Seeing Su Mo, people began moving toward and surrounding him.

“Su Mo, what is going on outside?”

“Palace Master Su Mo, can we get out of here?”

“Can this s.p.a.cial Device stop the fire?”

They all asked eagerly.

“Men, we are still trapped in the large formation and the Flaming Force outside has been intolerable.

Su Mo scanned the crowd and shouted loudly, “You are safe for now and I’m not sure how long we can hold!”

Su Mo didn’t hide from them. He truly didn’t know how long they could hold.

After all, Yang Dingtian had too many help. Five Emperor-to-bes might break the Divine Map.

“What should we do?”

“We can just wait?”

“We are going to die, aren’t we?”

“Netherworld Devil Sect, Yin-yang Palace, the Yins and the Beitangs, I won’t let them go!”

Hearing Su Mo, they all changed their faces and began crying.


Su Mo sighed and he didn’t answer them. He turned around and flew to the mountains.

This time, Su Mo had no way out, but he had odds to survive.

If Yang Dingtian and his helpers could not break the Divine Map, even after they had it, he would also have the chance to get away.

Moreover, if the Divine Map would not be broken in a few months, he could improve his cultivation and find a way out.

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