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Chapter 975: Archean Murderous Weapon

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Su Mo was now determined to kill Shangguan Hao since this guy did not want to live. This guy was already dead if Di s.h.i.+ was not there in that fight.

The Billion Demonic Sword, which was floating in the air, flew to his hand when he was about to attack.

“Em?” Su Mo looked confused. Was the Demonic Spirit asking for a fight?

“Kid, I need infinite blood to recover my strength!”

The Demonic Spirit’s voice came to his mind.

“Blood?” Su Mo was surprised. Did this spirit also use blood to cultivate?

Was the Demonic Spirit also seriously injured when the Billion Demonic Sword was fighting the Trial Testers?

After so many years, it still had not recovered!

“Kid, I will show you the real power of the Billion Demonic Sword!”

“Are you?” Su Mo chuckled. He was curious about this.

Before, he was not cooperating with the Demonic Spirit while using the sword. He only used the physical strength of the sword.

It would be best if the Demonic Spirit cooperated with him to let him truly command the Billion Demonic Sword.




Shangguan Hao and the others moved at this point.

Shangguan Hao moved first. He punched out a huge fist radiance like a descending sun that carried an earthshattering power.

This was an all-out attack.

But, his attack was much weaker than the last fight with Su Mo.

Firstly, he could not absorb the Sun Essence, so the power of his Dark Force was decreased immensely.

Secondly, he did not know why the power of his Divine Sun Body was decreased.

He had carefully examined his body before and found out that the bloodline density was less than 30%.

He did not know why but he was sure that Su Mo had something to do with this.

His Martial Soul and bloodline of his Divine Sun Body both changed after the fight with Su Mo.

His hatred for Su Mo was like a running river that would never go away.

In the Fighting Spirits’ Plane, Shangguan Hao wanted Su Mo’s life more than anything else.

The others also attacked. Dugu Sheng wielded a long spear.

The sharp spear radiance pierced through the void. It was so fast that there were harsh noises rose from the friction with the s.p.a.ce.

The other attacks were not weak. There were all sorts of sword ray, fist radiance, and palm prints that completely overwhelmed Su Mo.

However, Ruan Yunxiu did not move. Instead, he stepped back.

Ruan Yunxiu was not here to kill Su Mo. He was just protecting Shangguan Hao.

He and Shangguan Hao had an agreement, that he would only block Su Mo’s attacks when Shangguan Hao could not kill Su Mo.

Shangguan Hao dared not to underestimate Su Mo, so he made this deal.

Of course, he would pay to Ruan Yunxiu.

Dozens of powerful attacks spread all over the place, overwhelming Su Mo.

On the peak, Su Mo was also shocked by these attacks.

He let the nine Natal Spiritual Swords guard him, and then madly pushed the Dark Force into the Billion Demonic Sword.

In a flash, the Billion Demonic Sword shone brightly and turned into a 40-meter long huge sword.

The tri-colored sword radiance was accompanied by a black sword radiance and blood-red ferocious aura.

While holding the Demonic Sword in his hand, he felt the ma.s.sive power in it and feel like he could easily destroy the universe.

The Demonic Sword was way stronger than before.


At the next moment, Su Mo suddenly swung the sword as the dazzling sword radiance swept around.

With the surging demonic Qi, the sword Qi looked invincible.

This stroke was dazzling more than ever. This stroke was invincible.

The sharp, ma.s.sive sword radiance cut through the void and destroyed everything.

“Puff! Puff! Puff!”

All the incoming attacks were shattered by the sword Qi.


Then, a series of deafening explosions sounded. All the incoming attacks were destroyed and turned into rampant shockwaves.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!”

A series of horrible shrieks followed.

With only one stroke, ten people were split in two and fell to the ground.

The blood of those killed men was pulled toward Su Mo and then rushed into the Billion Demonic Sword.

In a flash, the Billion Demonic Sword shone a dazzling sanguine light.

Even the three-colored sword radiance on it was covered by the light. This sword became utterly blood-red and looked evil.

Shangguan Hao, Dugu Sheng, and the others were frightened. They barely dodged the sword Qi.

“How can it be!?”

Shangguan Hao snarled madly. He didn’t expect this to happen.

He thought that they could easily crush Su Mo even Su Mo’s strength progressed again.

What happened just now totally exceeded his expectation.

Only one stroke, one third of his men were killed.

He had never expected that Su Mo had the Billion Demonic Sword.

Dugu Sheng looked shocked, but he was not angry. He was happy as his eyes became more greedy.

The Billion Demonic Sword was indeed powerful. It deserved the name of the Archean Murderous Weapon. It was indeed the Dugu Family’s most renowned weapon.

As long as he could get this sword, he would be invincible in the future.

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