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Chapter 1663 Daimon Aftermath -Part 12

"But moving forward, I am more concerned about the succession of Daimon City," Denise stated.

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"Shouldn't it be you? The last I heard was the CEO of Diamondz Corp should be the head of Daimon City." Jin said. "You have lots of minions to do your work for you anyway."

"Says someone who had infected me to do most of the work myself. Besides, I feel more at ease working. Maybe it's due to the fact I was once the secretary to the CEO, so I knew how the company works and wanted to get some of it corrected." Denise replied.

"Eh? So? What does that have to do with running the city? You are already running the company, the city is just an extension of it."

"Mr. Jin, you know that you have the luxury to sit on the couch and talk to me also because the other nameless colleagues you did not bother to learn are handling all the things behind your back, right? Sure enough, I am handling one of the top Mechanoid Corporations …though I do not know how long that name can last after what we did. But it's still different from handling the city." Denise stated.

"But I am also genuinely surprised that you are able to deal with some of the political backlash that had been presented to you. You also added a few improvements to the current city infrastructure when you were relooking at the area where the partially reconstructed buildings fell…" Denise added and noted something strange.

"Did you already know that the area had been abandoned for some time due to money laundering? Is that why you want to destroy that place so that you can officially take it in the name of reconstruction city efforts." Denise asked and Jin heard the absurdity of her a.s.sumption that he laughed.

"Wow, if I am that prophetic, I would not be sitting here talking to you on a couch. I would be earning millions of points and trying to get out of here." Jin said and Denise rolled her eyes. "No, I did not. It just seems like a good place to put the trap for the monster to come in. That's all. I never think that much or looked into it."

"Either way, that's a good choice now that you are building a 200 floor high rise building out of nowhere to cater to the Pandarens."

"If the Daimon Citizens can afford it, I have no qualms giving it to them. Highest bidders win." Jin said and Denise frowned.

"That's not how public housing is supposed to work, neither is private housing."

"I know, I know. I purposely say that to spite you. But since we are getting back all those Mechanoids, the construction of this high rise building would be quick a.s.suming we can get the materials."

"Well, you already p.i.s.sed off all your neighbours, your best chance is to get it through Parry City. Otherwise, you probably need more time." Denise said until the System interrupted.

"Apologies but the User had does not need to worry about materials especially when it comes to foundation making," The System reported.

"Wait, you mean…" Denise could not believe it.

"Yes, there is a path within the Southern Dungeon Instance where Sand Monsters resided. On kill, the Clay Lizard Monster did not dissipate into a pile of clay as long as the power stone was not removed from the body. And even if the power stone had been removed, more clay can be created by utilising the power stone. Now there is a request being put in to the Pandarens to fight against Clay Lizard monsters. The response was astronomical and we are receiving dozens of Clay Lizard Monsters from each raid. Based on the System's deduction it would be soon they would see a variant Clay Lizard monster which will provide more sand than usual."

"Welp, looks like we have that covered. Now all we need is to find a limestone monster and some other materials regarding cement, hahaha!" Jin joked and the System also gave a reply.

"About that…the Pandarens had also found a limestone golem hideout. They initially thought it was some rock golem until the resource workers identified it as limestone golems." The System reported and Jin somehow felt that someone big was pulling the strings on the type of monsters that were being sp.a.w.ned in the Dungeon Entrance. (For your info, Syn sneezed a little)

"If that's the case, then it's time to mobilise the defence troops to go in with the Pandarens. We need as much of those materials to create that 200 floor high rise building!" Jin stood up, feeling invigorated, and wanted to partic.i.p.ate in the action as well.

"System, please get Jin to stay still. There are meetings he needs to attend for Daimon's future. Do not let him go out of sight from those meetings." Denise requested and Jin's energy suddenly dropped to rock bottom.

"Why are you torturing me." Jin pretended to cry.

"It will get worse when you have officially taken over the role as the Lord of Mount Sunn. You not only have to handle their defence and oversee the place. You got to find people you can trust to put them in places where the survival of Mount Sunn was paramount"

"Then, let the Generals take Daimon City. You take Lord of Mount Sunn. I wanted to be Lord to get some privileges like extra points. I thought that was what I needed to get out of here as soon as possible. How would I know I would be trapped in this Virtual Simulation even longer with so many responsibilities."

"You… discuss that with your System. I am merely here to make sure you do your job. And speaking about the job. I need to do mine, so please be on time for the next meeting which will start in 10 minutes." Denise said before leaving one of the meeting rooms in Diamondz Corp.

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