The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1170 - Hold Me, My Legs Are About to Give Way!

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Chapter 1170: Hold Me, My Legs Are About to Give Way!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

After Nian Xiaomu had finished her sentence, Tan Bengbeng came back. She frowned when she saw them all standing at the door.

“Qi Yan, what did you do this time?”


There are three people here, she didn’t ask and a.s.sumed that he had done something?

Why couldn’t he be innocent?!

When she saw his displeasure, Tan Bengbeng said calmly. “Do you dare to say that this has nothing to do with you?”


He didn’t.

That was why he had to get her.

She could see through his superb acting straight away, aren’t they destined?

Qi Yan walked up to her and wiped the sweat off her forehead with a handkerchief.

“What kind of weather is this, can’t it be windier? You are flushed from the sun. Are you feeling hot? Are you thirsty? Should we go back to the plane and rest, eat some food and then carry on?”


Tan Bengbeng wanted to avoid his hand, however every step she retreated, Qi Yan would take a step forward. She couldn’t avoid him.

Upon hearing him, she rolled her eyes.

Did he think that they were here on holiday?

“Qi Yan, we are not here to play. This is a very serious issue, I am in no mood to joke with you. Tang Yuansi has just finished his operation, if you are willing to go back to take care of him, I will be very grateful…”

“Don’t think about leaving me behind. If you aren’t there, why should I care about Tang Yuansi’s life?” Qi Yan stopped her in her sentence. He glanced across Tan Bengbeng tummy.

He added to himself. He was only concerned about their baby’s life.

Although Tan Bengbeng was a doctor, doctors do not treat themselves.

She was not good at taking care of herself.

If he were to leave, in two days, she would have a miscarriage.

Furthermore, if he left, how would he get her to like him and agree to leave with him…

Qi Yan’s gaze fell.

Nian Xiaomu was right about something. Tan Bengbeng was not emotional, she was stubborn.

She would stay by Nian Xiaomu’s side because of the Tan family’s rules. Even if Nian Xiaomu agreed to let her leave, she may not be willing to.

Although she was pregnant with their baby.

But, with her temper, she may just abort the child and beat him up if she found out that she had been lied to. She may even cut ties with him…

Thinking of this possibility, Qi Yan could no longer smile.

He would not go anywhere.

He was going to stay by her side and let her slowly develop feelings…

Qi Yan finished his sentence and pulled her out of the airport.

Tan Bengbeng had already led the bodyguards to check the car, it was safe.

Qi Yan pulled open a car door and asked her to get onto the car.

Tan Bengbeng stood at the door and frowned at him. “Xiao Mumu isn’t here yet, I cannot get onto the car first.


Yet she wouldn’t admit to being blindly loyal.

What era was it? She still followed such customs?

Nian Xiaomu said that she didn’t treat her as a secret guard.

Qi Yan was about to force her into the car when he heard a shriek from not far away.

It was a very exaggerated one—-

“Ahhhhhhh! A handsome guy! Am I seeing things? Why does he look as if he’s walked out from a manga? He is alive!”

“Xiao Mumu, quick, hold me, my legs are about to give way!”

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