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Su Yan approached the scarlet mountain. After observing carefully, he found that it was the rising place of dragons and had strong formation force covered by many residual formations, which was very hard to break through.

The density of residual formations made Su Yan dazzled.

He saw the mountainside surrounded by purple clouds. Vigorous life essence was emitted from there. His heart pumped.

“What medicine is it? I never saw one before!”

Su Yan was shocked. He felt an extremely strong and vigorous life rippling even from afar. He could see three bright and sparkling purple herbs, surging out purple essence ripples.

The medicines breathed natural essence, and purple clouds penetrated the sky.

“Marvelous. It’s more than a medicinal herb!”

Su Yan felt like eating an herb He figured the purple herb would help him open a scared door.

But Gou Jingming also arrived!


Gou Pingyang drew out a sliver sword with bright sword beam. It was densely covered by silver lines, intervening rules of heaven and earth.

Su Yan frowned, but he didn’t speak.

If they wanted to kill him, he was not afraid. Even though his combat skills was weaker than theirs, this was the outer ring of the planet graveyard with countless residual formations, so he still had a chance to survive.

However, Gou Pingyang smiled and said, “Hey, you’re very lucky to survive the journey. This is a legendary weapon that my senior has awarded you.”

“It’s for me?” Su Yan stuttered in fear, “It’s too expansive. I just freaked out and ran here in desperation.”

“Take it!”

Gou Jingming said proudly with his hands on his back, “It’s a gift. You found three herbs of five thousand years. It’s a great contribution!”

“Herb of five thousand years!”

Su Yan was stoned. These purple plants had lived for five thousand years!

Gou Jingming was delighted. Five-thousand-year herb was very valuable. If it was unveiled in an auction, various forces would bid for it. After all, such medicine had a high value and could be refined into rare pills.

Su Yan looked happy as he took the sword but cursed in his heart. Three herbs of five thousand years were priceless, and they only gave him a low-grade legendary weapon as his reward.

Steward Wu was serious. He felt the scarlet mountain was covered with many residual formations.

“d.a.m.n. The villagers all ran away. What should we do!” Gou Pingyang was worried, “Should we go back the same way and take them here?”

“No.” Steward Wu shook his head and said, “These losers won’t be of much help. We have to use break-formation plates. I’m guessing there are much good stuff up the mountain, including five-thousand-year herbs.”

Hearing his words, Gou Jingming urged, “Hurry, in case others find this place. Let’s use break-formation plates. Maybe we’ll find some rare treasures.”


Steward Wu looked dignified. He prepared many good tools, including break-formation plates.


He threw his sleeves and a crystal-clear jade plate floated out, full of formation lines. It grew bigger while as it revolved, and charged forward like a jade mountain.

It was a break-formation plate. The plate swept over, throwing out strong formation lines. Power of Residual formations was drawn out.

“It’s a good item.”

Su Yan murmured inside. The break-formation plate exploded with a horrible power that opened a tunnel among residual formations straight up to hillside.

“What’re you waiting for? Come here!”

Gou Yangping said. Su Yan stared at the residual formations and kept them in mind, so that he could come straightly down when they went down the hill later, for the break-formation plate wouldn’t last long.


Su Yan answered and went behind him.

When they came near the three purple herbs, Su Yan really wanted to take them but he didn’t. He felt the soil was extraordinary.

“The soil is good. It breeds natural essence!” Gou Pingyang dug some soil to cultivate medicines at home.

One after another break-formation plates were used by Steward Wu.

The higher they went, the more they got!

Su Yan was envious for they had picked more than a dozen herbs, among which included an herb of eight thousand years!

“What about herbs of more than ten thousand years?”

Su Yan noticed that Gou Jingming was breathing heavily. He gained more than a dozen of medicines on this trip. He could trade them for a top-cla.s.s Weapons of Law.

Aged herb enabled people to prolong life and strengthen their Qi. A medicine of more than ten thousand years was priceless, and it even would be helpful to Deputy Lord Gou Peng.

“You’re a good one. When we return, I’ll reward you more!” Gou Jingming looked at Su Yan pleasantly, patting his shoulder, and said.

“d.a.m.n, I found them!” Su Yan cursed in his heart, “Why don’t you give me some herbs instead!”

“You should thank Master Ming!” Gou Yangping pressed Su Yan and bowed at Gou Jingming, saying, “Senior, if you like him, let him follow you at your service!”

“Good!” Gou Jingming was pleased. He felt that Su Yan had good luck.

“Thank you, Master Ming. I’ll do anything for you!” Su Yan said as he prepared to take away those herbs.

At the time, Steward Wu suddenly said, “Master, up front is the summit. I have many years of treasure hunting experience; the summit should have much good stuff.”

“Ok, use break-formation plates as many as needed. I’ll reimburse you!” Gou Jingming’s eyes turned red. He might find an herb of more than ten thousand years for his father Gou Peng who was aged and needed the medicine.

“Gou Pingyang, how valuable is a scared medicine?” Su Yan couldn’t resist to ask.

Gou Yangping responded, “Scared medicine? Are you kidding me? Once it was unveiled, the whole big dipper would fall into a reign of terror. Compared to scared medicines, medicines of more than ten thousand years were nothing. It was said that Northern Dipper has one, but I guess even Deputy Lord Gou Peng didn’t see it!”

Su Yan went silent. It was so valuable that it would be hard to buy it with money!

He clenched his fists but silently followed the team.


The vast s.p.a.ce from here to the summit was shaking. There were so many residual formations on the way that a break-formation plate was unable to open a road.

So Steward Wu had no choice but to hit the road with a purple break-formation plate made of half materials required for a Weapon of Law. It was Steward Wu’s special treasure.


Steward Wu fully recovered the plate’s power. It shot out a purple bright light. On impact, it suppressed the residual formations and opened an ancient road!

“Come up!”

Steward Wu was delighted. Dozens of people rushed into the summit.

Upon arriving, they had a headache, as if they heard a screaming voice from a real dragon. Real dragon’s killing intention was rolling, which freaked them out.

Su Yan trembled. He widened his eyes and vaguely saw a real dragon furnace, from which countless vigorous Qi of real dragon kept surging out!

“Could it be real dragon blood? No wonder the dragon totem became restless. It’s good for dragon totem!”

Su Yan nearly yelled. Real dragon blood was a rare scared material for body cultivation.

His heart was beating fast. It would cause a seismic if news went out. For young chosen ones, it was also worth fighting for.


Suddenly, eight disciples ran crazily upwards, their eyes turning red. They were screaming, “It’s mine!”

Only a few drops of real dragon blood could turn their body into a better form and make them inheritors of Alkaid palace. It could literally change their destiny!

“They want to die!”

Gou Jingming burst into anger for their disobedience.

“Hehe, don’t worry. They won’t get it!”

Steward Wu’s words calmed Gou Jingming down.

When those disciples came near real dragon blood, their bodies started to tremble and exploded into pieces by real dragon blood’s bursting power.

“Haha, they’re asking for it!”

Gou Yangping and others felt a chill. Those eight disciples died on the spot. The power of real dragon blood was way beyond them.

But they were common disciples, so Gou Pingyang didn’t mind.

“Master Ming, what should we do?” two of Gou Jingming’s followers were eager, but they knew they couldn’t get near real dragon blood.

“I have my way!”

Gou Jingming suddenly sent out a scary power surge from his head. Su Yan was surprised to see a bright pearl above, like a planet full of power of galaxy, inside of which spread hazy Taoist power.

“A Planet!” Su Yan’s heartbeat accelerated. It was a lowest-level planet, not originally a Weapon of Law, but now it was refined to be a top-level Weapon of Law.

Gou Jingming looked at Su Yan and said, “Take my father’s valuable treasure and fetch real dragon blood for me!”

“Me?” Su Yan turned his face painfully while he was delighted inside. He knew that Gou Jingming would make him to explore the way!

“What? You don’t want to go?”

Gou Jingming looked displeased. Gou Pingyang said angrily, “You said you would do anything for Master Ming, so now what? Are you afraid?”

“No, no.” Su Yan shook his head like a rattle-drum and said with a long face, “The up-front pressure was too strong. How about you let Gou Pingyang go for it?”

Gou Pingyang wished he could slap Su Yan on the face. He responded, “With Deputy Lord Gou Peng’s precious treasure, even a G.o.d won’t be able to kill you!”

“Hehe, son, cultivation itself was against destiny. If you’re afraid of suffering, how could you become strong?”

Steward Wu said with a spooky voice, “As Master Ming’s follower, you should explore the way for him. Go, young man. Break the siege in adversity, and you’ll become a strong elite in the future.”

“Go to h.e.l.l!” Su Yan cursed in his heart.

“If you fetch the treasure, you’ll be rewarded.”

Gou Jingming said, “I’ll give you a medicine of five thousand years, a Weapon of Law and a woman. How about that!”

Under Gou Pingyang’s threaten and promise of rewards, Su Yan looked excited and rushed into the area of real dragon blood.

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